12 Useful Make Up Tips For Oily Skin

As a woman, we certainly can not be separated from makeup. Make up will make the face look more beautiful and attractive.

It’s just that, makeup is not just apply cosmetics or makeup alone, because you should know some tips for make up durable, one of them makeup tips for oily skin.

As we know, the oil on the face will make make up easily faded and the face becomes dull. In order not to like it, it is important to know some makeup tips for oily skin as below.

1. Clean Face Wash

Before you apply make up, then for more afdol should wash your face first. Make sure you wash your face and neck clean. Oily face will usually get dirty easily. Because like that it is mandatory to wash your face before applying makeup. Read more about Risk of Passion Fruit During Pregnancy

2. Apply Ice Stones

Oily face will be very easy to remove oil, even if you just wash your face. To control the production of excess oil on the face, you can use ice cubes.

How to use ice cubes to control oil production on the face is very easy, you just prepare ice cubes to taste, then apply on your face slowly. The cold sensation of ice cubes will soothe the oil glands on your facial skin, so that oil production will be controlled. Read more about Side Effects of Too Much Vitamin C

3. Use Primary

Oily face must use primary as base before using makeup. Primary make up has many benefits, in addition to absorb excess oil content, can also shrink the pores of the face, making the foundation more durable and make matte face. Areas prone to oil, will not be seen by using primary makeup. The makeup you apply will also be durable

4. Choose Foundation Powder

Currently there are many types of foundation that we can find. For those of you face oily face, then choose a special foundation for oily skin type or foundation for oily skin. Read more about How to Exfoliate Sensitive Skin Face

Choose a foundation that contains “oil free” or “oil control”. Only, if your face is very oily then the best use foundation powder. Foundation like this has the same shape as solid powder. This Foundation is able to absorb excess oil content on the face.

5. Use Loose Powder

In choosing a powder, then choose powder. Powder is perfect for you oily face owner. Tabur powder is able to absorb excess oil on the face so your face will not look shiny. Unlike the case with solid powder, this powder contains oil that will make the face more oily.

6. Do not Use Too Much Powder

Never think that using a lot of powder will absorb excess oil. Using excess oil can actually stimulate oil production. Use only thin powder and on the shiny face area. Read more about  How to Whiten Face With Ice cube

7. Use Make Up with Leber “Oil Free” or “Non Comedogenic”

In have a makeup, you should avoid makeup containing oil. Choose makeup with the label “oil control” or non comedogenic “. Oil-free makeup will not clog pores so it will not cause blackheads or pimples.

8. Use the Long Lasting Make Up

In order for makeup that you use durable even though you are in the activity, then you should use a long-lasting makeup as makeup tips for oily skin to last longer. Wear a makeup product that has the label “water resistant,” water proof “and” long lasting “. Even if you do activities and active, but the makeup you apply will not be erased. Read more about  Dangers of Using Too Much Mouthwash

9. Provide Oil Paper

The owner of a greasy face is obliged to carry oil paper wherever he wants to go. Even if you use oil-free makeup, it does not mean your face will be free of oil. Your face will continue to produce oil, so you must make sure the numbers are kept under control. You can bring oil paper and clean oil on the face with the oil paper.

10. Use Moisturizers But Not Bicycles

You can use anti aging, but only at night. Before you apply makeup, you should use a moisturizer for mild oily skin. In addition, it is also important to use sunscreen which is certainly free of oil. You should do these tips before you apply the foundation.

11. Avoid Direct Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight will make the skin dry and dull face. In addition, the heat will make the face very oily. Therefore, as much as possible you should avoid the sun. Read more about How to Treat Thrush on Babies

12. Use Mask

As a skin care, then it’s good if you use a face mask product for oily skin once a week or once a week. Mask with kaolin or bentonite clay material can overcome the excess oil on the face.

Those are some makeup tips for oily skin to be durable. To make up the natural results, it is important to know how to make up natural for oily skin. In addition, it is also important to know oily facial care products. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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