Ringworm in Groin Area Treatment – Types and Prevention

There is various kind of ringworm. Ringworm is one of dry eczema that happens in many areas on our body. There is ways to prevent ringworm in scalp with home remedy, ringworm on hand, ringworm on feet, and ringworm on grain. In this section, we will discuss about ringworm that occurs on groin.

Ringworm is one kind of disease that happens because of fungal infection and mostly comes to people with obesity that produce a lot of sweats which make the groin area becomes moist. In order to avoid ringworm on groin area, we have to find out what are the characteristics of the appearance of ringworm, how to overcome it, and what kind of herbal medicine that can help us to cure it.

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Types of Ringworm on Groin

  • Increase itching

Ringworm will exactly increase itching because fungal has begun to spread. If it starts attack you, you can immediately cure it wit eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, or itchy cream. The feel of itch can easy be spread to other parts on skin especially when you produce a lot of sweats.

  • Skin becomes scaly

We have to consider the health of our skin because if fungal happens to our skin, it will decrease our self confident. One of the characteristic on someone who has ringworm is their skin becomes scaly. You do not to worry because you can use olive oil to overcome it and keep your stuff stays clean to avoid fungal.

  • Pain in the skin

Pain and heat that come together with the release of certain fluids is one implication that you are affected by ringworm. You have to immediately take an action before the ringworm goes widespread.

  • Skin becomes throwing

Skin becomes throwing is one of the reason you are affected by ringworm. Not only throwing, you will get itchy that hard to hold that comes with certain fluids.

  • Inflammation of the skin

Inflammation of the skin or skin becomes swollen is one of the evidence of people who has ringworm. If you experience something like this, go immediately take an action before it become more dangerous afterwards.

  • Skin become red rash

Red rash that occurs is also the characteristic of someone who diagnosed has a ringworm. The red rash usually comes in round-shaped.

How to Prevent Ringworm on Groin Area

  1. Go change your pants every day to reduce the growth of fungal.
  2. Go clean your groin area every day and make sure to make it dry before wearing pants to prevent the growth of fungal.
  3. Do not use dirty towel. Make sure to keep it clean by routinely wash it.
  4. Do not gain too much weight. Fat body opens a big opportunity for you body to be infected by fungal.
  5. Do not wear too tight pants. Tight pants can cause our skin becomes moist especially on groin area.
  6. Do not share your stuff to others like towel and clothes because it opens more opportunity for skin from someone who has disease to spread.
  7. Avoid bare contact with someone who has skin disease
  8. Make sure to stay body, environment, clothes clean.
  9. Go immediately take a bath after doing physical activities.
  10. Use antiseptic soap to prevent our body from fungal.

Treatments for Ringworm on Groin Area

Here are the ringworm in groin area treatment

  • White Onion

White Onion has proven as the cure for various kind of skin disease. Ringworm for example. You can prepare some garlic cloves, mash until it smooth, and place it on the spot that affected by ringworm.

  • Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar comes from natural ingredient that has an ability to cure. You can apply it routinely for a month.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric has an ability to cure ringworm by apply it to the affected area, let it stand for a while, and wash it with water.

  • Coconut Oil

The most secure and healthy ingredient you can apply is coconut oil because it contains acidic solution. Go apply coconut oil on ringworm and wash it with warm water

  • Salt

Salt has certain benefits. For example, it can help to boost up the healing. The way to use it is to apply it on the affected skin, let it stand, then wash it with water.

  • Raw Papaya

Besides of it function for beauty product, papaya has an ability to repair skin as well. It can help to destroy dead skin cells like fungal that causes the occur of ringworm. You can create is as paste, apply it on ringworm area, let it dry for a moment, then wash it afterwards.

  • Alove Vera

Aloe vera rich in its benefit. it can overcome skin irritation and helps the healing of ringworm on groin area. Read also: How to Treat Cancer with Aloe Vera

  • Galangal

Lengkuas has proven for its ability to cure ringworm. You can simply apply it by sticking some galangals on the ringworm.

These above are the ways to prevent ringworm on groin area and treatments you can choose to help cure it. Happy trying!

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