15 Causes of Small Warts on Neck You Need to Be Aware of

Warts or in medical terms called with Veruka is an actual skinless growth. These warts can occur because of certain Human Papillomavirus Viruses or HPV types that attack the human body. The shape of this wart is a little rough with small dark spots that can be seen by the eye.

Transmission of the virus that causes warts from patients to other people is very easy, especially when there is direct contact with the skin of patients or objects that have been exposed to contamination.

Causes of Small Warts on Neck

Warts consist of several types that can grow in various areas of the body. Such as on the feet, flat warts that occur on the face, neck and also genital warts. With several different types of this, the causes of warts are also different different as the cause of warts in the neck that we will review the following.

1. Virus Transmission

The first of many causes of small warts on neck is due to the spread of HPV virus which is also the cause of condyloma akuminata occurs when a person’s immune system decreases. For that, people’s reaction to this virus is also different depending on how strong the immune system is owned. This HPV will cause warts to grow in several areas of the body. Such as one in the neck and growing more fertile in a warm and humid environment.

2. Friction Necklace or Clothes

Warts on the neck can also occur due to friction by jewelry such as necklaces and clothes with leather. Friction that occurs this will cause blisters or wounds. That make it easier for the virus to enter the body and eventually arise warts in the neck area and some other body areas such as the wrist. You may also read: Natural Ways to Get Rid of Small Skin Tags

3. Hormonal Fluctuations

In addition to viruses, hormonal fluctuations also increase a person’s risk of getting warts in the neck area. As we know, hormone plays an important role in the human body. So it will affect the health of skin. In scientific studies to prove it, the effects of hormones on the skin of leptin associated with weight gain in addition to making the stomach feel full. Its also causes insulin resistance and eventually arise some skin problems such as warts or tags. You may also read: Ways to Cut Off Genital Warts by Yourself at Home

4. Uses of Steroids

The use of steroids can cause various side effects. Although it is also useful to boost the immune system when a person suffering from auto immune disease. Some of the side effects that can be generated from steroids include acne, high blood pressure, undesirable hair growth. Its also cause warts due to disruption of hormones in the body. 

5. Hereditary

Hereditary or genetic factors also cause warts that grow in the neck and also some other body parts. Some people who have genetic factors will increase the risk have warts on skin. You may also read: Causes of Small Warts on Face

6. Use of Goods Together

HPV is a virus that causes warts and other types of skin diseases. Cause of these fishes can also spread from the use of goods simultaneously. Wearing items that have been used by warts sufferers. Also if that items have not been cleaned can cause this virus is contagious. Especially if the immune system is declining such as:

  • Shared joint use.
  • Use of shared toiletries.
  • The use of collared necklaces.
  • Shared use of underwear.

Items mentioned that should not be used together which is especially worn on the neck to avoid warts arising in the neck. 

7. Skin Irritation

Irritation that occurs on the skin of the neck due to scratched something can also cause warts to grow around the neck and skin tags on the face. Warts caused by skin irritation can also cause inflammation and swelling because the area is already infected. You may also read: List of Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin

8. Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is also more susceptible to hyperactivity in superficial layers of skin due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. But generally, these warts can disappear for several months after the baby is born. Its also can be accelerated with the help of doctors using cautery or using liquid nitrogen. That’s all the causes of small warts on neck. You may also read: Dangers of Spicy Food For Pregnant Women

Certain Medical Conditions

Warts that occur around the neck area can also be caused due to certain medical problems that are suffered such as:

  1. Atherosclerosis
  2. Diabetes
  3. Obesity
  4. Insulin resistance.

These warts will tend to rapidly develop on the skin folds such as neck folds, hand folds and also folds of the buttocks.

The cause of warts in the neck is due to Human Papillomavirus Virus. But some medical conditions suffered. If the immune system is decreased and also because of bad habits can also cause warts occur in the neck area as well as some other body areas.

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