18 Things Not to Do When You Have Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are also called hemorrhoids. Patients with hemorrhoid pain when going to sit or when defecating. They also struggle because when the bowel movement is blocked by anus swelling. Blood also often accompanies patients with hemorrhoids when bowel movements.

Patients with hemorrhoids will also having difficulty in sitting  because the sufferers will experience hemorrhoid swelling of blood vessels. The swollen blood vessels occur in the intestinal shaft. It can be inside the intestines,outside the intestines or anus. 

What is hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid is a disease caused by swelling of blood vessels both inside the anus and outside the anus. The color is blue and can also be red. When viewed at a glance, the hemorrhoid shape will be similar to a red but bluish ulcer. As a result of this swelling, the flow of blood to the stomach will be blocked and clogged. Thus, please warrant the things not to do when you have hemorrhoids to not make it worse! 

Symptoms of hemorrhoid

Early symptoms of hemorrhoid disease does not necessarily directly out lumps. However, when the condition is severe, the hemorrhoids can cause a lump around the anus. Here are the characteristics of a person affected by hemorrhoid:

  1. Initial stage, patients who experience this disease will experience bleeding during defecation. So that the feces will be accompanied by blood. In this stage a lump has not been found in the rectum.
  2. The second stage, the lump has appeared and started to palpated. But the lump can still be deflated by itself without going through treatment.
  3. The third stage, the lump appears but not too big so it can enter the anus using the help of the hand alone.
  4. The last stage, from this disease is a lump accompanied by blood clots in the anus. As a result the defecating process so annoyed and painful.

The danger of hemorrhoid

do not underestimate the hemorrhoids, if not treated hemorrhoid disease will be more dangerous for the body. Patients will experience more bleeding and hemorrhoids will be difficult to treat. In addition to interfere with defecation, untreated hemorrhoid will damage the blood vessels in the anus and surrounding areas so that the performance of the large intestine will be disrupted. Bleeding that often will make the patient affected by anemia.

Food you can’t eat if you have hemorrhoid

A lot of food abstinence hemorrhoid, because food absorbed by the body will be released into feces and through the anus. If the anus problem of course the patient should avoid foods that can aggravate the condition. Here are a variety of dietary restrictions that should not be consumed by hemorrhoid patients:

1. Chili And sausage

The dangers of spicy foods such as chilies and chili sauce have a strong taste. The resulting spicy flavor will make the sufferer feel pain in the bowel movement. Bleeding that occurs in the anus will be worsened with the content of capsicum contained in the chili.

2. Acid Food Acid foods

Also should not be consumed by patients with hemorrhoid. The sour taste generated from the acidic food will produce a feeling of pain during bowel movements. Reduce consumption of these foods should be reduced and avoided. Sour food is also a diet of stomach acid

3. Food Not Fibrous Hard and non-fibrous foods

Not good for hemorrhoids, the reason is that fibrous foods will make the stools hard. Anus who was injured will have trouble removing the feces. Patients will feel pain when removing hard feces.

4. Food with Excessive Fiber

Many people suggest that digestion should consume enough fiber-rich foods. But what happens if the consumed fiber is excessive? Here’s an explanation:
Excessive fiber will accumulate in the intestine, so that bulk fibers have been formed in the intestine.

  • The buildup of the fibers, will make the stool with a large size to be issued by the anus.
  • Anus had to work harder to get it out. To push only sick, what if mengan with more power. It will be very painful.
  • Do not take fiber supplements, because supplements will aggravate the anus condition. 

5. Purgatives

Although seen as a good idea, it turns out laxatives can not be a helper for hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. The reasons are as follows: The laxatives give a painful effect on the hemorrhoids. The laxatives have a high acid content. Acid on laxatives make acid feces. Stool acid will cause discomfort and pain in the anus.

Laxatives consumed in a long time can cause constipation. Laxatives with diuretic properties that will cause constipation. The reason is that taking the drug for a long time can make the body lack fluids. So that will be dehydrated and exposed to constipation.

