How To Get A Good Night Sleep and Wake Up Refreshed in The Morning

Having enough sleep in the night is not the only way to get refreshed in the next day. Yes, the quality of our sleep is also important because when we are sleeping, our body repairs our damaged body system. Read also: Dangers of Morning Sleep for Pregnant Women

Here are several ways about how to get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed.

1. Turn off your gadget

Gadget can have bad effects for your sleep quality. It can also reduce the sleep quality. Therefore, to sleep faster, turn off your gadget and leave it 30 minutes before you are going to sleep.

2. Turn off the light

This is how to get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed. So you can sleep faster, you can turn off the light so the room situation can be more comfortable, relax, and calm. Yes, it is more recommended to sleep with the light turned off and the room is dark.

3. Using eye patch

You need to try to use eye patch when you are sleeping. The usefulness of eye patch is to prevent 100% of light to your eyes which can trigger the brain to take a rest and the body resting process as well as the mind can be optimal.

4. Exercising in the afternoon

You can do exercising in the afternoon because we already know that lacking exercise can be harmful for us. Other than preventing your self to get stressed, exercising can be useful to increase the quality as well as the healthy of our body.

5. Avoid to drink caffeine

Avoid to drink caffeine because it can make you hard to fall asleep.

6. Avoid to drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol can be your enemy to get good sleep and faster.

7. Don’t sleep in the afternoon

So you can sleep faster in the night, avoid to sleep in the afternoon. Read also: How to Overcome Sleep Deprivation

8. Using aromatherapy

To be able to sleep faster, you can try to use aromatherapy. Because, many people have proven that aromatherapy can be done to overcome stress so your body can be more relax. Yes, there is relaxing effect from aromatherapy so your mind and body can be more comfortable. 

9. Drink herbal tea

To replace alcohol and caffeine, you can drink herbal tea before sleep. If you want to sleep faster, your mind and body need to be relaxed so your adrenaline level is not too high either. To relax yourself, you can drink herbal tea so it can be your natural relaxing method.

10. Drink warm milk

Many people believe that warm milk can be used to relax your body as well as your mind. You can drink a cup of warm milk every night, such as an hour or ½ hour before sleeping. Read also: Benefits of Drinking Milk Before Sleeping

11. Soaking in the warm water

After a day-full activity, your body may get tired. To ease to fall asleep, you can relax and you can soak in the warm water. Do it 20 minutes. Also, you can add aromatherapy as previously recommended.

12. Respiratory therapy

If the mind and body are fully awake, you are automatically uncomfortable to fall asleep. Therefore, you may want to try therapy for respiratory system.

13. Avoid to eat heavy meal before sleep

For taking heavy meal, you can do it two hours before you fall asleep. So, if you want to sleep at 10 pm, take the heavy meal at 8 pm. If you are hungry, you can drink warm milk or herbal tea. 

14. Use comfortable bed

So you can sleep faster, you can use comfortable bed. If the bed is too old, you can see that the middle part is deflating. If you see this happen, so it is recommended for you not to use that old bed again.

15. Massage

To sleep faster, you can massage your foot so you can sleep earlier. Read also: Causes of Cramps and Pain on Toe – Natural Remedies.

16. Focusing yourself to sleep

So you can sleep faster, you have to focus your mind. Focus your mind to fall asleep. We often think about other things that we have passed that day before we fall asleep. Yes, it can make you hard to sleep.

17. Imagine the good things

Believe or not, thinking or imagining about good and beautiful things as our wishes, it can make us sleep faster in the night. Yes, this is how to get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning!

18. Clean the bed

You can regularly clean the bed. By cleaning the bed, it can comfort your body as well as to sleep faster and to get good sleep.

19. Turn off the television

Other than playing gadget, watching television can make you comfortable to stay awake. In fact, it is already your time to sleep. Turn off your TV because it can inhibit the melatonin which can improve your sleep quality.

20. Stretching

Stretching your body is the best way to support you to sleep.

21. Listening music

Many people choose to listen to music to sleep faster. It can be proven by yourself to listen to music before sleeping since it can relax your body and mind and keep away you from stress.

22. Good air circulation

A comfort room can make you sleep faster. One of the characteristics of comfort room is good air circulation in the room. Therefore, it is required for you to open the window in the afternoon to make better air circulation.

23. Wear comfortable clothes

Everyone has their own taste about clothes. You can wear comfortable clothes to sleep faster and to improve your sleep quality. 

24. Choose comfortable position

Choose the most comfortable position to sleep because the uncomfortable one will make you hard to fall asleep.

25. Read books

Not from gadget, but you read from real book, either the entertaining or the boring ones. Avoid to read books containing motivation or personality development because it can re-activate your brain again.

26. Sleep in regular time

Maintain your regular time to sleep so it can help you to sleep faster because it is your habit. Read also: Cause of Shivering During Sleep Must Be Aware

Meanwhile, those are the ways on how to get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning!

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