10 Black Around Neck Causes in Fat People and Natural Treatments

Most people would think that a dark-colored neck in a fat person is a tray, but that black color is not a tray. Some people feel disgusted when they see the black neck of fat person.

However, if the people around you have over weight and have a black neck then you should not feel disgusted. Its not necessary caused by the dirt. Could be, the cause of the fat man’s black neck is a sign of a disease. But, we can find the natural Ways to Get Rid of Black Marks on Neck

There are some cause black neck in fat people :

1. Acanthosis nigricans may indicate some medical symptoms

Acanthosis nigricans may be a congenital skin disorder. Its mean that since birth already has a black neck skin. As we get older, neck skin may become darker if we lose more weight.

2. Acanthosis nigricans may be a result of obesity or because of endocrine disorders

The endocrine gland is one type of hormone that has to control one’s appetite. It also controls weight. If the endocrine gland is abnormal, then a person’s appetite will increase. So that people will be overweight and can cause black neck. You may also read about the List of Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin

3. The presence of diabetes

Usually, people who have over weight has high probability to have diabetes. Acanthosis nigricans show skin resistance to insulin that causes epidermal skin polifies resulting in keratinocytes (black) on the outer skin layer.

It is also increasingly supported by research that states that obese people usually have higher insulin levels compared with people with normal weight. In addition to black color on the neck, diabetes can also be characterized by several symptoms such as frequent thirst and frequent urination, easy hunger, weight loss, susceptible to illness, impaired vision (blurred vision), and tingling. (see also: how to confirm diabetes or not)

4. Addison’s Disease

One of the symptoms / signs that appear in people with addison disease is the skin becomes dark, including at the neck. Addison’s disease is a disorder of the adrenal gland that is unable to produce a certain type of hormone in sufficient quantities.

This disease most often appears in the vulnerable age of 30 to 50 years. In addition to the symptoms of blackening of the skin, other symptoms that mark the disease addison is tired quickly, decreased appetite, symptoms of depression, low blood sugar, low back pain, loss of consciousness, and dehydration. 

5. disease hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a health disorder that attacks the thyroid gland (mostly referred to with goiter). One of the symptoms shown by hypothyroidism is the blackening of the skin with dry skin. In addition to being characterized by dry and black skin, hypothyroidism is also characterized by easy fatigue, constipation, muscle pain, irregular menstruation, and hair loss hazards.

From various factors causing black neck skin in obese people, usually diabetes in children is the main cause of black neck in obese people. So, for people who have excess weight and have a black neck most likely he has diabetes. This situation can be more risky when some family members also have diabetes (family background).

If you have a child with excess weight and have a black neck then you should be vigilant. It could be that your child has diabetes. Early diagnosis needs to be done to ensure the child’s condition for prevention and treatment can be done as soon as possible. 

How to Eliminate the Black Color in the Neck

Black necks in obese people can be caused by various factors. If the black color in the neck caused by diabetes, then to remove the black color on the neck can certainly be done by handling the disease. Handling of diabetes one of them by regulating diet and weight control.

1. Consume foods with controlled sugar levels

Try to always consume foods with controlled sugar levels. In addition, try to keep your body weight is not excessive. Do exercise regularly to keep your weight control and blood flow in the body more smoothly.

In addition to diabetes, there are other factors that cause black neck. It could be a black neck due to fungal and bacterial infections, besides sunlight can also be one of the driving factors. If the neck skin is blackened due to fungal or bacterial infections and various factors from outside the body, then there are some tips you can try to remove the black color on the neck, including:

2. Using aloe vera

Using aloe vera can be an alternative to brighten blacks in the neck. Aloe vera is very rich in good antioxidants to form new skin cells and prevent infection in the skin.

Brighten black skin by using aloe vera can be done by applying the sap of aloe vera from the leaves then silenced for about 20 minutes. Then the part smeared with aloe vera is washed with water. For maximum results, the method can be done every day. More uses of aloe vera: How to Treat Cancer with Aloe Vera #1 Home Remedy

3. Using cucumber and lemon 

The next way is to use cucumber and lemon. The method used is mixing cucumber water (shredded cucumber) with lemon water.

Further mixture of both liquids are used to smear the black neck and then let stand for 10 minutes. If it is dry, the neck covered with cucumber and lemon juice can be washed using cold water. More uses of cucumber and lemon: Ways to Cure Ulcer in Leg

4. Using orange peel

The next natural ingredient that can be used to brighten the skin of the black neck is the orange peel. The trick is to dry the orange peel with drying.

Then, the dried orange peel is smoothed and mixed with liquid milk. The mixture is applied both on the black neck and silenced for 10 minutes. After that, wash the neck that had been smeared using cold water. 

5. Using olive oil 

Another way that can be done to brighten the skin of black neck is to use olive oil. Since ancient olive oil has been believed as one of the natural ingredients to care for beauty and skin health. Olive oil can be used to brighten the black neck skin by applying it on the neck.

Another way that can be done is to mix olive oil with lemon juice. Both are efficacious to maintain healthy skin and speed up the process of skin enlightenment. More uses of olive oil: Ways to Overcome Burning Sensation on Fingers

Those are some natural methods that can be done to brighten the skin of the black neck. Black neck skin in black people can be caused by 2 factors of the factor from within and from outside. Factors from the inside may be due to certain diseases, such as diabetes.

While factors from the outside could be due to bacterial and fungal infections or due to sunburn. If the cause of the black neck due to illness from within our body then it is good to do medical action. If the neck is black due to outside factors then it can be done by using methods of natural ingredients.

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