20 Dangers of Eating Eggs Everyday – Recommendation Intake

Eggs are kind of foods that have high protein sources for both children and adults. Eggs can be processed into various kind of foods such as egg curry, egg stew, omelette, and many more. People can find such foods easily at any food courts or street vendors.

The nutrients in eggs are:

  • Choline, Protein
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C, Fat
  • Phosphor, Carbohydrate
  • Iron and Calcium

The dangers of eating eggs everyday are described as follows

  1. Cholesterol

Consuming the egg yolk overly can increase cholesterol in our bodies. On the top of that, those who have high cholesterol levels can be at risk of mild stroke. The cholesterol in eggs can clog the bloodstream and block the fluidity of oxygen in the blood to flow in the blood vessels.

  1. Ulcers

Eggs contain high fat which can disrupt the stability level of natural oils in the deepest skin layer if it is consumed more than 3 grains a day. Consequently, it causes the appearance of small ulcers. You may also read about Ways to Cure Ulcer in Leg

  1. Choking

Eating the egg yolk without rice can cause a choking because the egg yolk contains little water. Besides, it becomes solid when entering the throat.

  1. Hypertension

Someone who has hypertension should not consume too much eggs because the fat in eggs can congest blood vessels and trigger an increase in blood pressure. Also read about How to Treat Pulmonary Hypertension in Newborns

  1. Uric acid

People who have uric acid should avoid eggs because the fat and phosphor in it can disrupt the stability amount of uric acid in the joints. The amount of uric acid will probably increase when you consume it.

  1. Nausea

Eating too much eggs without balancing it with vegetable can cause nausea. The gas in eggs may lead to irritation in the stomach.

  1. Gain Weight

Someone who eats more than 3 eggs a day can accelerate body weight. Carbohydrate and fat in eggs initiate fat accumulation in the body and slow the body’s metabolism. Also read about Ways to Prevent Excess Skin during Weight Loss

  1. The Increase of Blood Sugar

Eggs contain its sugar and if it is consumed in excessive amounts can trigger the build-up of blood sugar levels. Patients with diabetes symptoms should not overeat eggs. 

  1. Dysfunction of Estrogen and Androgen

Fat and cholesterol in eggs can disrupt the stability of estrogen and androgen. This condition interferes with fertility.

  1. Acne

Overeating eggs not only cause ulcers but also acne even in someone who has dry face. The fat and cholesterol in eggs can potentially obstruct pores of the skin and increase the discharge of oil on the face that triggers the skin easily absorbs dust and free radical emitted by the sunlight. Also read about Best Ways to Get Rid of Dark Spots Caused by Acne

Thus, there are some dangers of eating eggs everyday. Here are the recommendation intake of eggs daily.

Some Best Solutions on Consuming Eggs

Many people who consume eggs only focus on its taste; they do not pay attention to some risks of consuming eggs. Eggs are commonly known as foods that are easy to find and contain lots of nutrient. However, only few people who know that eggs can be harmful for our health. Some best solutions to keep the body healthy on consuming eggs are:

  • Cooked eggs

Some people think it is healthy to eat raw eggs. Raw eggs are considered containing many bacteria and parasites which can disturb our digestive health. If you want to eat boiled eggs, you should boil it until it is properly cooked. Well-done eggs still have nutritional intact and safer to be consumed. 

  • 3 Eggs

Consuming less than 3 eggs a day is a way to prevent the increase of the grease and cholesterol. The ideal is an egg a day.

  • A whole egg

It is better to eat both the egg-white and egg yolk so that our bodies can absorb the protein which good for our health. If we only eat the egg yolk, it can accelerate the cholesterol accumulation. The egg-white contains a lot of protein which can neutralize cholesterol levels in the egg yolk.

  • Eggs mixed with other foods

We can add other foods which contain more vitamin D or Omega 3 to improve the quality of egg nutrients. Eggs that are combined with other foods which consist of Omega 3 can neutralize cholesterol levels in the eggs.

  • Olive oil or Corn oil

It is better to cook omelette or sunny side-up egg with olive oil or corn oil because eggs already contain cholesterol and fat. So, it is a way healthier. Also read about How to Use Egg White for Acne Treatment

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