13 Symptoms of Blood Cancer Need Fast Recognized!

We often hear the name of blood cancer as one of the diseases that turn off in Indonesia, even in the world.

This blood cancer is often referred to as leukemia. Blood cancer or leukemia is a cancer that attacks the cells of the blood-forming cells in the bone marrow. This will lead to bone marrow abnormalities in terms of producing white blood cells.

Under normal conditions, the bone marrow will produce white blood cells and white blood cells will develop regularly. And this will be needed by the body to combat the infectious germs that can appear to attack the human body.

However, when blood cancer occurs, the bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells and is excessively so that it cannot function by breeding. An excessive amount of these white blood cells in the bone marrow resulting in the buildup to healthy blood cells will be reduced. Read more about Causes of High Blood Pressure at Young Age

Causes Of Blood Cancer

Like some other diseases, the cause of the occurrence of cancer is that attack the main body is not known for sure. However, there are several factors that are suspected as the cause of the occurrence of this blood cancer. besides as a cause, there are also several factors that allegedly can increase a person’s risk of contracting blood cancer. Some of these factors are:

1. Hereditary factors

Hereditary factor is the first factor that causes a person at risk of contracting blood cancer. Yes, blood cancer is one disease that can be derived. So if a parent has a cancer of the blood, then his or her child may be at greater risk of developing blood cancer as well. Read more about Vegetables for Low Blood Count

2. The presence of genetic disorders

The presence of genetic disorders is also one of the things that cause this blood cancer. Examples of these genetic disorders such as Down syndrome.

3. The presence of blood disorders suffered

A person who has blood disorders is also at risk of developing higher blood cancer than people who have no abnormalities in their blood. Examples of these blood disorders such as myelodysplastic syndrome.

4. Smoking

For those of you who like to smoke, you will be more at risk of cancer higher than those who do not smoke. In fact, smoking not only causes the risk of cancer, but also other dangerous diseases. Read more about Ways to Increase Blood Platelets

5. Never had cancer treatment before

Some cancer treatment procedures are chemotherapy or radiotherapy. These things are really examples of things that can trigger the onset of blood cancer in our bodies.

6. Exposure to high levels of radiation or certain chemicals

Blood cancer is also at risk of attacking people involved in radiation or certain chemicals. An example is someone who has a history involved in an accident related to nuclear reactions, and so on.

Well, that’s some things which it can increase the occurrence of blood cancer in a person. But this does not automatically happen to people who have the condition as above. One of the best ways to avoid this blood cancer is to stay away from some things that can cause blood cancer. Read more about  How to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Blood cancer disease can be known existence of some symptoms that can arise. These symptoms can be felt by humans and is an early sign of this cancer disease. In general, blood cancer disease has several symptoms that vary or vary. Why are these symptoms different?

This is because it depends on the type of cancer it is suffering and also depends on the number of leukemia cells and the location of the cells that build up in the body.

Symptoms of this blood cancer also tend to be similar to other diseases, so it will be difficult to indicate the occurrence of blood cancer in the body. Generally, the symptoms of this blood cancer look like flu.

Therefore we need to be aware of the common symptoms of this disease and begin to look at the symptoms that occurred earlier. Basically, the symptoms of blood cancer are as follows:

1. Lack of ongoing fatigue

The first symptom that marks the occurrence of symptoms of blood cancer is the body feels weak and fatigue occurs. Blood is the most abundant component in the body. Therefore, when the blood infected with this cancer then our body will experience tremendous fatigue and also experience the body feels weak.

2. Frequent fever

The next symptom of blood cancer is the patient often occurs fever. Fever will often attack this blood cancer patient. However, this fever is just one of the symptoms of blood cancer. Therefore, this fever cannot be used as a benchmark to assess someone contracted blood cancer or not. The rest should see other symptoms.

3. Frequent shivering

One of the symptoms that marks the occurrence of blood cancer is often shivering. Shivering is one of the things that often follow when a fever occurs. But not all fever is not accompanied by chills.

