18 Dangers of Eating Noodles Everyday #1 Harmful for Health

Instant noodle is very popular food worldwide, especially among Asia countries. In Indonesia itself, instant noodle comes from many brands which means this food is really loved by many people since it is tasty and cheap as well.

Despite its cheap price, instant noodle is very dangerous to consume for our health. Here are the dangers of eating noodles everyday :

  1. Damaging liver
    Consuming instant noodle in often can damage to human’s liver. Instant noodle contains many harmful substances, such as propylene glycol which can damage and interfere its function.
  2. Kidney failure
    Propylene glycol also trigger another danger, which is damaging kidney function as one of many important organs in our body. Then, this damage will lead to kidney failure.
  3. Diabetes
    Despite its tasty flavor, instant noodles contain huge amount of sugar which can cause diabetes to the people. It can occur when the sugar is secreted through urine.
  4. Increasing cholesterol level
    Increasing cholesterol level is not only caused by food with coconut milk or seafood but also instant noodles since it contains huge amount of salt.
  5. Interrupting women’s hormones
    Women who consume too many instant noodles can damage their hormones because of sodium that contained in instant noodles. Several things that caused by consuming excessive amount of instant noodles for women are acne and irregular menstrual period. You may want to know about foods to increase progesterone hormones.
  6. Interrupting men’s sexual hormones
    If instant noodles cause irregular menstrual period for women, for men, instant noodles also have negative impact. This impact caused by chemical substance in instant noodle which then causes men are unable to control their sexual arousal.
  7. Triggering hypertension
    Common people have blood pressure around 130/80. However, those who consume too many instant noodles will have their blood pressure higher than usual because of invisible chemical substances in instant noodles. You may see about ways to treat pulmonary hypertension in newborns.
  8. Decreasing metabolism process
    It’s the worst dangers of eating noodles everyday. Chemical substances in instant noodle can decrease our metabolism. Therefore, instead of providing you with much energy, it will only give you less and decrease your metabolism process.
  9. Inhibit nutrients absorption
    Many parents give their children with instant noodle by several considerations, such as they only have less time or the children love instant noodle. However, instant noodle is actually not good for children development because it decreases nutrients absorption process. The impact will be more severe to children under six years.
  10. Causing cancer
    Cancer may attack people no matter their ages, from young to elder people. The fact is instant noodle can also  cause cancer to our body. The cancer comes from variety of chemical substances in instant noodle and the Styrofoam used when you are serving noodle.
  11. Miscarriage
    Pregnant women are prohibited to consume instant noodle. Chemical substances as well as the preservatives substances contained in noodles can cause miscarriage.
  12. Causing stroke
    Stroke can attack many people, including Indonesians. This risk is higher for Indonesians since people here often consume instant noodles which can inhibit human bloodstream. 

  13. Interrupting human digestive system
    Since instant noodles can inhibit nutrients in our body, it then causes interrupting in our digestive system. A healthy digestive system requires many nutrients and minerals. Therefore, those who consume too many instant noodles will have constipation. Even worse, it can cause leakage in stomach as well the intestine.
  14. Triggering headache
    Instant noodles contain huge amount of MSG. It is truly bad either for our health or brain. So that, consuming MSG can cause a mild or severe headache because our body resists any harmful substance to our body.
  15. Interrupting respiratory system
    Other than causing headache, MSG can also cause our respiratory system. The main symptom is difficulty when breathing. Swelling face Not only causing headache and difficulty when breathing, MSG in instant noodle can also cause swelling on the face. Not all people is aware of this symptom because it occurs when MSG absorbed to our body and won’t last longer. Read also: causes of shaking when you are hungry.
  16. Cardiovascular
    Instant noodle is also kind of junk food or a food with less-vitamins. Therefore, consuming instant noodle in excessive amount can cause cardiovascular. It is caused by cardionmetabolic syndrome.
  17. Causing distended stomach and eye bags
    The huge amount of salt in instant noodles will indirectly cause distended stomach and cause eye bags.
  18. Causing obesity
    Last, consuming instant noodles can cause obesity. After eating, instant noodles can give you a pleasant effect. However, in the next few hours, we will feel hungry again even though instant noodles contain many calories and carbohydrates. It tends to lead us to eat several times. Moreover, there are many of us who eat instant noodles with rice. You may also read about the risks of eating instant noodles with rice.

Thus, there are many dangers of eating noodles everyday. Though it’s so delicious, we need to eat them only in moderation to stay healthy! 

Research about The Dangers of Eating Instant Noodles

Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination conducted a survey for five years. This research involved around 1,200 respondents to ask information about consuming instant noodles. The results shows that there are two types of dietary habits:

  1. Eating healthy foods, such as rice, fish, vegetables, fruits, and potatoes. (Read also: treatments for food poisoning from fish).
  2. Eating meat and fast foods, such as meat, soft drink, fried foods, and instant noodles.

It explain the percentages of eating meat and fast foods is higher than the other one. This investigation reveals that people consume instant noodles twice within a week. It triggers the company to keep producing instant noodles because it is promising for their company profit.

However, many health experts recommend people not to consume instant noodles in excessive amount. If you want to consume instant noodles, you can add it with vegetables. Nevertheless, avoid to consume instant noodles with other instant foods, such as sausages, meatballs, or instant meat.

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