10 Proper Ways on How To Clean Up Cervix after Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a condition in which the embryo in the uterus begins to weaken and even die. This condition causes pregnant women to experience bleeding and even sudden miscarriage. Miscarriage is not something you should fear excessively, because anyone can experience a miscarriage.

The cause of recurrent miscarriage there are many, one of them is the weakness of the uterus, eating wrong, too tired, and even the existence of mental pressure in pregnant women. This time we will give you information on how to clean the uterus after the miscarriage.

Medical way

1. Curettage

The process of fetal curettes is not developed is a medical action done to clean up the embryo sadness in the woman’s uterus. This procedure should be done with the existing provisions, and not all doctors can do it. In general, women miscarriage will be on ultrasound first before the doctor take curettage action. And the doctor will see the level of abortion imminens that occurred in the woman, whether abortus complete or not complete.

Women who have complete abortion usually only require antibiotics, rest and exercise. Whereas for women who have abortion is not cooplit, then they should immediately do curettage to clean up the embryo split in the womb. But usually women will experience side effects of curettage including long after curettes when can be pregnant again.

2. Take antibiotic medication

An antibiotic drug is one of the drugs that can be given to miscarriage women. The doctor will give you an antibiotic when you do the curettage procedure, and even if you do not curettage will also be given the antibiotic. The function of the antibiotic itself is to clean the uterus of the embryo that has died in it.

You should really know and pay attention, whether the bleeding that occurs only a few or even embryo also come out before the curettage process. If the embryo has not come out completely, then the antibiotic drug will be very useful for those of you who want to clean the uterus after abortion. This drug can also overcome the problem of miscarriage without curettage.

Natural way

3. Herbal therapist

One of the proper ways to clean the uterus is to use a laxative. Therapeutic herb is one of the herbs that is very useful to clean up the embryo that is in the womb.

This herb is commonly sold in some traditional medicinal herbs. Or even in some people drinking herbal medicine to complete the process of cleansing the uterus after a miscarriage. This herb is often abused and its effects can cause the danger of abortion in adolescents.

4. Sport

Exercise is one of the important activities that can make your body healthy. In addition, exercise is also very important women who experience a miscarriage.

You can do various types of sports, such as swimming, jogging, cycling and so forth. With regular exercise regularly then your body will be more relaxed, and blood circulation also more smoothly.

Sports in post-miscarriage women can be done in the morning, afternoon or evening. Make sure also if your exercise is safe, and does not endanger your condition after a miscarriage or curettage.

3. Swim

Swimming is one type of exercise that can smooth blood circulation. Some people think if post-miscarriage women is impossible to swim, but do you know if there are some doctors who suggest swimming after curettage. Why is that ? of course because swimming is a sport that moves your whole body, both hands, feet, head, and even the breathing system in your body.

Swimming can also make you more relaxed, and certainly when you relax the blood circulation will be normal so that post-miscarriage recovery process is complete and you come back healthy. Swimming can also help launch the first menstrual period after a miscarriage without curettage.

4. Soursop leaves

Did you know if soursop leaves were able to help the process of cleaning the uterus in women miscarriage. Soursop leaves are able to shed the blood clots that are in the womb, and thus the uterus will soon be clean. Soursop leaf is commonly used as a womb cleaning ingredient, and the way it is processed is also very easy.

First make sure if the leaves you are going to use are soursop leaves. Both clean the leaves of soursop leaves to taste, then boil the leaves of soursop with clean water.

Next you can add brown sugar or brown sugar. How to boil it with 2 glasses of clean water, then boil it down to 1 cup only. In addition to soursop then there are many types of post-miscarriage foods that can help clean the uterus. Also avoid all types of foods that are prohibited after a miscarriage to avoid any risk to your uterus.

5. Javanese Acid

Javanese acid is one of the foods that can be useful to launch post-miscarriage bleeding, or launching a newborn woman. Javanese acid is able to shed blood clots in the womb, and can even clean up the embryo split in the womb of women who miscarried.

How to cultivate Javanese acid is very easy, but must remain to maintain cleanliness. First make sure if the acid you are using is Javanic acid.

Both take about 1 tablespoon of Javanese acid and boil with 2 glasses of clean water. Boil until cooking water separated 1 glass only. Furthermore, you can drink tamarind water until there is no blood or odor of fluid that comes out of your vagina.

6. Coconut water

Cleaning the uterus after a miscarriage can be done by using coconut water. Coconut water is able to cleanse your uterus after a miscarriage.

In addition coconut water is also able to prevent bacteria and viruses entering your uterus, so that coconut water serves as a natural antiseptic for the uterus. You can use a green coconut, so that the results of cleaning the uterus perfectly.

In addition you can also add coconut water with rock sugar or honey to make it sweeter. Consume this coconut water until there is no odorless fluid that comes out of your vagina. Coconut water is very healthy for the womb because there are various benefits of young coconut water for pregnant women who can make a strong uterus and the mother can get pregnant again.

7. The water of sirokan sirih
One way to clean the uterus after a miscarriage can be done by drinking water sirokan sirokan. The water godokan sirih able to clean the uterus after the miscarriage, besides betel itself serves as antisepstik so that no bacteria can grow in the womb.

How to use this betel leaf is very easy, first make sure if the leaves you use really betel leaf. Hereinafter wash the betel leaf and boil with 2 glasses of clean water.

Boil water to 1 cup only, and drink the water of sirokan sirih once a day until there is no blood coming out or odor that comes out of your vagina.

8. Mangosteen skin

Mangosteen skin is one type of drug that many usefulness, good for diabetes, cholesterol, and even to clean the womb of women after the miscarriage. Mangosteen own skin is now widely sold on the market, but this skin is already in if a capsule. How to make full use of mangosteen skin is also very easy, first take fresh mangosteen skin. Then boil the skin of mangosteen with 3 glasses of clean water.

Boil until water becomes 1 cup only, and add sugar, honey or brown sugar to taste more delicious. Drink this mangosteen skin water until your condition improves and returns to health.

9. White water

The best way to clean the uterus is to drink plenty of water. Water has many roles in curing various diseases. If you want to get away from the disease, then consume water at least 8 glasses a day. And for those of you who want to clean the womb should drink warm water, so that your stomach warm and blood split that clot in the womb will disintegrate. With all the blood clots in the uterus, your uterus will automatically clear from the embryo.

10. Get enough rest

Cleaning the uterus you can do with a variety of ways, but you must remember if rest is one way to cure all the pain, including cleaning the womb after a miscarriage.

You should rest a lot after the miscarriage, because you have a lot of fluid so that it can cause you to weaken and even fainted. Rest is also important for the mother to recover first if the mother has just experienced signs of miscarriage without bleeding.

Some ways to clean the uterus after the above miscarriage is a safe and can be done at home. You do not need to panic when you have a miscarriage, and if you have done the above, there is still no change, then you should contact your obstetrician or nearest midwife.

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