7 Warning Side Effects of Garlic for Health

You must be familiar with garlic, right? Yes, this particular tuber is one of the most widely used tubers by Indonesian people as a main ingredient or seasoning. Unlike onions or red onions, garlic does not have layered texture. Usually, garlic can be easily found on the market, both traditional and modern, with a variety of types, ranging from ordinary garlic to the organic ones.


The Benefits of Garlic

Garlic itself is known to have so many benefits for our body. The followings are some of the important benefits of garlic:

  • Cleansing and treating acne: There are so many ways of how to treat acne using garlic, some of the methods how to eliminate acne with garlic that you can try is by simply rubbing raw garlic to your face, especially on the acne area. Or you can also compress the garlic onto your face on the area that has acne.
  • Treating wounds: Out of so many ways to treat wounds or scar, garlic is also helpful to treat and even speed up wound recovery, especially external wounds as a result of falling or scratched by sharp objects. Garlic also can be one of the ways to treat cuts on face without scarring.
  • Anti-bacterial: Besides being able to heal wounds, garlic is also useful to clean wounds and prevent infection. This is because garlic has anti-bacterial properties that can kill bacteria and germs.
  • The flavor enhancer for dishes: It’s not a secret that garlic is one type of kitchen spice that can enhance food taste.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants: antioxidants can prevent the emergence or growth of cancer cells, and increase immunity from various diseases. For beauty purposes, garlic is also useful for those who want to know how to prevent aging skin in 20s naturally. It is suitable for women who always wanted to look younger because garlic can slow down the process of aging.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals: Vitamins and mineral in garlic are very helpful in improving our health, fitness, and immunity.

Those are some benefits of garlic. However, despite the various benefits, turns out that garlic could also give side effects for those who consume them. These side effects happen under certain circumstances such as excessive consumption of garlic, making health problems arise, and allergy.

Side Effects of Garlic

To be clearer, the side effects of garlic for health that might occur are as follows:

  1. Garlic Allergy

The first side effect of garlic for health is an allergy. Just like other forms of allergies, garlic allergy is caused by misidentification of the immune system to garlic. This will then cause an allergic reaction. Some of the symptom to garlic allergy are as follows:

  • Rash
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Peeling skin
  • Fever
  • A headache.
  • Shortness of breath

  1. Digestive Problems

Another side effect of garlic is the emergence of digestive problems due to excessive consumption of garlic, especially when it’s still raw. That’s why you should be aware of the dangers of eating raw garlic excessively. This will cause someone to feel nauseous and experience diarrhea. In addition, excessive consumption of raw garlic can also increase stomach acid level, which can cause someone to feel nauseous.

  1. Excessive Bleeding

Consuming garlic before undergo surgery is one of many restrictions in the medical world. This is because garlic contains anti-coagulants. Anti-coagulants in garlic are one of the substances used to dilute blood. If someone consumes garlic before surgery, excessive bleeding will likely occur during surgery, which of course can cause many problems for the surgery. This excessive bleeding can also occur due to the symptoms of hemophilia, stroke, and nosebleed

  1. Bad Breath

The fourth side effect of garlic that you certainly have to know is bad breath. Yes, garlic can cause you to have bad breath and it will be very disturbing for people around you. So, make sure to always brush your teeth after the consumption of garlic. 

  1. Body Odor

In addition to causing bad breath, garlic can also causes body odor. Those who consume excessive garlic will have an unpleasant body odor which comes out of sweat. Other causes of body odor are due to infrequent bath,  frequent numbers of staying up late or the effects of deodorant

  1. Causing Pain

Other side effect of garlic consumption is a pain when you have a wound. Even though garlic contains antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-bacterial components which are good for the wound healing process, it turns out you will still have to withstand the pain of the wound.

  1. Irritation to The Eyes

Last but not least, consumption of garlic can irritate your eyes. It’s not a secret that garlic will make your eyes sore and runny. Be careful, if this happens to you; don’t rub your eyes with your hands. If you rub your eyes it will cause your eyes to be more sore and irritable. Eye irritation can also occur due to mosquito coils smoke, the side effect of eyebrow embroidery or cigarette smoke.

Those are some side effects of garlic for health. Remember to never consume garlic excessively because it can bring out these side effects mentioned before that can interfere with your health.

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