3 Side Effects of Hamster Bite and How to Avoid It

Hamster is a kind of animal that has a very cute and tiny appearance. Many people choose hamster as their pet.

Although hamster has a tiny appearance, those who pet them must to consider its hygiene as well because hamster if we cannot maintain them in a right way, it can threaten our body health.

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What are dangers of a hamster bite?

You need to know that not every hamsters can be easily maintained. Hamster also has that kind of behavior to bite its owner.

Hamster bite opens a big opportunity for various dangerous diseases to occur. Its bite is usually painful and often cause pain.

Here are dangers of hamster bite you have to consider:

1. Papova Virus Infection

There was a research that proved if there is a virus called papova infection that was being transmitted from hamster to human. Disease as a result of this infection is indeed dangerous and up until nowadays, way to cure it has not been found yet. Hamster urine affects this disease to occur.

Signs if hamster has papova infection

  • There are small bumps behind the neck like zits.
  • Warts of the face of the hamster.
  • Head and neck getting bigger.
  • The occurrence of internal bleeding makes hamster weak.

2. LCMV Virus Infection

This type of disease is not only transmitted from hamster but also from other rodents. LCMV virus is indeed for women who are in pregnancy because it can threaten the health of the baby.

Although the percentage of its suffecters who died is only 1%, you still need to consider this virus and maintain your body health.

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3. LCM Virus Infection (Lymphocytic Choriorneningitis)

Those who are bitten by hamster can also get infection from LCM virus. This virus is not only spread through hamster bite but also through direct contact between human skin and hamster.

If a person found themselves infected by LCM virus, it can lead them to experience several symptoms such as headache, fever, flu, and many more. You may also like to read causes of long term fever.

Why Does Hamster Like to Bite?

Hamster bite opens big diseases to occur which are absolutely dangerous for us. Lack of knowledge on how to handle and maintain hamster as our pet may makes us get bitten easily.

  • Dislike of being held. Hamster who feels uncomfortable usually will react through bitten. Avoid yourself from holding hamster for a long time.
  • Tired of being held. Holding a hamster for a long time makes hamster gets tired. Therefore, they reacts to whoever holds them through bite.
  • Trauma of being held. Trauma is an impact of holding hamster for a long time. Ensure that you reduce that behavior of holding hamster.
  • Period of teeth growth. As same as human, hamster also experiences teeth growth.

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How to Avoid Hamster Bite?

  • Don’t distrub the hamster while playing.
  • Hold the hamster rightly from behind without tease of poke it first.
  • Don’t torture them.
  • Stop the habit of holding hamster tightly
  • Gently stroke your hamster to create a comfortable sensation.
  • Try to not open hamster finger while holding them.

These are 3 side effects of hamster bite alongwith tips for you who want to avoid yourself from hamster bite so you can reduce the possibility of various dangerous diseases that caused by hamster by to occur. Stay healthy, good people!

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