Ways on How to Cure Fever for Children with Red Onions

Fever is not just a rise in body temperature above normal course.

Fever is often accompanied by pain and pain in the body, headache, and discomfort in children.

Fever is a good sign, that is, as a marker that the body of a child is fighting the disease and the immune system is being built when an infection occurs.

However, the parent who is alert does not remain silent to help the child restore his health. Read more about How To Cure a Fever for Pregnant Mom

Among the many traditional medicines that are potent in reducing childhood fever, red onion is one of the best known medications.

Efficacy of red onion has been recognized for generations and has a variety of benefits, in addition to delicious taste and also serves as the main ingredients. Read more about Causes of Rashes after Fever in Baby

Therefore, many are looking for how to reduce child fever with red onion. How to reduce child fever with onion easy to do, especially the main ingredient of red onion is easily found anywhere, including in the kitchen of the mother. How to reduce child fever with red onion?

Let’s look at the following exposures.

Make Red Onion and Oil Onion

Making red onions is easy. Simply prepare 2 to 3 cloves of onion. Then, grated or chopped onion, but do not be too smooth (there is still a texture of the onion). Combine onions with coconut oil. Read more about How to Prevent Dangers of Dengue Fever

If there is no coconut oil, can use eucalyptus oil or olive oil. After that, smear the red onion onto the body of the child, then massage the child’s body gently.

Onions can spread the essential oil content in the onion so it is easier to absorb into the skin.

Meanwhile, rubbing oil helps smoothing the surface of the child’s skin so that the child does not feel pain or rub when massaged. Read more about  Causes of Long Term Fever

The combination of onion and oil will dilate the pores of the child, thus helping the process of releasing body fever as well as warm the body.

Onion as a scrap

Kerokan treatment is powerful to relieve flu symptoms such as headache, bloating, and fever. Although its potent, the skin of a soft child will be painful and prone to blisters when using the method of bending between coins and balm.

In this case, onion is the solution. The child can feel the benefits of massage, but in a more gentle and painless way. Read more about Quick Ways to Get a Fever Down Without Medicine

Parents can use the onion as a substitute for coins when scrounging the child’s back. The way is very easy, just split the medium-sized onion into two parts, then rub the part with repetitive motion to the back of the child with a soft and careful.

The method is the same as when the adult’s back. If the onion sap starts to dry, use another onion.

Massage on the back can dilate blood vessels, so it can help the process of fever release the body of the child to fever immediately down.

When it is finished, parents can smear the child’s back with rubbing oil, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or eucalyptus oil and massage the child. This method is powerful to help children rest and sleep soundly. Read more about Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose without Medication

Onions do have a pungent odor, and are sometimes disliked by some, including children. Parents can deal with the use of onion as a fever-lowering medication by giving onion when the child is sleepy or when they are asleep to avoid discomfort because of the sharp smell.

In addition, if there is an allergic reaction or irritation to the use of red onion, for example itching then immediately stop using.

Other Benefits of Red Onions in the Field of Health

Onions (Allium cepa var ascalonicum (L) Back) are from Iran and its suburbs, then cultivated in tropical, subtropical, and cold regions. Known general benefits of the main onion is as a spice cooking, flavoring, coloring and also as a cure all kinds of diseases.

Onions contain essential oils, cycloalkin, methylaliin, kaemferol, quercetin, flavonoids, and floroglusin. Read more about  Signs of Miscarriage Without Bleeding

In the world of health, these substances serve to lower body temperature affected by symptoms of fever, treat inflammation, and also kill bacteria.

Besides beneficial to reduce child fever, other benefits of onion that are important in the health field are as follows.

1. Overcoming tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis or tuberculosis is caused by the bacterium Mycrobacterium tuberculosis.

An onion that is antimicroba can help bind the bacteria that causes tuberculosis. To get the benefits of onion in the treatment of tuberculosis, red onion can be consumed raw and sprinkled with a little salt.

2. Help improve heart health

High cholesterol and triglyceride levels can clog blood vessels and harm heart health. Quertecin and sulfur compounds can help maintain heart health by preventing plaque buildup due to cholesterol so hardening of the arteries can be avoided. Read more about Danger of Cats For Pregnant Women

3. As a detoxification

Red onions are consumed raw can help maintain health by neutralizing toxins in the blood or known as the detoxification process.

Raw red onions can be consumed in the form of pickles and spices complement the delicious satay. Read more about Symptoms of Bone Flu

4. Helps overcome problems in the digestive system

Problems of the digestive system such as stomach disorders, gallbladder disorders, and lack of appetite can be overcome by routinely eating raw onions every day.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of onion are useful to help with problems in the digestive system. Read more about How to Withstand Hunger without Eating

5. Helps overcome problems in the respiratory system

Problems related to the digestive system such as cough colds, sneezing, asthma symptoms, bronchitis can also be overcome by eating onions or using it by smearing red onions around the chest area.

The content of substances in the onion is useful to relax the airway muscles because it has anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Help overcome anemia

Anemia is a symptom of a lack of hemoglobin levels in the blood or reduced red blood cell count. Hemoglobin is a protein compound in red blood cells that is useful for binding oxygen. Read more about How To Whiten Teeth with Banana Skin

People affected by anemia will be weak and look pale. Anemia can be overcome by eating onion, because onion contains iron which is useful to increase the number of red blood cells in the body.

7. Treating diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that occurs due to disruption of pancreatic tissue in producing insulin that controls blood sugar levels.

As a result, blood sugar levels increase and cause disruption of organ function in the body. Eating onions, either boiled or raw, can help reduce blood sugar levels.

8. Controlling blood pressure

Patients with high blood pressure or hypertension can do therapy with regular onion consumption.

The content of flavonol quarcetin in onions can help improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of stroke, and increase blood production. The content of onion also helps lower blood pressure. Read more about Ways to Prevent Swollen Gums

9. Increase body stamina

Vitamin C contained in onions can help boost the immune system and maintain stamina in order to stay awake.

In addition, the detoxifying properties of onions can also help the body neutralize toxins in the blood so the body becomes healthy.

10. Treating ulcers

Ulcers are a skin disease characterized by the appearance of a lump of fluid-filled liquid pus when it is ripe and painful to the touch. Ulcers are caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

The antimicrobial properties of onion can help treat ulcers. Simply sliced ​​the onion, then paste on the surface of the skin affected by ulcers, then dressing with gauze to keep the onion stick to the skin. Read more about Negative Effects of Skipping Breakfast Before School for Children

The onion slices can be changed every three to four hours a day.

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