25 Easy Ways on How to Make Your Skin Darker Without Tanning

Tanned skin is a trend now compared to the old fad of white skin. Tanned skin is considered a representation of healthy skin. However, some people are not born with this color skin and wish for tanned skin. What makes people avoid sun tanning is because of several reasons.

Causes Why People Avoid Sun Tanning

1. Ultraviolet Radiation

With global warming and depleted ozone layer, the earth is more exposed to ultraviolet radiation. This radiation can cause many skin problems from dark spot to cancer. This is why people avoid sun tanning and looking for How to Heal Your Skin after Sunburn.

2. Allergies

Some people are allergic to much contact with the sun. They can get rashes or white patches when they come in contact with the sun. Because of this, some people avoid tanning in the sun.

3. Cannot Stand Hotness

Not only allergies but the degree of temperature may cause some people to get severe burn or other health problems such as dizziness, or itchiness. For this very reason, sun tanning is not recommended.

Ways to make your skin darker without tanning

After knowing how some people cannot do sun tanning, here are 25 ways on how to make your skin darker without tanning.

1. Use Emu Oil

Unlike other oil that does not give any effect to skin, emu oil is really good for those who want to have tanned skin effect. Apply emu oil and massage them evenly to the body. Emu oil can be found on cosmetic store. Make sure not to use them too much and re apply when the effect is gone.

2. Use SPF 25 While Tanning

To avoid sun burned skin, you can use SPF 25 since this SPF will protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation without cancelling the tanning effect of the sun. Apply this SPF not less than thirty minutes before exposing skin to the sun. This will help for those who is afraid of sun burning. Some SPF are for whitening instead just like shown in Ways to Prevent Skin Darkening.

3. Use Spray Tan

For those who cannot stand sun tanning can use spray tanning. This kind of spray tan is a temporary tanning that you can use. Spray some fake tan to some body parts that you wish. Be careful to spray the tan evenly or you will get poor color instead.

4. Eat Tomato-Based Food

Another way to make your skin darker without tanning is by consuming any food that is based of tomato food. Tomato will help to make your skin look healthier and has rose-tinted color. You can also drink its juice to help you to get darker skin. Read more about Helpful Ways How to Treat Skin Abscess at Home

5. Use Sun Tan Lotion

Aside from sun tan spray, there is also sun tan lotion that will help to get you darker skin and shining shade. Sun tan lotion is available in cosmetic store. To use this lotion, simply apply them to your body and soak yourself to the sun a little. This will help you to get glowing tan skin.

6. Eat Carrot-Based Food

Aside from tomato, you can also use carrot based food to help you get darker skin without tanning. Beta carotene in carrot will help to make your skin less pale and become more glowy than before. The beautiful glow also shows healthy skin instead of burned one. Consume them daily for the best result.

7. Use Tan Moisturizer

Nowadays product also offer moisturizer that will help you to gradually achieve darker skin. The moisturizer will add glow to your skin and add one shade darker than your previous skin color. This is good for those who has too pale and not healthy complexion. Apply moisturizer before going out as well as before going to sleep. Read more about Effective Ways to Prevent White Skin Spots

8. Use Egg Yolks

While using different ingredients egg yolks can help to whiten the skin, for pale skin, egg yolk can help to achieve darker skin with healthy glow. To use egg yolk, apply them on skin after washing your face. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes and wash it out with warm water.

9. Use Olive Oil

If you want to get the glow of tanned skin that looks like the perfect example of natural tan, you can use olive oil. Olive oil is a naturally extracted oil that will give shining look to your skin. Apply olive oil to your skin and make sure not to apply too much. Also remember not to directly touch your skin and wait for it to dry on your skin instead. Olive oil is also good as How to Make Discoloured Nails White Naturally.

10. Eat Mango

Another good supplement to help you get healthier darker skin is by eating mango. This tropical fruit will also help you to get the tropical skin. Mango contains nutrient that will help for pale skin to have healthy tan glow. Eat them or you can also drink its smoothies. Added by the delicious flavour, this way is indeed one of the easiest way to get darker skin.

11. Use Tanning Beds

Many salons and beauty care centers are now providing their customers with tanning beds. Tanning beds are made to avoid the ultraviolet radiation from natural tanning process. People who want to get tanned by this lie on a bed and then they will have to lie still for few minutes. This is a practical and efficient way to get darker skin.

12. Drink A Lot of Water

Drinking a lot of water will aid the tanning process during summer. It will help to dehydrate the skin and avoid burning skin. Water will provide source o moisturize the skin as well. Make sure to drink a lot of water especially during summer.

13. Eat Vitamin A

Vitamin A does not directly make your skin darker, but it will aid the skin when you sre on tanning program. It helps to create healthy glow on your skin as this vitamin makes the blood flow steadier. You can consume vitamin supplements or anything that contains vitamin A.

14. Eat Spinach

Spinach has beta carotene that will help to give your skin healthy glow. This is good for those who have pale skin. This vegetable is also good for blood circulation, makes the blood flow evenly on your skin. For maximum result, consume spinach with other beta carotene foods.

15. Avoid Vitamin C-Based Food

Some foods that contain vitamin C hinder tanning process because it will make your skin brighter instead. That is why that instead of vitamin C, add more foods with vitamin A. However, it does not mean that you should stop consuming vitamin C. For example, you can drink tomato juice instead of orange juice.


Other ways on how to make your skin darker without tanning are:

  • Be More Active Outside
  • Eat Food that Helps Blood Circulation
  • Use Darker Foundation
  • Use Bronzer in Your Make Up
  • Use Bright Eyeshadow
  • Wear Lighter Clothes
  • Add Darker Blush On
  • Add Food Supplement
  • Use Brighter Hair Color
  • Use Skin Glowing Product

Tanned skin is more preferred in some countries and some are wishing for tanned skin. To achieve that, you can use 25 ways on how to get darker skin without tanning.

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