12 Vitamins for Patients for Mitral Valve Prolapse

The leaky heart is one type of heart disease that requires special handling and treatment. Especially in terms of vitamin intake. Therefore, people with a leaking heart should still get a lot of vitamin intake so that the disease does not get worse.

For that, for patients with leaky hearts need to know what food information that contains vitamins and is suitable for consumption. Here are some foods and supplements that contain vitamins for patients with leaky heart.

  1. DHA

vitamins for people with heart leak the first is DHA. DHA can be found in various types of marine fish. DHA itself has the benefit of being able to cure heart disease naturally.

  1. Minerals

Heart patients are strongly encouraged to increase their mineral intake in their diet. Because minerals can help provide nutrients to cells that exist in the body and also carry oxygen throughout the body. Read more about  Foods with High Vitamin K

  1. Fiber

Fiber is not only good for digesting the digestive system alone. But the fact is fiber is also one component that is good for patients with leaky heart and nutrients for healthy heart leak. Therefore, fiber also has a natural healing effect for those who suffer from leaky heart disease.

  1. Iron

Iron does not only work for people with anemia alone. But iron also helps to smooth the flow of blood throughout the body. If the blood flows smoothly, then the damage in the body can be repaired quickly. No exception leaked heart. Leaks can be repaired naturally by consuming foods containing iron. Read more about Benefits of Vitamin B5

This substance has the same function as zinc. Some foods containing iron include carrots and radishes. Red meat also contains iron. However, it is better for the heart sufferer to limit the consumption of meat. Because feared the content of fat that can harm heart health.

  1. Zinc

Zinc is also a vitamin needed by a leaky heart patient. Zinc for leaking heart patients is used as a natural healing medicine. If you consume zinc continuously, it is not impossible congenital heart disease can heal by itself without surgery.

  1. Potassium

Patients with a leaking heart should keep their body hydrated. Water content on the body should be enough should not be less. However, if excessive, the water content will be removed by the body with the help of potassium substances. Therefore, it is recommended to consume foods that contain high potassium so that the water content in the body remains stable. Read more about  Benefits of Vitamin D3

  1. Selenium

In some cases, leaky heart patients are caused by damage to heart cells. This damage can not be repaired quickly by the body causing the heart to leak. This event is usually caused due to lack of selenium. Selenium helps to repair cell damage. Whereas if the lack of selenium, then the repair cannot be done. Therefore, for patients with leaky heart, eating foods high in selenium content is highly recommended.

  1. Vitamin B

Other vitamins needed by people with leaky hearts are vitamin B. Vitamin B itself is a substance that can help reduce homocysteine in the blood. Because if homocysteine in the blood is high enough to cause a blockage and this is very dangerous for patients with leaky heart.

  1. Vitamin E

Some foods containing vitamin E are olive oil, nuts, and spinach. In fact, vitamin E is not only good for maintaining skin health. However, vitamin E is also very good for maintaining heart health. Especially for those who suffer from leaky heart disease. The benefits of Vitamin E for the heart also help lower bad cholesterol. So there is no blockage in the blood vessels that can be dangerous for patients with leaky heart.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also a vitamin needed for people with leaky heart. This vitamin plays a role in regulating heart rhythm and also maintain heart health. Read more about  Causes of Increased Gastric Acid

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the vitamins needed by people with leaky heart. Magnesium itself has the same benefits as vitamin D that helps to keep the heart healthy and also play a role in maintaining stability heart rate. For people with leaky heart, stability heart rate is one of the things that need special attention. Because, if the heart rate is unstable, can aggravate the condition of the patient itself.

  1. Omega-3

Omega 3 has long been known as a good vitamin to maintain heart health. For people with leaky heart, it is advisable to consume foods containing omega 3. Omega-3 benefits for the heart can accelerate blood circulation and keep the heart’s performance remains stable.

Some foods that contain omega 3 can be found in deep sea fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon, and sardines. All types of these fish can be found in the nearest market. Although the price is quite expensive, the benefits can be very large, namely a healthy heart. Read more about Causes of Heart Rhythm Disorder

That’s some vitamins for people with leaky hearts that are good for consumption. Hopefully useful and always keep your heart.

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