20 Natural Remedy for Mumps in Adults and Children

A swelling in parotid gland or saliva producer gland is a condition known as mumps. At first, people may only feel uncomfortable in their throat. But as the time goes by, this disease will spread if it is not treated.

The disease then will make us have difficulty in eating because of the pain when chewing and swallowing. The virus caused mumps is called Paramyxovirus. The spreading of the virus is similar to the spreading of influenza.

Here are some information to find out the best mumps’ treatments to consider, the natural remedy for mumps:

1. The Gel from Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is actually helpful to cure mumps and could ease the pain without any harmful side effect. Separate the gel from the plant and gently rub into the swollen area. To be more effective, add a little turmeric powder. You may also read how to treat cancer using aloe vera.

To be more effective, add a little turmeric powder. By using it three times a day for several days, the swelling and the pain will certainly disappear naturally without any harmful side effect.

2. Starfruit

The starfruit to cure mumps is one for cooking. Here, we will use the leaves. Take a handful of it along with garlic then mash it. Ensure the mix has been smoothed before applying to the swelling area.

3. Ginger

Ginger is effective to cure cough, sore throat, colds, and also mumps. First, prepare 2 rhizomes of ginger and peel it off before mashed. Mash it until smooth and add enough water to make it like pasta. After finish, apply to the mumps area. You can apply the ginger pasta to the soft cloth first, then to the mumps area.

4. Margosa and Turmeric Powder

The combination of these ingredients will offer great effects to the mumps. Prepare enough margosa and turmeric powder, and mix it. Mash the turmeric first before making it as pasta and then, add some margosa powder. Apply it to the mumps area.

5. Watercress

Mumps can be cured effectively by adding watercress to the soup. Daily consuming will decrease the ache. The watercress contains iodine so it is very helpful to deflate swelling. (Read also: home remedies for food allergies)

6. Honey

It is needed to know the original honey before purchasing it. The real one could treat the virus attacking saliva gland. Prepare 1 tablespoon of honey and mix it with a glass of water, drink it twice a day to speed up the cure. See also: how to treat chapped lips.

7. Mineral Water

This is the simplest and effective way to cure mumps. Not only dehydration, but also immune system affected by lacking of drinking. Just drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, and it will help the treatment. This is the best natural remedy for mumps.  

8. Blue Chalk

Blue chalk can ease the pain and deflate the swelling by soluting it with water. Then, apply the solution to the mumps area.

9. The Starfruit’s Branch and Red Onion

These ingredients are very helpful to cure mumps. Take four cloves of red onion and about ten young branches and then blend it until smooth. After that, apply it to the pain area.

10. Platycerium

Another natural way to ease the pain is platycerium. Prepare the leaves and add enough salt into a cup. Then, add less water and blend it. After finished, apply it to the area of mumps.

11. Blue Chalk and Periwinkle Plants

Blue chalk can be combined with periwinkle plants. First, prepare a handful of periwinkle leaves and blue chalk. Put the water to blend both ingredients until smooth like pasta. After finished, apply the blended ingredients to the swelling area.

12. Dandelion

Find out more natural remedy for mumps in dandelion. Just wash the leaves of dandelion flower thoroughly, then eat the leaves for side dish.

13. Noni

This familiar ingredient is useful for mumps. You can drink noni as juice or eat it directly. To be noticed, noni for mumps’ treatment is not the green ones, but the ripe ones.

14. Garlic

Regardless its side effects, garlic can be used for treating mumps. You just have to add more garlic when you are cooking. The garlic will work effectively by stimulating gluthatione’s production. Parotid gland will be back to normal because of the gluthatione. The swelling can be deflated gradually by doing a routine treatment.

15. Salt Water

Salt water, especially iodized salt, will be very effective in healing mumps. Just use it for gargling. It has no side effects so it can be ensured that it is safe.

16. Pineapple

Pineapple is the right one to be consumed by mumps’ patients. You just have to prepare the pineapple, peel, and wash thoroughly. Afterwards, consume every slice of pineapple without eating it too much. 

17. Traditional Medicines

These traditional medicines are the first ones to be recommended to cure mumps, either for curing the ache or the swelling part.

  • Prepare 5 grams of fennel and Curcuma aeruginosa,
  • 20 grams of Java ginger and turmeric, and
  • 10 grams of cutcherry.

Put all aboves into the water and boil it. After boiling, filter and drain it. It can be added with palm sugar before drink (twice a day: in the morning and afternoon). Anyway, beware of excessive sugar!

18. Warm Water

To reduce the pain, putting the cloth on from warm water will be very helpful. Three times a day is highly recommended, but more often will be better. You may also read the effects of drinking cold water.

19. Vitamin C Supplement

Virus attacking saliva gland could be cured by taking vitamin C. When the immune system is back to normal, the mumps will disappear.

20. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol

Both are for curing pain and by consuming it sufficiently, it will speed up the healing time.

So, in case one day you have mumps, things above are natural and medical treatments to consider and have been proven their usefulness.

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