16 Natural Ways to Clear Razor Bumps Easy and Fast

Shaving time can be our monthly, or even weekly, activities that we need to do in order to maintain our mustache, beard, and other hairy parts in its desired length. But unfortunately for some people, this activity is their challenging moment. They need much time to shave just to make sure the razor blade doesn’t scratch their skin when shaving.

Even people who are used to it still have their razor bumps at some point. The bumps can be quite disgusted for us. Not enough to cause bloody wounds, razors can also be swollen gradually. So, here we try to represent alternatives to try calming down the bumps. These 16 natural ways to clear razor bumps hopefully can help you out:

  1. Lip Balm

Lip balm somehow has that ability to stop the bleeding and calm down our skin condition after being scratched accidentally. But remember not to directly apply the lip balm from the tube to the wound because any other bacteria that lies around the wound might be sticking up into the lip balm, too. Try to take small amount of it with finger, then apply it on the wound.

2. Vaseline Jelly

Vaseline jelly has similar chemical compound with lip balm which can help us with bleeding phase. It helps frozen up blood and prevent us from feeling the pain. Vaseline jelly can be found in every nearest drug store.

3. Eye Drops

The first aid when the skin is injured by a razor blade is to drip eye drops on the wound. The content of chemical compounds in eye drops can help constrict blood vessels.

4. Tea Bag

The tannic acid content in tea can help relieve bleeding. The cold tea bag is more effective to stick on the wounded skin.

5. Ice Cube

Just like eye drops, ice cubes will also help constrict the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. Besides rubbing ice cubes on the skin after shaving will make the skin smoother and supple. If we don’t have ice cube ready in our refrigerator, we can substitute it with cold water. It has the same effect on our skin.

6. Deodorant

Each deodorant mostly contains Aluminum chloride which is anti-perspirant that can prevent us from sweating. In this razor bumps case, we can take advantage of Aluminum chloride to help us prevent bleeding from the wound.

7. Mouthwash

The anti-septic compound inside mouth wash can be utilized as bacteria killer which then can prevent us from further infection because of razor cuts on our skin. Applying mouth wash to the wounded area might sting a little so make sure to use it as much needed. 

8. Honey

Honey, as we all know, has a lot of magic compound inside of it that might help us with various health problems and one of it is to help clear razor bumps by its ability to regenerate new cells. Make sure to use native honey (with no other materials added into it), apply it on to the injured part of our skin and let it sit for a while. Rinse with warm water after at least 30 minutes to earn expected result.

9. Sugar with Olive Oil

Sugar is a good exfoliator that can help us soothe our damaged skin after accidently getting scratched by razor blade. Try to mix the sugar with olive oil and apply it on the injured part and leave for at least 15 minutes so then it can be absorbed into our skin well. Rinse it afterwards.  

10. Baking Soda with Warm Water

Dilute the baking soda with a cup of warm water to get our own anti-inflammation mixture with easy compound that almost every house has. Apply this mixture on top of the damaged parts and let it sit for minutes. Try those natural ways to clear razor bumps fast and easy!

11. Egg Membrane

If you confuse on what egg membrane we mean here, it is the inner part of boiled egg after you cracked the outer shell. We can use this part of the egg to calm down our scratched skin by putting it on the wound for a moment.

12. Aloe Vera Gel

The cooling sensation we might get from aloe vera gel is believed to help us soothe the bumps. We can use aloe vera gel in a tube that we can easily get in every drug store, or we can use traditional one by peeling it out from the actual aloe vera plant by ourselves. Both works well.

13. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil has that rich anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, and anti-septic compounds that we can count on to prevent further problems rather than razor bumps. Apply it on the wound by 10-15 minutes and it will block the inflammation that occurred.

14. Salt with Warm Water

Salt helps improve blood circulation and speeds up the wound healing process. Apply salt that has been mixed with warm water to treat this wound.

15. Placing small piece of toilet tissue

For an emergency motion, we can pick a small piece of our toilet tissue paper and stick it to the scratched skin. Wait until the blood freeze. Then, we can do another further action to cure the wound.

16. Compressing the wound with warm towel

Warm or slightly hot water can naturally stop our skin from bleeding because it can burn our wound. We just need to soak towel into the warm water and stick it to the injured part of our skin.

After knowing several natural ways to clear razor bumps, which one you keen on to try first? And which one you usually do to actually help you soothe the bumps?

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Shaving Tips

And, for those of your who happen to shave your hairy body parts for the first time, the experience on having bumps because of the wrong shaving technique might be your biggest nightmare. Here, we suggest you some shaving tips to avoid having bumps because of razor blade.

  1. Shave during or after bathing – The hair follicles somehow already softened after getting watered during our bath time.
  2. Shave in a dry state is a bad idea – So it is suggested to always apply the shaving foam first, so then the razor might slide effectively and avoid the possibility of getting scratches.
  3. Shave direction follows where our hair grows
  4. Don’t do shave in a rush – Rather do it slowly to minimize razor bumps.
  5. Do the “finishing” shave after the first shave – Just to make sure we completely shave all the hair nice and clean.
  6. Make sure the razor is sharp and clean – And remember to change the razor blade regularly after maximum 10 times usage, or when its rust and full of dust already.
  7. Rinse the shaved part first, before continuing to shave another part – To soothe an exposed skin follicle. Rinse it with cold water.
  8. Wash our face after done shaving
  9. Use the oily after-shave cream

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Hopefully all those tips above can help us to get rid of shaving problems we might face in the future. Happy shaving!

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