14 Negative Side Effects of Lip Injections

Cosmetic surgery is a very common thing in the modern era.

In some countries, getting cosmetic surgery is talked as openly and casually as getting dinner. One of the more well known cosmetic surgeries are lip injections.

Scrolling through instagram feeds, many women desire the plump, full lips on the beautiful models. But cosmetic surgeries come with it’s own pros and cons.

Before getting a surgery, there are many things that must be known. One of them are: what are the negative side effects of lip injections?

Below are a list of the 14 negative side effects of lip injections:

1. Possible tissue damage

When injecting and altering your body, there will always be a risk. The risk of lip fillers or injections are the possible damage on your tissues (tissues are groups of cells formed together).

When the lip fillers are injected into the blood vessels, it will cause necrosis, also known as tissue death. Worse than tissue damage, these injections can even cause death if not performed correctly.

2. Allergic reactions

When it comes to any medical procedures, not everyone will fit perfectly. As such, before performing any cosmetic surgeries, physical and mental checks are performed. However, an allergic reaction is still a possibility.

Through the allergy, lumps and bumps will form along the lips, causing itching, swelling, and even scarring or ulceration to the lips.

Many would recommend checking and asking with the doctors before performing any surgeries. Physical and mental compatibility is one of the requirements when getting a cosmetic surgery.

3. Permanent problems for permanent fillers

Although there are negative side effects to lip injections, if the fillers used are temporary, these side effects are reversible.

For example, when performing the surgery, the lip injections are over-filled with Juvederm and Restalyne.

These fillers can be dissolved by enzyme, and as such, there wouldn’t be much of a problem. However, when people use more permanent fillers like silicone, there are many risks to be faced. Even if the right amount was injected, there are still worries for inflammation and infection.

4. Temporary

As mentioned in the above paragraph, temporary fillers such as Juvederm and Restalyne can be dissolved by enzyme.

These fillers will only last around six to nine months. This means that if you want to retain the look on your lips, you will need to visit your doctor quite often.

5. Costly

These procedures are not overly expensive, yet it’s not cheap either. At times, these injections might not exactly turn out as what you imagined

Retouching will be required before achieving perfection. These are what makes them costly. By properly explaining and consulting with your doctor, you may reduce the gap between your expectations and the result of the injection.

6. Lip Scarring

When performing lip injections, there is always a risk of inflammation and allergic reactions.

Sometimes problems may also occur, causing pain and irritation for the patient. This results in chances of permanent lip scarring. Other causes of lip scarring (temporary) can be acne. Read this article: 8 Causes of Acne on the Lips – Treatment

7. Inflammatory Skin Reactions

According to professionals, after receiving injections, some may experience inflammation.

These inflammation will be marked with abnormal redness on the skin, swelling, and inflamed. If the fillers used are temporary fillers such as Juvederm, these inflammatory reactions will subside in about a week after the injection.

8. Bruising or Skin Discoloration

After injection, the skin surrounding the injected area may bruise or seem oddly discoloured. The area around the injection may appear blue, red, or purple. However, this negative side effect is temporary and will disappear, so it will not be too much of a concern.

9. Mass or Lump

These may happen around the lips when the filler is injected too close to the lip surface, making it look unnatural. Bumps and lumps may appear around the area and won’t go away for 3 days up to a week after surgery.

These complications are temporary and generally will subside on their own over time, but if it persists for longer than that, then do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately.

10. Experiencing pain

The patient may experience pain during the injection of lip fillers. These experiences of pain happens when the injection needle is inserted beneath the skin.

The injected skin region can feel uncomfortable and lumpy for several days after the Juvederm treatment. Some people may experience a stinging sensation as well. These bad side effects can be mitigated by using pain medications such as acetaminophen.

11. Swelling

This is a common occurence after lip injections with fillers, whether temporary or permanent. Putting ice bags and frozen peas can help reduce the swelling. Other articles regarding swelling and how to treat it are: Ways to Get Rid of Feet Swelling with Home RemediesHow to Treat Swelling after Tetanus Shot

12. Bleeding

Bleeding is a normal occurence when performing lip injections because vessels can become weak after the injections while the blood flow to the lips increase in number. Just like swelling, it will  cool down in several days with application of ice packs. Meanwhile, other treatments for bleeding in different areas are: Causes and Treatment of Gum BleedingReasons Why You Have A Nose Bleed

13. Limitations

Mentioned in the above points several times, these lip injections are not for everyone. Physical check of compatibility is recommended before performing the injection to avoid the worst possible outcome and reactions.

Those suffering from the diseases below are not recommended to perform lip injections:

  • active infection or inflammation
  • recurrent herpes simplex lesions
  • facial nerve disorders
  • bleeding disorders
  • diabetes
  • a history of multiple allergies

14. Illegal products

Do not visit shady surgeons for the sake of cheaper fillers. These fillers used are injected into your body; using cheap ones may pose serious health problems, even when done correctly.

If these fillers are not FDA approved, they should not be used in any lip injection surgeries. When used or injected, these fillers may cause permanent and irreversible side effects. Common side effects of lip injections, excluding those listed above are:

  • Allergic eruptions
  • Bleeding
  • Itchiness
  • Infection
  • Ulcer
  • Stiffening of the lips

Those are the negative side effects of lip injections. Although most of the side effects are temporary, should any of them last longer than several days to a week, it is recommended that you seek a doctor immediately.

Consultation before doing any lip injections are preferable to avoid any mishaps during the conduct.

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