20 Ways How to Stop a Pink Eye for Baby

Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. It happens when the eye experiences inflammation due to a number of reasons.

Unfortunately, babies are not immune to this kind of infection. As they are still vulnerable, the pink eye will give them great discomfort.

However, here are 20 Ways How to Stop a Pink Eye for Baby. Spend some time to understand the causes and the effects to help in giving a better treatment for your baby.

Causes of Pink Eye

  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Allergy
  • Germs

Effects from Pink Eye

  • Teariness
  • Redness
  • Discharge
  • Itchiness

Treatments for Pink Eye

The following ways can heal the pink eye in your baby:

1. Warm Cotton Cloth

You can stop the infection by maintaining the cleanliness of your baby’s eyes. Use warm water and clean cotton cloth to wipe away any crusts.

  • Boil water to ensure it is sterile.
  • Wait for it cool down.
  • Use a cotton cloth to wipe discharge away from the eyes.
  • Repeat as necessary througout the day.

2. Cold Compress

A cold compress can also help especially if the pink eye is caused by an allergy. The coolness of the compress will slow down the growth of the immune cells around the eyes. That way the discharge can start to decrease. Use a cloth or a cotton ball dipped in cold water. Gently apply around the infected areas.

3. Breastmilk

This is extremely helpful if you’re still actively breastfeeding. Breast milk can cure the pink eye. You just need to give 2 or 3 drops into the baby’s eyes. The milk contains Immunoglobin A which can fight off the bacteria. You can repeat this method multiple times in a day until the eyes are cured. There are also other homeopathic ways to get rid of pink eye that you can try.

4. Raw Cow Milk

Other than using breast milk, you can also use a raw cow milk. It has a similar immunity property to breast milk. The cow milk will greatly help in clearing out the infection. It might not work as fast as breast milk but it’s still effective. Give several drops of the milk into the eye. Wipe away any excess.

5. Raw Goat Milk

Raw goat milk can be your other option. It can also treat the pink eye. Apply the milk on the infected eye. You may want to drop some milk to the healthy eye as well. It will help in keeping the bacteria away from infecting it.

6. Wash Hands

Always wash your hands when before and after treating your baby’s eyes. This will keep the infection from getting worse. Also, frequently wash your baby’s hands as well. This will prevent the bacteria from spreading. You may want to use antibacterial soap made for babies. Here are more ways to prevent the spread of pink eye that you should know.

7. Avoid Allergy Triggers

One of the causes of pink eye is allergy. Your baby might be allergic to food, mold or insects. Try as much as you can to identify what your baby is allergic to. You may want to visit the doctor for an allergic test. It can help to prevent future pink eye from happening.

8. Dehumidify Rooms

A moist air in rooms will improve bacterial and mold growth. All those things could trigger pink eye and also worsen any existing condition. Consider getting a dehumidifier to make rooms drier. Besides that, you should make your house well ventilated to keep fresh air circulating.

9. Keep Hands Away from Eyes

When your baby gets the pink eye, you need to give extra attention. Make sure that your baby doesn’t rub their eyes with their hands. Any contact with the eyes will help the bacteria to spread. Every time your baby is about to reach for their eyes, gently move the hands away.

10. Stay at Home

You may need to limit your baby’s exposure to outside and other people. This will keep your baby from catching on to more bacterias. Moreover, it can also help to keep the infection from spreading on to other people. Keep your baby at home until the pink eye completely disappears.

11. Maintain a Clean House

Thoroughly clean your house while your baby is still healing from the pink eye. Use disinfectants to clean up mold and wipe off any dust. A clean house will keep any allergens and bacterias away from growing even more. Eliminating them from your house will improve your baby’s condition. Know all the natural ways to get rid of fungal infections to protect your baby.

12. Nutritious Baby Food

Give your baby nutritious food. It will make their body strong enough to heal from the pink eye. Food containing vegetables, proteins and fruits are great and full of vitamins. For instance, feed your baby a combination food that contains banana, carrot, fish, beef stew or chicken.

13. Don’t Use the Same Material Twice

For example, when you’re using a cloth to clean your baby’s eyes immediately throw them to the wash. When using a cotton ball, discard it. You should never use the same material twice to clean up the infection. The material should be hygienic at all times. The bacteria should not be allowed to grow.

14. Yogurt Liquid

There is a clear liquid inside yogurt that is often known as kefir. It’s important to note that you can only use the plain yogurt. Do not use the one that has a sweetener in it. Dab a bit of the liquid gently around the infected areas. If the response is good, then you may continue using this method.

15. Wash Materials Frequently

Wash the fabrics that your baby use frequently. They include clothes, pillow sheets and bed sheets. Use warm water and antibacterial detergent to kill off any bacterias. This will limit the amount of bacteria your baby is going to get exposed to.

More Treatments (16-20)

Here are more things to heal the pink eye.

  • Eye Drops: You need to go to the pharmacy to get one suited best for babies.
  • Remove Discharge: Constantly remove them to avoid build up.
  • Special Detergents: Use the antibacterial ones meant for babies.
  • More Sleeping Time: Increased immunity to fight off the infection.
  • Chrysanthemum Tea: Dip a cotton or cloth in the tea and softly pat around the eye.

Things to Consider

Some of the treatments may not be suitable for your baby. In case an irritation occurs, stop immediately. You also need to visit the doctor when the eyes begin to swell, fever appears and your baby’s appetite decreases. The doctor will provide the best treatment for your baby.

A pink eye can be painful for babies. Provide extra comfort for your baby while their body is healing from the infection. A happy baby will help its eyes to heal faster too.

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