This Is How to Effectively Cure Diabetes in Sahaja Yoga Through Meditation

Being healthy is an important ordeal through the life of most living beings in the world, especially humans. Physical and mental health is so important that there are groups of people dedicating their life to reach such purpose in life. The hope of being healthy is not limited to just oneself, but the reach of hope extends to one’s families, friends and other loved ones.

One of the most common and often overlooked health problem or disease is Diabetes. Whether it’s diabetes type 1 or type 2, no scientists, doctors or professionals in the medical and health world have ever found the cure of such disease. But the amount of people suffering from this disease in the world is not just a few. Even though one may live his or her life while facing the consequences of suffering diabetes, and even able to live a long life, humans have never given up on finding the cure.

What is The Meaning of Suffering From Diabetes?

Diabetes is a health condition where a person suffer from high blood sugar level constantly. It maybe caused by the pancreas’s inability to produce insulin which is a hereditary condition and is called Type 1 Diabetes. It can also caused by the insensitivity of the cell to process signals from insulin and therefore is not able to process the blood sugar in the blood to produce energy, and is called Type 2 Diabetes.

Coping with diabetes means constant care regarding the amount of sugar and calories a person can consume through out the day with the example of avoiding dangerous fruits for diabetes, constant natural and artificially made medicine consumption that’s neither cheap nor easily available in the local drug store for example ways on how to prepare moringa leaves tea for diabetes, and constant fear of other side effects and complications that come with the disease. No wonder, suffering the disease will most probably worsened the mental health along the way.

Do you know Sahaja Yoga?

Maybe you’ve often heard about yoga and the spiritual benefits of such routine. People seek the peace in the state of mind through yoga and the meditation as inseparable pair, particularly when doubt and lost of hope are clouding the mind, making the future looks bleak. People in the olden days used to meditate and channel the energy of the nature, not only to seek peace and enlightenment but to actually improve physical health for example as one of the way on how to lose weight while pregnant.

With the base of healing the physical body through the core energy of the body, which is the mind, Sahaja Yoga is enforcing such principles when faced with incurable and unexpected health problems such as how to treat post traumatic headaches, as a form of exercise in how to treat back pain with exercise and, last but not least, to treat diabetes.

Sahaja Yoga basically cure the mind in order to make the body secretes insulin gradually to a normal rate of secretion needed for the blood sugar to be normal again by meditating. This type of yoga found by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, will induce an inner transformation to become moral, united, integrated and balanced through systematic process considering the flow of energy in the body.

How to Effectively Cure Diabetes in Sahaja Yoga Through Meditation

The benefit of Sahaja Yoga has been proven in most cases for diabetics that includes :

1. Reducing Psychological Stress

Psychological stress is greatly affected by the physiological reactions in the brain as the brain is mainly affected by the nerves. Reducing the nerves’ burdens of overworking that produces specific hormones causing stress is the magic of Sahaja Yoga that consisted of mainly meditation and making peace with the mind.

The decreased amount of stress hormones will lessen insulin resistance that’s the main cause of diabetes. Therefore improves the health and complications suffered by diabetics.

2. Relieving Sleep Disturbance

Sleep is a coping mechanism for the body to focus in repairing itself from whatever damages the body suffered through out the days, months, or even years. A disturbed schedule of healthy sleep will resulted in the decreased amount of time the body can repair or replace the damaged cells, a necessity especially for diabetics, considering the danger of immune dysfunction that can occur in diabetics’ bodies.  

3. Improving the Function of Immune System and Reduces the Rate of Damaged Cells

Inflammatory response is a common occurance for people with diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes and worsened by a immune system that’s unable to function properly. Meditation in sahaja yoga will improve the ability of immune system functions which will reduce the inflammatory response resulting in an improved health.

Believe it or not, not only the main cause of diabetes will damage cells but other side effects, such as stress, will increase the amount of damaged cells through out daily activities. Such condition is called cell-damaging oxidative stress and this condition plays role in increasing blood sugar levels and cell’s tendency to develop insulin resistance. By dealing with this type of stress through Sahaja Yoga, the consequences will be reduced to occur rarely and even to never occur at all.

In the end of the day, human’s incapable of being immune to every disease existed through out human’s history but that doesn’t mean we are incapable to deal with it and even found certain cures for specifics diseases. It’s best to take a step back from the bustle and hustle of life and address the actual core of the problems to cure itself. A peaceful mind will result in an improving ability of the body to repair itself.

Hope the article contains useful information for you, readers, your families, friends and your loved ones. Thank you.

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