6. Hot Food

The foods you eat in hot conditions will contribute to the form of a feeling of heat in the stomach and also in the anus.

7. Grains Grains are foods that lack fiber and nutrients

These nutrients and fibers, are beneficial in digestion as well as bowel movements. One seed being eaten can stop in the stomach or intestine in a while. Stopped seeds will cause stomach pain and constipation. Grains also make the hemorrhoids swell more severe.

8. Processed Food Similar to grains

processed foods are included in foods that are harmful to people with hemorrhoids. Processed foods can cause constipation and hemorrhoids in patients with hemorrhoids. Foods to avoid are:

  • Frozen food
  • Fast food
  • Candy pack
  • Canned food

The food will cause inflammation in patients with hemorrhoids. As a result blood vessels will also be inflamed. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids will become more and more sick.

9. Food with Excess Salt

During hemorrhoids bleeding, salt can be a dangerous food. Salt can trigger dehydration for a person and cause constipation. If the dehydration of the body will lack fluid. As a result people who consume food lots of salt will cause hemorrhoid. In addition, the dangers of salt for constipation are the following: Slows down the digestive system as it makes food difficult to digest. The movement of food in the intestine is painful. The buildup of salt in the body causes bloating. The buildup of salt makes the hemorrhoids more swollen, bulky and sensitive.

10. Oily Food Oily foods

and through a long process of frying make foods that contain cholesterol and saturated fats. Old fried foods will aggravate hemorrhoids in two ways: Slows down the digestive system especially heavy foods that are difficult to digest Certain oils for frying foods such as vegetable oils, corn oil, soybeans and rapeseed can cause intestinal wall damage. Damage to the intestinal wall will make the hemorrhoids feel more painful.

11. Raw Fruit Raw

fruit should not be consumed because raw fruit is difficult to digest, which will cause digestion impaired.

Thus, that’s the things not to do when you have hemorrhoids to stay healthy!

Drinks that should not be consumed if having hemorrhoid

Here are a variety of beverages hemorrhoid hemorrhoids that should not be consumed:

  1. Milk has a contribution in providing discomfort for patients with hemorrhoid. That’s because milk can produce gas in the body or stomach. If the gas has been produced in the stomach the result is pain and painful abdominal cramps. Many dairy products contain fatty acids so that in the intestine can bind calcium, but the consequences are harder stools and constipation.
  2. Alcohol The danger of alcohol can cause dehydration, if it is dehydrated people will be affected by hemorrhoid. Alcohol consumption in large quantities can cause digestion to be disturbed.
  3. Coffee Coffee is the most delicious drink in the morning, but coffee can cause suffering for people with hemorrhoid. Coffee hazards can cause constipation of the intestine. Excessive consumption of coffee can make suffering for patients with hemorrhoids. Activity Ambient Challenge Many prohibition activities that should not be done by people with hemorrhoid. That’s because the activity can make the hemorrhoids will get worse.

The prohibited activity is:

  1.  Straining The Stomach Too Hard – Straining too hard will make the patient feel the pain. Mengejan also can make bigger swelling.
  2. Squating at Squat Toilet For To Long – Too long squatting in the squat toilet causes the hemorrhoid to become more severe. That’s because too long squatting can make the swelling of blood vessels in the rectal area getting bigger. If bowel movements felt difficult, you should not forced it to push forward when defecating.
  3. Too Long Sit In Sitting Toilet – Too long sitting in the toilet seat can make the pressure on the rectum increase. The result is that the anus will widen and swell.
  4. Smoking – The danger of smoking can cause more severe hemorrhoids, it is because cigarettes contain harmful substances that are not good for the intestines. For those who are hemorrhoids, should not smoke because smoking is a hemorrhoid taboo

Thus, there are some things not to do when you have hemorrhoids, to prevent worse diseases. Thus, keep calling your doctors for better treatments! Stay Healthy, Good People!

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