13 Common Causes You Can’t Sleep at Night Properly

Although sleep is an activity that is liked by many people, but not a few are also problematic during sleep. Some people have trouble sleeping at night when it is very important for the body.

Sometimes we need to try hard to sleep when the body is very tired. Or we wake up at night while we are asleep. Insomnia is a common problem that can interfere with our physical and mental health. Chronic insomnia can even cause serious health problems.

Not everyone has insomnia, many who can sleep soundly at night. Then what exactly is the cause of not being able to sleep? These are some of the causes of not being able to sleep at night:

  1. Psychological problems

Anxiety and depression disorders are a common cause of chronic insomnia. Other psychological causes such as life stress, anger, bipolar disorder, and trauma. Sleep does require good mental health so that sleep can be sound. Disturbances that occur in a person’s mental can make it difficult for them to rest their thoughts and feelings. People who have a lot of minds tend to be difficult to sleep, such as anxious because tomorrow will be a test or stress because of debt.

The way to cope cannot sleep because of psychological problems is to overcome the psychological problems themselves. We can have many problems but when going to sleep should the problem not be a burden. Let your body and mind rest in peace so that the next day can solve the problems faced better. Read more about Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder

  1. Medical problems

There are many medical conditions and diseases that contribute to the disorder cannot sleep at night. Medical conditions such as asthma, allergies, Parkinson’s disease, kidney disease, cancer, and others.

Someone who is sick body tends to weaken and should be able to sleep easily, but the pain and discomfort in the body can actually make them difficult to sleep. Patients with asthma, for example, to be difficult to sleep because they have problems in breathing if the disease asthma his relapse. Read more about Dangers of Eating Salted Eggs Excessively

Medical problems such as serious illness sometimes have a psychological impact on a person. Patients with serious illness are sometimes afraid to sleep for fear of something happening to them. The role of the people around him is necessary to maintain the psychological health of a sick person.

  1. Drugs

There are some prescription medications that can affect a person’s sleep time. They include antidepressants, stimulants for ADHD, thyroid hormones, blood pressure medications, and contraceptive drugs.

Common drugs that also affect sleep are cold and flu drugs containing alcohol, pain relievers that contain caffeine, and slimming drugs. If we feel after taking the drugs we become difficult to sleep then can find a replacement drug that does not have such side effects.

  1. Sleep disturbance

Insomnia itself is a sleep disorder, but this difficult sleep may also be a symptom of other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and circadian rhythm disturbances to jet lag.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in the form of pausing to breathe during sleep. This can happen 30 times and is sometimes followed by a loud noise or a choking sound. Restless legs syndrome is a disorder of the nervous system that causes movement in the legs and usually occurs during sleep.

People with this disorder usually have an uncomfortable sensation in the legs and sometimes on their hands that they can not resist the movement of the legs. Read more about Dangerous Effects of Not Having Enough Sleep

  1. Sleep in the daytime or rest too often

Causes can not sleep especially at night one of them because someone has too much sleep or rest during the day. The body becomes feeling rested so that in the evening will have trouble sleeping. Sleeping during the day is not prohibited but should not be too long.

A body should be active in the morning until late afternoon. Regular exercise is also recommended to make the body fitter and able to sleep soundly at night. Read more about  Causes a Person Can Not Fall Asleep for a Nap

  1. Eat too late

Eating too late can also cause a person difficulty sleeping. Should avoid eating too late because in addition to causing difficulty sleeping, also not good for weight. We recommend that you eat before 7 pm so that food can be processed first by the digestive system before bedtime.

The night should be done two hours before bed and eat foods that are not spicy and easily digested. Dinner is also preferable with food that is comfortable for the stomach and not too much. Spicy foods can make the stomach become sick and can interfere with sleep at night. Eating too much will make our stomach full and uncomfortable. It’s good to eat enough food at night. Read more about Dangers of Eating Noodles Everyday

  1. Drink caffeine, the danger of alcohol, and nicotine

Caffeinated beverages will make us difficult to sleep. Alcoholic drinks can actually make us drowsy but will disrupt the quality of our sleep. While nicotine is a stimulant. So you should not drink drinks containing these ingredients before bedtime. Caffeine, for example, should be avoided at least 8 hours before bedtime.