When a person too often has a fever and accompanied by chills, should immediately be brought to the doctor to get treatment and also to immediately be known the cause of the occurrence of it. However, fever is also not the only symptom of this blood cancer. H flow remains note of other accompanying symptoms. Read more about  Cause of Shivering During Sleep

4. Often experience headaches

Headache is a common symptom of a disease. Many diseases are characterized by symptoms of this headache. One of the diseases characterized by symptoms of headache is blood cancer. One of the symptoms that marks cancer of the blood is a person often experience headaches, both briefly and sustainable.

5. The appearance of excessive sweating, especially when the night

The next symptom of blood cancer is that a person may experience excessive sweating in his body or in certain parts. this sweat will increase in number when the night comes. So if a person experiencing excessive sweating, especially at night, it would be nice to be taken to the doctor and checked whether the actual cause of it happening.

6. Pain that feels on the bone or in the joints

The next symptoms that indicate the existence of this bone cancer is felt pain in the bone and the joints. Bones that are potentially attacked by pain may be anywhere.

In addition to bone, the potential for pain is in the joints so that our joints will be difficult to move and this will automatically inhibit the activities that will be done by us. Read more about Symptoms of Heart attack In Women

7. Often experience vomiting

Having vomiting is one of the symptoms of blood cancer. Vomiting is one of the symptoms of the release of something that has been swallowed and is in the stomach. The reaction that occurs after experiencing these vomiting is the body becomes weak, and sometimes the head becomes dizzy.

8. The occurrence of weight loss

The occurrence of weight loss is one of the symptoms that indicate this cancer of blood cancer. however deep the disease will be able to undermine what is inside the human body, including this cancer cell. Cancer cells contained in the old blood will attack the various parts of the human body so we will unconsciously lose weight, both gradually and drastically.

9. It’s easy to bleed

Blood cancer is characterized by the ease of the body’s blood. Like nosebleed, or on the bruises often come out blood. This is because the blood in our bodies is contaminated by cancer cells so that there will be disturbances in the body that causes this blood often come out from within certain body parts to the outside of the body.

10. The appearance of red spots on the skin

What is found from cancer are the red spots found on the skin. Red spots are a symptom of certain diseases, such as dengue fever and also this cancer.

You can find reddish spots, things similar to the condition you have to see a doctor. If we feel the presence of red spots on the skin then the things could be at risk to our health. Therefore we can not underestimate the existence of the place. Read more about Factors Causing White Spots on Your Upper Lips

11. The emergence or frequent of severe infections

At the time of this execution will occur on the wound, then the body part to be resisted into infection body difficult to be cured. This infection is a lot of attacks on body parts and body parts that will make durable. If you see a person has a wound where a wound that feels long to be healed and not like a wound in general, then do it immediately to the doctor. At the doctor, the people can ask what is difficult to recover and also tell about the perceived complaints.

Thu,s the doctor will be able to diagnose what needs can happen and cause it to be difficult to lose. With the information as early as possible then we will be able to obtain the next steps that will be weighed.

12. There is swelling and also an uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen caused by enlarged spleen

Furthermore, cancer is also characterized by the swollen symptoms of a person’s stomach. Yes, cancer is a disease that can cause back swelling of the spleen. The spleen is an organ in the human body that has certain uses. And this spleen is an organ that is important to humans.

13. Occurrence of swelling of lymph nodes

This blood cancer is also characterized by symptoms of swelling in lymph nodes. This swelling mainly occurs in the neck and also on the armpits. This is because the parts that produce a lot of lymphatic disorders.

That’s some of the symptoms that color the occurrence of cancer. Although the above symptoms are presumed as a symptom that mentions that cancer, but it is not yet certain. Because there are others who have symptoms similar to the symptoms above, one of which is the recovery of infection. Read more about Causes of Fetal Heartbeat Not Detected

In addition, a person is suspected of having cancer that makes up most of the symptoms in one at a time. And mixing up a large part of the above symptoms, process immediately to the doctor and immediately consult a doctor to get a handler immediately and the Doctor will be able to make a diagnosis of possible illness caused from the symptoms that have been so. This will be very beneficial to you from a wide range of possible bodies, including from them.

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