13 Reasons Why Heart Need Sleep

Well, today many researchers says that heart attack disease is increase year by year. Heart attack accidentally may cause death for you. It is often causes of less sleeping or insomnia. There are another heart disease such as heart beat too higher , stroke, and so on. There are too many reasons why most of all people did not get their sleeping hour enough. Now we want to explain to you 13 Reasons Why your Heart need sleep. Here we go

1. High Blood Pressure

Lack of sleeping may cause high blood pressure. It is because of your heart does not have much to lower the pressure. When you have had enough sleep, your blood pressure will goes lower. But if you have not enough sleep your blood pressure will getting higher than before. It will leads you to heart disease and stroke. So, be careful.

2. Obesity

Lack of sleep will damage your part of brain which is control hunger. Yes. This part will give you feel hungry more and more. It is can cause obesity for you. Children and adolescents have 7 hour need in sleep. If its less than that, it will leads you to obesity. Read more https://medicpole.com/why-do-some-obese-people-have-dark-necks

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of dangerous disease in the world. This disease can damage your blood vessels. And how do this disease connected by lack of sleeping? It happen because the 7 hour-enough-sleep will make your blood sugar is in normal level. If its less than 7 hours, it will make your blood sugar messed up.

4. Stressful life

Sometimes, while you had stress, you just have to get sleep. It will reduce your stress and when you wake up, it makes you feel better. The complicated life you have, the unsolved problems may damage your thought, but do not let this happen for a long time. You have to need a good enough sleep to stay healthy.

5. Headache

Lack of sleeping may cause you a headache, whether it is heavy or not. Headache cause of too many sleeping or not even sleeping in the night. We suggest you to have an ideal time for bedtime sleep. Read more https://medicpole.com/how-to-treat-post-traumatic-headaches

6. Unconditional of metabolism

Research says in the night time during we sleep, our organ keeping working to stabilize our metabolism and utilizing it. But, when you do not sleep at the crucial time in 11pm to 5am,our organ could not working to stabilize it. t causes damage of metabolism that could make you produce sweat more than before, and feel fatigue more over.

7. Fatigue

You will feel fatigue all the time because of you did not have enough sleep, and when night come over to you, you still awake because of fatigue. You could not have a break for sleeping. Day working then night still awake. What a worse !

8. Insomnia

This will happen if you are usually awake in the night. This will be the worse too because of lack of sleeping. Read also https://medicpole.com/side-effects-of-fillers-in-nose

9. Wrinkles mode on

Nowadays, wrinkles did not know about our age. It will come to us whether we still young. Can you imagine that? Wrinkles could appear if you do not have enough sleeping in the night. Our skin is need break too like us. No one ever can compare a good enough time for sleep in anyone. Anti-aging or wrinkles eliminate skin care are so expensive. SO, what do you think?

10. Eye bags appear

Eye bags or puffy eyes will appear when you do not have enough sleep to sleep. This will make your appearance so bad. You have to use eye serum or cucumber to reduce your puffy eyes.

11. Unstable emotional

Unstable emotional is absolutely one of the reasons why you need good enough sleeping. Because of the nerves that connect to your brain that can not stabilize too while you did not sleep in the night time as we mention in on point number 6.

12. Unproductive on the day

Unproductive on the day will make your performance during work lower. It can cause you more stress before.

13. Laziness mode on

Feel fatigue, stress and lack of sleeping will lead you to laziness mode on. It is happen because of your nerves on your brain could not working as well as their usually do because of you. You have had another reason why you still awake on the night? Are you sure with this?

Well, we have done explain to you about 13 Reasons why your heart need sleep. Lack of sleeping can causes you more disease than you thought before. Here we are again to give you some solution of it.

  • Do not drink coffee before bedtime, caffeine contained in coffee could make you awake on the night. Much better if you drinks coffee on the day or for breakfast to make you feel in a good mood.
  • Do not eat carbs before bedtime, carbs like pasta,meat, rice, will make your organs work more harder than you thought. For a better, you can eat your dinner 5 hour before bedtime sleeping.
  • Shut down your phone, radiation of your phone can make your difficult to sleep. We suggest you to shut down your phone before bedtime.
  • Make your bed comfy. Change your bed cover, change your pillow. Pour a little lavender essence on your pillow, it will give you relax sensation during sleeping.
  • Turn off the light, one of relax sensation before bed is turn off your light. It will give you more comfy and relax for sleeping.
  • Turn on your aromatherapy, it will help you to sleep. Lavender aromatherapy is the best for you. Try it on !

Well, we have done explain to you the reasons why heart needs sleep as well as the solution. Hope this article could make you feel better and assist you to the healthy life! Stay healthy, drink a lot water, eat more fruit and vegetable, do your exercise and do not forget to free your mind. Anything could happen in the world, so you have to had a positive mind to leads you to the positive life.

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