  1. Noisy environment

For some people, a noisy environment is one cause of not sleeping. They need a quiet environment so they can sleep soundly. So it is important to choose a bedroom that is not close to the crowd. This does not apply to everyone because some people can sleep asleep despite the noise. Houses that are close to the factory or noisy places can also be the cause of the occupants of the house to be difficult to sleep. No wonder then many are vacationing in lonely places to be able to rest with a sound.

  1. Interference from outside

Outside disorders such as children playing in bed and mosquitoes can be the cause of a person unable to sleep. Bedrooms filled with mosquitoes fly will certainly interfere with someone’s sleep time.

When the skin is bitten by a mosquito and itchy then the sleeper tends to wake up. Not to mention the noise of mosquitoes that are quite noisy near the ear. Therefore it is important to create a mosquito-free bed environment.

  1. Old age

People with advanced age will usually have trouble sleeping at night. People over the age of 60 tend to have insomnia. Elderly people’s activities that are not too much can also cause them to experience insomnia.

  1. Pregnancy

Some women who become pregnant have trouble sleeping at night. This can be due to their own feelings or changing hormones. Pregnant women need to keep their body and mental condition well.

Adequate sleep is also very necessary for the body to stay healthy and fit so as to provide a good intake for the fetus. Not infrequently pregnant women have to face psychological problems during pregnancy. Couples should be friends who can support so that the psychological problems can be resolved properly. Read more about Home Remedies for Stress During Pregnancy

  1. Activities at night

Causes cannot sleep one of them is because doing activities at night, such as work, study, or partying. The activity will certainly make the body become active and not make it want to sleep.

Some people may feel sleepy and eventually fall asleep, but some others can not even sleep after a lot of activity in the night. Shift workers for example, sometimes have to work at night and sometimes during the day. It can disrupt their sleep patterns so that even if he works in the morning but the night cannot sleep. Read more about  How to Get Sleep after Working Night Shift

  1. Doing activities in bed

Some people make the bed as a place to do everything, such as reading, writing, listening to music, and others. It should be avoided because it can cause a person to be difficult to sleep. So the bed is supposed to be used for sleep only.

The things that are on the bed should be only pillows, bolsters, and blankets so that when we get into bed means we are ready to sleep. Currently, some people can not get out of cell phones, they sometimes play mobile phones in bed. It can also be one cause someone cannot sleep. Avoid placing the phone in bed, put the phone on the table instead of on the mattress.

How to Overcome Difficult Sleep With Ease

To overcome the problem cannot sleep then can be seen the cause first. If the cause is known then overcome the cause that becomes important to do. In general, several things you can do to get a good night’s sleep include:

  • Making the bed

Before going to bed it is better to make sure that the bedroom or bed is clean. The cleaned bed will be more comfortable to wear so that it makes one easy to sleep. Conversely, un-cleaned beds can be a hotbed of disease and small animals such as ants and mosquitoes can roam the dirty place. Things that are not related to the bed should be removed so that the bed is really used for sleep only.

  • Cleanse yourself before going to sleep

In addition to the bed, then yourself also need to be cleaned before bed. Urinate, wash your face, wash your feet, and brush your teeth should be done before bed. A clean body will make us fresh and ready to sleep soundly. This needs to be accustomed since childhood, but for those who have grown then can directly apply it. This habit of cleansing before going to bed is a healthy habit and needs to be routinely done. Read more about Ways to Fix Interrupted Sleep

  • Changing clothes

In addition to cleaning yourself, changing clothes with a nightgown can also be one way to be able to sleep more soundly. Sleeping clothes tend to be cold and absorb sweat so comfortable to wear during sleep.

  • Drinking water

Drinking water is necessary for the body to keep the body fit and not dehydrated. Rather than drinking drinks such as coffee or syrup, drinking water is more advisable. Provide enough water to drink before bed and after waking up.

  • Dinner the night before

Dinner needs to be done so that the stomach is not empty, but it’s 2 hours before bedtime. This is so that food can be digested first when the body awakens.

  • Solve problems before going to sleep

If on that day we have a problem such as arguing with friends or relatives they have to solve the problem before going to sleep. We can apologize or forgive the people who are in trouble with us. When our minds and our hearts are roomy then we will be easier to sleep, different when we still keep the problem.

Those are complete explanation about All causes you can’t sleep at night.

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