12 Danger of Cats For Pregnant Women

Cats are pets that many people love, both women and men, adults and children. Maintaining cats is liked by the community because the funny and adorable cats can entertain the hearts of their owners. In addition, maintaining the cat has more value because it can be used to repel mice, although not necessarily by eating the mice.

Rats are animals that like to steal food, in addition to rats are dangerous animals that can cause various diseases one of them is PES disease. Therefore, the house needs to be free from mice. By raising cats it is expected that rats will not dare to roam the house again. But apparently the danger of cats for pregnant women may not have been heard by many people.

All this is known is the danger of cats for women. Women who like to sleep with a cat can make it difficult to get pregnant. Indeed one of the things that are dangerous for women is the cat feces. Here is the danger of cats for pregnant women to know:

  1. Affected Tokso

One of the biggest risks for pregnant women close to the cat is that it can cause pregnant women to be exposed to toxo virus. Do not ever underestimate this virus because during this toxoid virus is feared by women and pregnant women. Toxo can cause the fetus to die in the womb, for women toxo also cause difficulty conceiving.

The death of the fetus can be in the womb or after birth outside the womb. Pregnant women affected by this virus should always control the presence of the virus in the body.

2. Miscarriage

Cat manure contains toxoid parasites that can cause pregnant women to miscarry. The reason is cat feces can infect the fetus that is in the womb so the fetus is not able to survive long in the womb.

3. Defect Fetus

Cat feces released by cats contain parasites that cause mothers to get toxo. Not all cats can transmit the virus, toxo viruses exist in wild cats that like to eat mice that have been contaminated with the virus. Pregnant women who accidentally touch the cat’s feces or dispose of cat feces can be affected by the virus. The impact of toxo virus that is the cause of the fetus defects in the womb.

4. Damaging Baby’s Eye Organs

The congenital defects that will be experienced by the baby one of them is damaged eye organ. It is caused by the toxo parasite, which is able to infect the baby’s eyes and cause damage. One of the eye damage that can be caused by this virus is to make the baby’s eyes become myopic.

5. Brain Damage

If the virus has reached the baby’s brain. The baby will have brain damage. If the brain is damaged, the baby will experience down syndrome otherwise it will experience delays in thinking.

6. Causing Prolonged Flu

Mild infections that will be experienced by pregnant women will experience the danger of flu for pregnant women prolonged. One of the effects of mild toxo virus can cause the immune system to decrease so that the mother could have a prolonged flu.

7. Easy to Tired

The virus can cause the mother easily tired because the virus has invaded the mother’s immune system. As a result of the toxo virus attack is hindered, the immune system can cause the mother easily tired and not able to do too much activity during pregnancy.

8. Fever

Fever is a sign of a disease. When there is a fever during pregnancy can be a toxo virus in the cat is trying to enter the body of pregnant women and cause illness. After the fever then the real disease will appear.

9. Sore throat

Parasites present in mouse droppings are able to infect the mother’s throat, so the mother will experience strep throat. If pregnant women experience strep throat indirectly can adversely affect the health of pregnant women. Examples of adverse effects on pregnancy disorders will have difficulty eating, difficult to drink, lazy to eat and many more.

10. Lymphatic Infections

Lymph in the body of pregnant women can be infected with the toxoid parasite. As a result the lymph is inflamed and also swelling.

11. Juling’s eyes

Eye damage caused by the virus is making the baby cross-eyed. That’s because the baby’s nerves are attacked by toxo viruses that make her eyes become cross-eyed.

12. Deaf

The congenital defect that the baby will experience is the baby will become deaf, it is because the baby’s hearing nerve has been infected with the virus.

How to Keep Pregnancy from the Cat Beast

Here is how to keep pregnancy healthy and keep the fetus healthy when pregnant from cat animals:

Avoid Contact with Cat Feces

In order to avoid the toxo virus it’s good that pregnant women avoid direct contact with cat litter. When pregnant women want to clean cat droppings should pregnant women ask for help of others.

Wearing Gloves

If pregnant women are reluctant and uncomfortable to seek help from others, pregnant women may use gloves and masks to keep the hands from touching directly with the dirt. After finished removing cat litter, pregnant women should wash their hands with soap. How to wash hands must be right so there is no virus or germs that stick in the hands of the mother.

  • Clean the Cat Cage Regularly

Cats maintained in the house are also susceptible to toxoid virus if, the body of the cat body and the cleanliness of the cat cage is not kept clean. Cleaning the cat’s cage regularly can be used to prevent infection caused by the cat.

• Watch for Cat Food

Another thing to note is the cat food that pregnant women keep. Cats should be given cat special food, never give cat with raw food. If a cat is accustomed to eating raw foods, the cat may be exposed to the toxo virus because in raw meat contains many parasites that can be the cause of toxic diseases. Predators of other animals such as rats also increase the risk of cats for toxoid virus.

Keep Cats from Certain Rooms

If pregnant women keep a cat, pregnant women should be able to avoid the cat from a certain room. Certain spaces such as bedrooms and workspaces. The reason the cat should not be in the room is because tokso virus can be obtained by the cat from the outside environment such as park and yard. If the cat is playing in the room (work space and sleeping room), the cat can more quickly transmit the toxo virus to pregnant women.

• Do not Maintain Wild Cats

If pregnant women want to keep a cat it’s good mother to buy a cat in a shop that has been trusted with the cleanliness and health of the animals it sells. Pregnant women do not immediately take the cat from the wild environment. That’s because pregnant women do not know the environment inhabited by the wild cat, other than that pregnant women do not know whether the cat is a toxoid parasite or not.

• Washing hands

Wash hands do not just use water, wash hands should use soap containing antiseptic. The antiseptic content in the soap can kill germs and viruses that cause illness in the hands of pregnant women. If pregnant women do not wash hands worried germs and viruses that stick in the hands move into the body of pregnant women.

Those are complete explanation about dangers of cats for pregnant women. I hope this article will be useful. thank you.

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