Side Effects, Symptoms, and Treatments of Rat Bite You Have to Consider

Mice is an animal that its existence often can be found in a house. We cannot 100% get rid of mice in our house but there are some ways to reduce the number of mice you can try easily.

Mice opens a big opportunity for various diseases to spread which are absolutely dangerous for human. The diseases themselves can occur through the infection of rat bite. Whoever may experience this, even when they’re sleeping.

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Threats of Rat Bite

When a mice or rate bites any part of our body, they can leave several types of diseases. The infection can come through their saliva. Several dangerous diseases that can occur from rat bite are leptospirosis and viral hepatitis.

However, the most common disease that occur because of rat bite are tetanus and infection. Therefore, once you found yourself bitten by rat, you must immediately clean the bitten area with liquid material.

Symptoms of Rat Bite

  • Experiencing pain in the part where the rat bite occurs.
  • Redness and swelling in the affected area.
  • Infection that causes bite marks due to rat bite.
  • Experiencing fever.
  • Pain in the joints, such as knee joint pain, muscle pain, and vomiting.
  • Fever and rash in the affected area.

Infection and bacteria that spreaded by mice or rat can cause various types of diseases. The following diseases are:

1. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

The rat saliva that left in bite marks can cause lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Symptoms of this disease are characterized by headaches, nausea, fever, and swelling in the bite marks.

2. Hanta Virus Infection

This disease caused by the rat bite that can interfere with the respiratory tract. Hanta Virus Infection is very dangerous because it can lead whoever suffers the pain to death. Symptoms of hanta virus infection are:

This type of disease that caused by rat bite can be cured by the hand of its specialist through oxygen theraphy.

3. Streptobacillus Infection (Mouse Fever)

This infection that caused by rat bite can cause a person to experiencing fever which is also accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. This disease can attack heart, brain, body muscles, and several important body organs.

The best way to overcome this disease is by consuming antibiotics depends on its patient’s condition.

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4. Leptospirosis

This disease characterized by several symptoms such as fever, headache, pain in body muscles and joints. If a person unable to manage this disease in the right way, it can lead them to experience failure of internal organs and organ bleeding.

To overcome this disease, those who belong to its sufferer have to consume antibiotics. If the condition gets worse, doctor needs to handle this disease.

Treatment for Rat Bite

The best way and the very first way once you experience rat biteis to clean the affected area by using liquid soap that contains disinfectant. Go manage the symptoms afterwards. You may also like to read positive effects of hand hygiene.

How to Prevent The Danger of Rat Bite

  • Make sure to clean your house routinely.
  • Manage all types of water reservoirs, use bathtub cover and all types of water storage.
  • Cover all types of food on your dining table. You may also like to read list of foods to eat for healthy skin.
  • Clean the gutter around the house.
  • Avoid removing dirt of food scraps so the mice or rat will not come.

Those are side effects of rat bite alongwith its symptoms and how to handle this kind of disease that caused by rat. Ensure that your house stay clean and hygiene, good people!

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