Natural Ways to Cure Uric Acid without Medicine but Herbal Treatments

Gout is an inflammatory arthritis that will cause pain on joint. Other than pain, gout is also characterized by hot and swollen joint. Gout usually occurs on finger joints, toe joints, knee joints and also on ankle joints. Gout is due to excessive amount of uric acid in the blood. Innards, red meats and seafood are the types of food to avoid when you’re having gout. Other than that, gout can also happens due to some uric acid drinks.

There are several things to do to treat and reduce the pain, one of them is by doing therapy. Painkiller also can be an alternative, but make sure to use it based on doctor’s prescriptions. Another alternative is using traditional herbs or potions that can be found around us. These are the herbs that we can use for gout medication:

  1. Ginger

Not only to treat sore throat, ginger can also treat and reduce the gout pain. Ginger can remove the excessive uric acid and heal thejoint pain. The recommended intake is by making a ginger drink or as what Indonesians called Wedang Jahe. You may also read: Causes of High Uric Acid at Younger Age

  1. Soursop leaf

Soursop leaf can also be used to treat gout. Soursop leaf has a lot of chemical compounds that can be used to heal some diseases. Prepare the leaves and clean it. Cut the leaves into small pieces so the nutrients will dissolve in the water. Boil it. The recommended intake is by drinking the boiled water regularly twice a day. You may also read: How to Overcome Uric Acid on Feet

  1. Bay leaf

Next option is bay leaf. Bay leaf has compounds like tannin and essential oils that can treat gout. You can just put some leaves into water and boil it. The recommended intake is by drinking the boiled water regularly.

  1. Tinospora cordifolia

Other names for this plant are heart-leaved moonseed, guduchi and giloy. It is a herbaceous vine. You can put some of the leaves into water and boil it. The recommended intake is by drinking the boiled water regularly. Not only for controlling uric acid, this herb can also control blood sugar and cholesterol. You may also read: Natural Ways to Prevent Gout Attacks in 2 Hours

  1. Andrographis paniculata

This herb is capable to treat gout by reducing the pain because of it’s content of flavonoid. You can just boil the herb and drink the boiled water.

  1. Orthosiphon aristatus

Although this herb is more known for its ability to destroy kidney stones, it can also be used to treat gout. This herb will discard the excessive uric acid along with urine. You can just boil it and drink the boiled water regularly. You may also read: Ways to Treat Gout in Hands

  1. Celery

Celery can also be an alternative to reduce the gout pain and heal the joint problem. You can just eat the raw celery or boil it and drink the boiled water.

  1. Roselle flower

Roselle flower can be used for gout medication. You can prepare the flower by plucking the petals and wash it with water. Put the petals into a cup and then pour boiled water into the cup, and you can drink it regularly.

  1. Cherry

Cherry has the ability to reduce uric acid level in blood. Cherry contains magnesium, this mineral is effective to reduce the gout pain. Cherry is also effective to heal the joint problem. You can consume it raw or you can also consume it as syrup.

  1. Pineapple and honey

Mixing pineapple and honey is an effective way to treat gout. You may also read: Foods Containing High Purine Substances You Might Need to Avoid.

  1. Green tea

Another option is green tea. The chemical compounds in green tea has the ability to prevent the forming of excessive uric acid and joint problem.

  1. Arrowleaf sida

This herb can be used as painkiller to mend the gout pain. You can use it by boiling the leaves and drink the boiled water regularly. 

More Natural Ways to Cure Uric Acid without Medicine 

Other than the herbs mentioned above, we can also use these:

  1. Lime
  2. Dragon fruit
  3. Bilimbi

Bilimbi leaf can be used to treat swelling caused by gout, by serving it as paste. You can take some of the leaves then smash it into paste-consistency. Apply the paste into the swollen parts of body.

  1. Yellow pumpkin
  2. Napa cabbage
  3. Jujube

You can use the root of this plant to treat gout. Juice of the root bark is believed to be able to reduce uric acid level. However, strong doses of this juice may be toxic.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has aromatic essential oils and pungent taste and scent.

  1. Cathedral bells

This succulent plant can be used to treat gout. You can make juice from the leaves and drink it.

Those are the natural herbs that we can try to use for gout medication.

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