7 Terrible Effects of Laptop on Thighs

Technological advances are now very rapidly developing. Already many technologies have been created and also provide important benefits for human life as a user.

One of the technologies that cannot be configured from our lives is laptops.

Laptop itself is a term used for computers that can be carried around or portable computers. In its application, there are many who call laptops, such as notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs and the like. Read more about  Side Effects of Sitting with Legs Crossed

Nowadays, laptops have become a luxury item, because to meet the mobility needs of their users, a laptop is already needed. The following are some of the advantages of a laptop, so that it becomes one of the main needs in technology:

  • Light weight
  • Easy to use to travel
  • Specifications that vary according to needs
  • Very helpful to meet the needs of those who have traveled
  • No need to bother assembling – rafts first
  • Features and facilities are also sophisticated and complete
  • Easy to operate. It only requires a small amount of power or wattage, different from a personal computer.

Because it has many advantages, the laptop is also one of the main choices of many people. However, there are some rules that are not violated by laptop users. One of the reasons is the use of laptops on the thighs. Read more about  Side Effects of Wearing Compression Thigh High Socks

Yes, nowadays many people use laptops on their thighs without using the pedestal at all. Contact between a laptop with a thigh clit can directly cause various kinds of danger. The following is the danger of using a laptop on the thigh:

1. Can cause irritation to the thigh skin

The first danger that can arise from using a laptop on the thigh is the appearance of health problems in the skin, especially your thigh skin. Your thigh skin will experience symptoms of dermatitis or irritation to the skin, which of course is very dangerous. Read more about  Benefit of Snake Oil for Acne

Radiation from the heat produced by the laptop can cause the skin to become reddish due to the rash, and also cause the skin to feel itchy and sore, if it takes too long to use the laptop on the thigh.

2. Causes discoloration of the thigh skin

Another danger that can arise from using a laptop on the thigh is the appearance of skin discoloration in the thigh. This is still high, caused by radiation from the heat of the laptop which can cause discoloration in the pigment.

This will cause thigh skin from laptop users who use laptops on the thighs to become striped and different colors with the original skin color. 

3. Can cause cancer

As with the danger of wifi for health Another danger that can occur when someone uses a laptop on the thigh can cause cancer. not playing, heat radiation from a laptop placed on the thigh can cause skin cancer. The first thing that might be affected is the thigh skin, which then spreads to other parts of the body. Read more about Danger of Cats For Pregnant Women

In addition to the possibility of causing cancer in the skin, the position of the laptop adjacent to the genitals can also cause radiation from the heat of the laptop causing health problems in the genitals and also in men can cause the appearance of cancer in the testicles. Creepy isn’t it?

4. Can reduce sperm count in men

If you think that cancer is the danger of using the laptop on the worst thighs, it turns out there are still other dangers that are also worst, especially for men.

Yes, using a laptop on the thigh causes interference with the quality of a man’s sperm. This can cause sperm in men to be reduced in number. Besides being able to reduce the number of sperm, using a laptop on the thigh can also cause a decrease in the quality of a man’s sperm which certainly will affect the condition of one’s fertility.

5. Problems arise in the spine, neck and shoulders

Another problem that can arise from using a laptop on the thigh is that it can cause interference with the spine, back, neck and shoulders.

This is none other than also not due to the condition of sitting position that is not right when someone uses a laptop on the thigh. This of course will cause a momentary aches, and also if carried out continuously will cause disruption in the spine.

6. Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is a syndrome or symptoms that appear on the wrist. Usually this can arise because the wrists of laptop users often come into contact with laptop heat. CTS can usually cause tingling, calluses, and itching every time you use a laptop.

7. Can cause pregnancy disorders

It turns out that using a laptop on the thigh is not only bad for men, but also for women. Using a laptop on the thigh can cause pregnancy disorders. so for those of you who are pregnant, avoid using a laptop on the thigh, because it will cause interference with your pregnancy. Read more about Ways to Whiten Teeth with Lemon

Using a laptop on your lap above your thigh is dangerous to fertility and eye health

When it is on, electronic objects, especially laptops, must emit radiation. If it is hot due to use and then placed on the thigh, it can reduce the fertility rate of women. Even so with men, can reduce the quality of sp * rma.

However, that is often used. If only occasionally I think it’s okay. The proof is that many have done so but now have children. But it doesn’t hurt to stay alert. From the laptop itself it is better to run on a stable place, for example a table. This is to prevent swaying when the laptop is working.

In addition to fertility, too often exposed to laptop radiation can also cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

Naturally, I’m also a little dizzy sometimes. Especially if you do heavy duty and that is no longer debatable, laptop screen light can damage the eyes. The proof is that people whose jobs are struggling in front of computers are mostly eyed.


Even though the side effects are frightening but today can’t be separated from the name laptop. Starting from work, looking for information, until entertainment can be done by him.

So, all we can do is minimize the effects of radiation. How to? Please follow the following tips.

1. Install the laptop filter

You can install filters on the laptop screen to reduce the effects of radiation. So that the exposure to the radiating light is not so sharp.

Then adjust the brightness of the beam. Set it so that if it’s comfortable for your eyes: it’s not too bright or too dark. And lastly, keep the visibility between the eyes and the screen, not too close.

2. Frequently divert attention

Frequently divert attention when using computers and laptops for a long time. For example, with a few minutes of seeing the outside view, looking at the green and fresh trees. And don’t forget to blink often to reduce dryness in the eyes.

Oh yes, it’s also important to set the position. Try to keep the head straight and parallel to the screen. For this rule it is clear that the use of a laptop on the top of the thigh cannot be applied. So, the safest thing is that the laptop is placed on the table. Read more about How To Overcome Dry Foot Skin

3. Don’t stick directly to the body

I think the above is quite clear. Try to use a laptop not as close as possible to the body. This means don’t sit on your thighs.

In fact, it is required to keep a distance. Especially in pregnant women. It’s not recommended to stick with the stomach. Why? Radiation can interfere with fetal development.

If the situation is really emergency and inevitably must be held on my lap, while not wanting to reduce reproductive fertility and eye health, my advice is to use a wide, thick and hard base. If only a book is still lacking. But try a wooden board that is at least 1 cm thick.

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