12 Side Effects of Sitting with Legs Crossed on Most Woman

Imagine going to a party or any fancy events, then seeing a woman sitting with her legs crossed beside you. Oh, let’s not talk about party, but about in real life.

No matter where does such habits come from, woman seems to love sitting with her legs crossed– a lot.

Sometimes, they even think that sitting in such ways can make them look more like ‘woman’. Such perception has made everyone unconciously sit that way whenever possible.

In the class, at home, when visiting a friend, in the party, etc. Well, it’s not impossible that man would sit that way, but it’s still a very rare situations.

However, there’s something that they just haven’t realize, that, there might be some danger or disadvantages that they might be getting by sitting that way. It seems like that classic British Kingdom’s rule wasn’t made just out of impoliteness matters, but also have health reasons underlying. Are you one of those woman who love sitting with legs crossed? These side effects of sitting with legs crossed will make you think twice :

Side Effects of Sitting with Legs Crossed

Everything you do,there will always be effects that you get. Whether it’s bad or good, there will always be, right? Even on the most simple thing you do, like drinking water in the morning, will give your body great effects.

Oh, c’mon. There are even side effects of playing gadget while lying down, something that most people underestimate a lot. The same thing apply in this case. Sitting can affect you in many ways. Well, perhaps it’s not just about your health. There are various side effects to this that might not always be the case, but can probably be, such as :

  1. Change in hips structure

When you sit with your legs crossed, can you sit straight and nice? Well, since one of your leg is over the other, you’ll automatically sit a bit to the side. If you maintain this for a long time, well, perhaps listening to a long, boring lecture for 3 hours straight with such posture, then you know what will happen.

Sitting in such position, can change your hips structure. Close your eyes for a while, then you’ll get how can sitting with such position could mess with your hips. It’s not about how it would look like, but more like. How bad could it affect your hips structure.

2. Hurting your spine

After your hips, what comes next? Going upwards, you’ll find your spine, right? This is the next thing that sitting with legs crossed can give to you.

You might feel a great pain through your lumbar spine after sitting with such poor position for a long time. Well, sitting like that for few seconds won’t hurt your spine at all, but if it’s too long, then you’re prone to hurt a lot. When such situation arises, then you gotta find any ways to relieve back pain sitting as fast as possible. You can also find out how to treat back pain with exercises so that you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

3. Neck pain

Another bone that’s connected to your spine isn’t just your hips, but also your neck. Ever feel such pain in your neck? It might usually happen to you due to bad posture during sleeping. However, it’s enough to feel such pain due to sleeping. You wouldn’t like to get neck pain as the side effects of sitting with legs crossed, would you?

4. Shoulder pain

When you sit with poor position for few moments, your muscle will pressed on your shoulder bone for few periods of time. This won’t be good, since it might let you feel another pain in your shoulder. Well, seems like back and neck pain is already bad enough, right? It would be terrible for someone to feel all of those hurting at once just because of bad posture.

5. Temporary rise in blood pressure

Here, of course it’s not like hypertension or high blood pressure. Sitting with legs crossed create a great pressure on one of your legs. This, in result, could push your blood to flows upward to the heart in an abnormal pace and rhythm. Well, although such situations could increase your blood pressure, of course it won’t be permanent.

It won’t be that bad so that you will have to find list of medications to treat pulmonary hypertension, though. But, it’s still better to keep yourself healthy by not doing unnecessary thing that could harm yourself, isn’t it?

6. Numb legs

If you sit on the floor with your legs folded to one side or, any other ways that don’t let your legs to be straighten out, there would usually be a time when it feels like numb, right?

The same sensation could happen to your legs if you sit with legs crossed. It’s undeniable that sitting with legs crossed means pressing one of your legs with the weight of the other legs for a few period of time.

However, this wouldn’t just increase your blood pressure momentarily, yet it can also put your legs in a deep sleep for a while. Deep sleep, because if would feel like your leg isn’t there anymore. It’s like you’re so numb and this won’t feel so good, right?

More Side Effects (7-12)

  • Trouble breathing : Of course it wouldn’t be like asthma, but it’s more like your tummy is pressed by the crossed legs, so it would be a bit hard for you to breathe normally.
  • Unable to focus : Imagine, in any events when you sit with such position, then you feel pain going through your neck, back, and spine altogether. You won’t be able to focus, would you?
  • Kyphotic spine : When you sit with legs crossed, it’s more possible for you to slouch a lot. This in result, could give you this kyphotic spine. Slouching that’s cause by lack of confidence is also a common case. You need to find how to treat lack of self confidence if that’s the case.
  • Scoliosis spine : Putting your spine in an elevated position for a long time could form somewhat ‘S’ shape on your spine, which is also known as scoliosis.
  • Pelvic imbalance : Imagine what could happen to your inner thigh if it gets shorter due to your bad position. Together with the elongated outer thigh muscle, you might have to deal with your joints moving out at one point later on.
  • Veins swell : Although sitting with legs crossed might not give you something like varicose, it will still affects your spider veins since you pressed it too much. You might end up with your veins swelling, even if it’s not so visible from the outside. It’s still better to sit properly, right?

In fact, almost everything you do in life can affects you whether it’s in bad or good way. Smoking will have bad effects for your lungs might not be something so special. However, unexpectedly, sitting with your legs crossed might also give you health effects. Those side effects of sitting with legs crossed might not always happen to everyone, but it’s still undeniable that it’s possible to happen.

Better watch out rather than regretting when its late, right? Make sure you maintain good posture, not just when you stand, positioning your back, but also positioning your legs when you sit. Maintaining good health means you want to pay more, you want to fight for it by doing something that might be hard for you, such as changing your bad habits.

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