What Causes Frequent Styes in The Eyes? Here’s The Symptoms and Treatments

There are many people who are looking for the treatments of styes in their eyes because it is really disturbing their appearance. Also, the number of the people with styes in the eyes is higher. Before you start to look for the ways to overcome the styes in the eyes effectively, you are better to know what the meaning and the factors causing the styes in your eyes.

Styes in The Eyes

Styes in the eyes is a disease caused by boils or lumps in the eyelid. It can be small or big sized boils. It is mainly caused by infection or our body metabolism. The eyelid may experience inflammation. It may occur in the upper or lower eyelid.

Types of styes in the eyes

What causes frequent styes in the eye? Find out the styes eyes first below!

1. Internal styes

This type will attack the eyelid, either the upper or the inside of the lower one. The internal styes will attack the fat gland in the eyelids. It occurs more frequent that the external one because the infection causing styes in the eyes is more likely to happen in the inside of the eyelids than the outside part of eyelids. Internal styes have bigger lumps than the external one. The eyelids will be heavier than the external one.

2. Chalazion

This type is marked with hard lumps but there is no pus in it. There are several causes of chalazion eyes:

  • Secretion in the eyes having disease.
  • Secretion in the eyes, especially in the meibomian gland.
  • Eyes tissue around the meibomian gland is clogged because the secretion is disrupted.
  • The tissue around the meibomian starts reaction with the material restrained in the gland.
  • The material will cause lumps, which contains pus or not.

3. External styes

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What causes frequent styes in the eye? The external styes will occur in the outside area of the eyelids. This type will cause small lumps.

The germs will stay in the eyelashes not in the eyelids.

The germs can enter to the pore in the eyelashes area and it can attack the zeiss gland and moll gland.

These two glands are close to each other and also close to the base of the eyelashes area. Therefore, the lump will occur in the eyelashes area only. 

The symptoms of what styes in the eye

There are several symptoms of styes eyes.

  • Ache and itchy in the eyes.
  • The red lumps appear, it can appear close to the eyelashes or inside the eyelids.
  • White spots which then get bigger and there is pus in it.
  • It is hard to blink when the lumps are getting bigger.
  • Watery eyes.

Ways to treat styes eyes naturally

There are many ways you can do to treat styes eyes naturally.

1. Warm water

To cure the stye eyes as well as the swollen, you can use warm water. Here are the steps you can follow:

Things you need to prepare

  • Clean towel
  • A bucket of warm water

The steps

  • Soak the towel to the warm water.
  • Put it to the eye lids area.
  • The warming sensation from the towel will make the swollen getting smaller and will ease the itchy.
  • Do it for 15 minutes in two days to ease the stye eyes. 

2. Using garlic

Other than to cook, garlic is very useful to treat many diseases. Garlic can be used to treat toothache, boils, or even to treat stye eyes. There are several things you need to prepare:

  • A clove of garlic
  • Blender or knife

The steps

  • Blender the garlic or slice it using knife.
  • Rub it to the eyelids area with lumps or boils. Avoid the garlic entering the eyes because it can make your eyes feel hot.

3. Using betel leaf

Betel leaf is usually known as women treatments. Other than that, betel leaf can be used to cure lumps as well as the stye eyes. Things that you need to prepare:

  • Three or more betel leaves.
  • One to two glasses of water.
  • Tea strainer.

The steps

  • Wash the betel leaves thoroughly.
  • Boil the betel leaves.
  • Put two glasses of water and wait until boiled.
  • Strain the boiled water and wait until colder.
  • Soak the cotton to the water.
  • Put it to the boils area.

But beware of Dangers of Eating Raw Garlic!

Ways to treat styes eyes using medical drugs

If you have taken several natural ways to treat stye eyes but it is not getting better, there are other ways to do to ease the stye eyes. And, you can do this at home.

1. Eyedrops

The eye drops that you can use to treat stye eyes is different with the eye drops you usually use to treat reddish eye.

The steps

  • Use eye drops containing antibiotics.
  • Use 2-3 drops three times a day.
  • Do not do it more than three days because it can damage your body.

2. Antibiotic ointment for eyes

The antibiotic ointment for eyes is useful to ease the stye eyes. The swollen and itchy caused by germs and bacteria will be better. It is caused by the antibiotic compounds in the ointment which can remove the bacteria and the germs causing itchy and swollen. 

The steps

  • Clean the eyelids with stye eyes use warm water.
  • Rub the ointment to the eyelids.
  • Do it three times a day.
  • The ointments that you can use: Ciprofloxacin (Quinox, Baquinor), Amoxicillin (Amoxsan, Kalmoxicillin, Farmoxyl).

3. Consuming antibiotic drugs

Antibiotic drugs from the doctor or from buying in the drug store can be used to ease the stye eyes. After you take the drug, the stye eyes will be eased because antibiotic can be used to overcome the stye eyes in the eyelids. But beware of the harmful of the chemical substances in the drugs you use.

Ways to overcome stye eyes can be taken by doing several things to speed up the healing time. What causes frequent styes in the eye can be cured by healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, if the stye eyes are not getting better, you are recommended to look for doctor to give you more effective treatments.

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