Fresh Fruit Juice Recipes for Weight Gain Treatment – It Works in 30 Days Consumption!

Having an ideal body is every woman’s dream. Gaining weight has been a sensitive issue that many woman experiencing and they would do anything to decrease their weight. However, having body that too slim and thin is not always good because it will make body appearance become pale.

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As long as the body weight is stay in the right standards, actually, there is no need for you to worry about it. Therefore, don’t try too hard on diet methods.

Furthermore, currently many people follow a new trend: processing home made fruit juice. Consuming fruit juice itself has proved able to boost up your body health and beneficial for those want to gain weight. Here are fresh fruit juice recipes for weight gain.

  • Avocado juice

Avocado classified as a fruit that has high-fat content on its ingredient which effective for gaining weight since there is about 400 calories on it.

One thing to note, be aware on the danger avocado causes if you consume it by blending it with milk. Apart from it, you can mix avocado juice with other fruits to make the taste become more delicious.

  • Banana juice + peanut butter

Banana is a fruit that rich of vitamin A. Vitamin A itself good for eyes health.

There are lots of benefits on consuming banana juice. For example, banana juice that blended with peanut butter is effective for gaining weight because of its creamy taste.

  • Mango juice + milk

Beside of the fact that young mango is recommended for those want to lose weight, you can also use mango to gain some body weight.

Try to produce your own mango juice by combining it with milk to replace water. Add ice cube to make the taste become more delicious. You may also like to read side effects of drinking warm water.

  • Avocado juice + cheese

There are various ways on producing avocado juice that you can apply for gaining weight. Another way to make this delicious juice is by combining avocado and cheese.

Cheese that made from milk contains a lot of high-fat content that good for you who want to gain some weight.

  • Apple juice + carrot + potato

If you want to combine both fruit and vegetable into one delicious juice, you can use apple juice that combined with carrot and potato. The contents of those three elements beneficial for gaining weight. Don’t forget to add some milk in the juice.

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  • Durian juice + chocolate + milk

Durian best known for its strong smell besides of its delicious taste as well. You can also also durian as an ingredient for gaining weight. Add chocolate and milk into it and the indeed delicious yet healthy juice is ready to be consumed.

  • Papaya juice + milk

In order to produce calories in your body, you can consume papaya juice that blended with milk. Ensure to use cow milk that rich of high-fat content.

  • Strawberry juice + butter + mayonnaise

another fresh fruit juice recipes for weight gain you can produce at home is the combination among strawberry, butter, and mayonnaise.

It may strange for you but seriously, the combination of these three is beneficial for you who want to gain some weight because the fat content in butter is effective to increase your calories. 

  • Kiwi juice + yogurt + peanut butter

Kiwi has been used for decoration for dessert or cake. Furthermore, you can also use kiwi to increase your body weight by combining it wih yogurt and peanut butter. There is a large amount of calories that produced by them.

  • Banana juice + peanut butter + chocolate

Another variation of banana juice is by adding peanut butter and chocolate on it. You can try to make this juice and regularly drink it for a week.

  • Apricot juice + sweet condensed milk + peanut butter

Let’s mixture apricot with sweet condensed milk and peanut butter because the combination of these three is beneficial for gaining weight and each of them have different nutrients that good for body health. 

  • Banana juice + avocado + cheese

Banana that combined avocado and cheese will produce a high saturated fat or protein juice that good for you who want to gain some weight. Don’t worry because this combination is not dangerous. You may also like to read side effects of eating banana everyday.

  • Avocado juice + yogurt + mayonnaise

Drinking avocado juice that blended with yogurt and mayonnaise excessively will make your body producing a lot of calories so your gain will be increased afterwards.

  • Dragon fruit juice + milk + chocolate + cheese

You can combine dragon fruit, milk, chocolate, and cheese into delicious fruit juice. Drink it regularly before bed time and see the result it gives on your body weight.

  • Dried fruit juice + yogurt

Dried fruit such as apricot, raisin, and others can also beneficial for gaining weight. Add 1-2 cups of yogurt on it for the best result.

  • Fruit salad juice

Fruit salad that contain the mixture of avocado, durian, apple, strawberry, mayonnaise, milk, cheese is effective to be consumed for those want to gain some weight. You may also like to read types of vegetable salad for diet.

Those are certain fresh fruit juice recipes for weight gain you can try to produce at home. The ways is pretty simple so you can easily make it. Stay healthy, Good People!

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