Why Are My Fingers Suddenly Stiff When I Just Woke Up – Causes and How to Overcome

Everyone is definitely want to get back from sleep with proper body circumstance. However, due to various things, this can’t be happen and lead you to body pain. Stiff on Fingers in the morning after wake up is one of the example. This stiff usually happens spontaneously but not in long period of time.

Why Are My Fingers Suddenly Stiff When I Just Woke Up?

But still, you have to take an eye to this issue because it can identify if there is something wrong with your body. Fingers that become stiff are absolutely make you uncomfortable.

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Here are certain causes of why your fingers suddenly stiff when you just woke up. We include ways to overcome it as well.

  • Sleep in a very cold room

For some people, sleeping in a room that has a high temperature of cold is the must thing to do. However, the temperature which is way too cold can cause problem for your health. The circulation of blood in our body during sleeping will be disturbed. That’s why your fingers become stiff once you wake up from sleep.

How to overcome: Sleep in a room which is not too cold. You can protect your body with a blanket to keep your body warm.

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  • Suffering from remathoid arthritis

Also knows as rheumatism, remathoid arthritis is a condition which usually occurs in the joints. This kind of pain will become more frequent in the morning, perhaps after wake up from sleep.

How to overcome: The condition of rheumatism can be overcome by consuming painkiller and rheumatism drugs. In addition, considering for diet is highly recommended as well. Don’t try to consume food that contains rheumatoid taboos. You may also read disadvantages of not exercising for body health.

  • Attacked by trigger finger

A trigger finger is one of the reason why you got your fingers become stiff in the morning after woke up. Trigger finger is a condition where there’s swelling of tendon on the finger. You may also read ways to treat swollen fingers

How to overcome: You can treat this condition by steroids and cortisone injections.

  • Nerve disorders

Why are my fingers suddenly stiff when I just woke up? Nervous breakdown can also cause fingers stiff after wake up. This kind of disorder is usually associated with circulatory disorders. One reason for this to occur is because the lack of vitamin B.

How to overcome: Vitamin B is definitely the main cause of the issue of fingers suddely become stiff. Therefore, consuming food that contain a lot of vitamin B is absolutely the must thing to do.

  • Having gout

Gout is a condition where there is swelling of the joints. Generally, all joints in the body can experience gout. Fingers is one of the example. This disease is caused by too much uric acid in the body.

How to overcome: Due to the fact that one this disease occurs and will become painful, you can compress ice on the area that affected by pain. You can also consuming painkillers such as colchine. To prevent it to come back, try to not consume food which is prohibited for gout.

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  • Experiencing hand injury

Some injuries that occur on fingers for example, can cause by broken or cracked fingers, bruising and swelling, sprains, etc. These things can be the reasons why fingers become stiff when you just woke up.

How to deal with: You can compress ice on the part that affected by the pain. It aims to reduce pain and prevent swelling. You can consume painkiller as well. If the pain still continues, try to contact its specialist.

These are certain causes and ways on how to overcome finger become stiff after wake up. Stay healthy, Good People!

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