25 Easy Tips to Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss

Giving birth is one of the most wonderful things ever happen to a mom. However, this wonderful process is always followed with some after effects or consequences. One of the consequences after giving birth is postpartum hair loss. Postpartum hair loss is a condition when mother loses hair after giving birth.

Reasons Why Postpartum Hair Loss Occur

The reasons why postpartum hair loss can occur to mother after giving birth or while breastfeeding are:

A. Imbalance Hormone

The surge of estrogen within a mother who just freshly gave birth is unstable. Estrogen plays part in the growth of body’s hair. When the estrogen suddenly rise or drop, it will affect the hair and causes hair loss.

B. Sudden Stress

Some mothers also experience stress after giving birth since there is a strange feeling after having the infant removed from their womb. The phenomenon is called postpartum stress (read Home Remedies for Stress During Pregnancy). This can also cause postpartum hair loss.

After knowing the causes of postpartum hair loss, here are 25 easy tips to prevent postpartum hair loss.

1. Take Prenatal Supplement

To grow the hair back and slow down the loss, start to take prenatal supplement. Prenatal supplement helps to maintain the level of estrogen in mother’s body. It will also help to gain strength back. Take the supplement twice a day for maximum result. Make sure to consume only one permitted by doctor.

2. Don’t Brush Hair Too Frequently

Since the hair becomes more fragile, it is advisable not to brush the hair frequently. If you want to tidy up your hair, use your hand to brush instead. Brushing hair too frequently will cause the hair to fall even more.

3. Don’t Blow Dry Hair

During the stage where mothers encounter postpartum hair loss, do not blow dry hair. The hairs are already fragile and have less nutrient, blow dry will only cause the roots to weaken even more. Thus, instead of using hair dryer, let the hair dry naturally after washing it.

4. Maintain Healthy Diet

In order to give nutrition to the hair, maintain healthy diet and eat foods with nutritious ingredients. Get rid of junk food and toxic meals. Eat more vegetable and fruit as well as maintaining the intake for breastfeeding.

5. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to be an easy and natural remedy for hair loss. To use aloe vera, simply apply the gel to your scalp and let it for few minutes. After that, wash your hair. Repeat this process for several weeks and see if your hairs grow back.

6. Do Loose Ponytail

Even though you are experiencing postpartum hair loss, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have tidy look. You can still have loose ponytail that will not force out the root of your hair. Make sure to loosen your hair back when you are going to sleep.

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7. Use Milk Shampoo

You can also add milk to your shampoo for washing your hair. This will help to send nutrition directly to the root of your hair. Only use pure milk that does not contain glucose or condensed sugar. Not only it will prevent further hair loss, it will also make your hair grow smoother.

8. Use Detangler Spray

Another way to prevent further postpartum hair loss is by using detangler spray. Detangler spray is cosmetic technology that lets the hair to untangle itself without us combing it. Therefore, we don’t need to combine hair.

9. Drink Beetroot Juice

A natural remedy for hair loss is beetroot juice. Beetroot is a fruit that has the ability to strengthen the hair. It can be solution for postpartum hair loss. Drink this juice once a day to prevent more hair loss. Remember not too drink it too frequently as the intake will also affect your breastfeeding.

10. Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil has rich nutrition that will give the strength of the hair back. In order to prevent postpartum hair loss, massage your scalp with olive oil. Massaging scalp will help for the nutrition to seep through. Notice for your hair to be strong and less amount of hair falls each day.

11. Licorice Root

Licorice is not only a healing candy but it is also beneficial to prevent postpartum hair loss. Using a sachet of licorice, you can do treatment of hair loss. Use licorice root and apply it to your scalp. Massage your scalp for the licorice to seep through the skin. Do it everytime you want to wash your hair.

12. Green Tea Mask

Green tea is proven to be a capable remedy for postpartum hair loss. Use green tea as a hair mask after you wash your hair with shampoo. Leave the green tea mask for about ten to fifteen minutes. After that, wash your hair again. Do it at least twice a week for better result. Green tea is also beneficial for Home Remedies for Oxidative Stress.

13. Castor Oil

Another home remedy for postpartum hair loss is castor oil. Castor oil helps to darkens hair and repair the broken roots of the hair. In order to use castor oil, apply some castor oil in the scalp,massage it slowly. After that, wash your hair and let it dry. Do it regularly and you will see the result later.

14. Do Not Cut Hair

Some mothers choose to cut hair only because they cannot handle hair loss. However, there may be chances that the hair will grow back slowly as the estrogen level is not yet rise within the body. Thus, instead of cutting hair, collect the lost hair and make sure it will not hurt the baby.

15. Do Not Dye Hair

Hair-dyeing will only make the hair get damaged even more. The hair lost nutrition and cannot maintain regular healthiness when it is dyed. Therefore, it is very dangerous for a mother to dye the hair in order to prevent postpartum hair loss. Moreover, the chemical in hair dye may also be hazardous for the baby.

Other tips to prevent postpartum hair loss

  • Using Greek Yogurt Mask
  • Do Regular Exercise
  • Use Fenugreek Hairwash
  • Use Coconut Milk
  • Avoid Long Exposure to Direct Sunlight
  • Use Onion Juice
  • Use Hair Loss Treatment Product
  • Eat Estrogen-Producing Food
  • Drink Regularly
  • Do Not Overwork
  • Use Essential Oil

Here i also give you visual explanation of tips to prevent postpartum hair loss especially after birth for women. Check this out.

Postpartum hair loss is actually normal as it is only a phase after giving birth. It usually does not last long and the effect is not terrible. However, some cases may make it harder and you should contact expert for that. Indeed, there are 25 easy tips ro prevent postpartum hair loss.

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