Causes of Wavy Nails – Treatments and Prevention

The causes behind wavy nails is a trigger for abnormalities and the change of the nails shape that can indicate if there’s a disease in the body. Nails that are wavy in terms of aesthetics can lead to a damage to your appearance. In addition, wavy nails often followed by discoloration.

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Characteristics of unhealthy nails

  1. The surface of the nails is not good. There’s a jut on the nails that is convex out and look bumpy
  2. The surface of the nails is yellowish and there are white or black spots there
  3. Nails become thinner and be broke if you bite it by teeth or using hands
  4. The nails produce an unpleasant smell and get itchy because of fungi irrittation. To avoid the smell, try to cleaning your nails
  5. Nail become thinner and lose its red color that normally found around the middle nails.

cause of wavy fingernails

  • Fungal Infections

Fungal nails can occur due to the disease that happens to the nails and being spreaded by others if you use the tools as same as them like towels, handkerchiefs, or because holding hands with them. It can lead to make you nails become wavy.

  • Drugs

Chemicals that contains in nail polish can cause damage to your nails because it strong ingredients. Your nails will become very sensitive and its structure become bumpy, dry, and cloudy.

  • Age Factor

As you’re getting older, the strenght and elasticity of the nails will slowly diminish. These conditions can stimulate the nails to become easily broken and change its color.

  • Genetic

Hereditary factors open a big opportunity for nails to lose its first shape. For example, once you become adult. your nails will become curved and wavy.

  • Lack of Care

The lack of maintain the cleanliness of the nails can lead to nails become wavy and easily brittle, so the color changement can’t be avoided. You can try to cut nails and clean the inner of the nails routinely.

  • Body Immunity Problems

A person whose body is not in a proper condition will experience the decrease of immunity that can possibly trigger the appearance in toe nails or hands. Inadequate levels of endurance are related to the uncapability of body to fight disease attacks.

  • Attacked by Disease

There are various diseases that can be the cause behind the wavy nails. The diseases for example, named linchen planus and psioriasis that can appear with the itchy around the nails. The nails become curved and irregurarly wavy afterwards.

  • Lack of Calcium

The lack of calcium has a massive impact for body health especially bone and teeth, so is with nails that also a part of the bone. it causes the nails lose its strenght and easily infected by bacteria.

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  • Minor Trauma

Nails that experience minor trauma can cause the nails lose its strenght, the blood flow around the nails will be blocked and white spot appears afterwards.

  • Chemotheraphy

Cancer chemotheraphy can give an effect to nails nails health and can lead it to be fragile. It’s all occur because of the chemotheraphy drugs or its devices. You may read also sign you have skin cancer

  • Symptoms of Melanom

Symptoms of Melanom or skin cancer can attack the nails and become one of the causes of wavy nails.

  • Nicotine

Smoking habit can be dangerous issue that impacted to your nails health because of the nicotine amount it has. It can affect the strenght of the nails and its color.

  • Chronic Anemia

The lack of the red blood cells can affect the condition of the nails due to lack of iron that found in the nails. A body that lacks iron can lead the nails to become wavy, pale, and fragile.

Prevention of wavy nails

Here are the tips on how to prevent wavy nails:

  1. Diligently cut your nails every time you find that your nails already look long. It can help to improve the nails cleanliness and hardy infected by bacteria.
  2. Get used to soaking the palm of your hands in a warm water that contains salt or lemon juice. It helps increasing nails health. You may read also benefits of washing water with warm water
  3. Using nails vitamin that balanced together with supplements that rich in calcium and iron.
  4. Avoid to clean your hands by using detergent soap because of its chemical ingredients that can be a damage to your nails health
  5. After finishing the bath, get used to using special nails moisturizer to protect nails from fungi attack.
  6. Avoid all kind of activities that have risks for your nails like playing with fire, hazardous materials such as insect poisons, detergent soap, cement, hard water, etc

These are how to identify and prevent wavy nails. Happy trying and stay healthy!

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