Dangers of Eating Spicy Food During Pregnancy and How to Prevent It

Do you like spicy food? We have to be grateful for living in Indonesia because our country has variety kind of cuisines. In Indonesia, there are lots of dishes that using spicy flavor.

The taste of it gives a pleasure yet delicious sensation on tongue for those who likes to eat spicy food. Spicy food has become indeed booming in our society. Starting from spicy seasoning chips to heavy dishes with hot spices.

Beside of its delicious taste, spicy food also contains danger especially if you are a pregnant woman. Is it safe to consume spicy food and what are the impacts of it to our health?

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Dangers of Eating Spicy Food During Pregnancy

There are at least 3 things you have to watch out if you eat spicy food while pregnant: heartburn, diarrhea, and contractions.

  • Sense of Heartburn

Some pregnant women may experience different thing to other pregnant women after eating spicy food. The feeling of heartburn can arise after consuming spicy foods

  • Diarrhea

Eating spicy food can lead pregnant women to diarrhea. If the diarrhea still continues, it will make them dehydrate. The danger of it impacted both mother and the fetus that can possibly be lurk. If a pregnant woman experience diarrhea, give her a drink to avoid dehydration.

  • Increase The Amount of Prostaglandin Release (Contraction)

Consuming spicy large in large amount for pregnant women can trigger the release of prostaglandin hormone. It will lead a contraction to happen afterwards. This may be very annoying for the mother, they will start to feel like they want to give a birth.

In fact, eating spicy food is not too dangerous for pregnant women. Doctors even revealed if there is no problem if they want to eat spicy food. It also doesn’t influece the fetus because the fetus will only get nutrients absorbed. Spicy food can also help improving the mother’s appetite.

Dangers of Spicy Food for Health

Spicy food if being eaten in large amount, can make even pregnant women or non-pregnant people experience the heath problems. The following health problem can be occur due to spicy food consumtion.

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  • Causes Pain in Stomach Wall

Eating spicy food in large amount will make stomach acid increase in high amount as well. It can lead to the irritation in the stomach wall.

  • Causes Ulcer Disease

A person who often eats spicy food for a long term is possibly to suffer from ulcer disease. Ulcer can also lead to an ulcer at an acute level, Symptoms if your stomach is affected by stomach ulcers are nausea, flatulence, vomiting to diarrhea. You may also read ways to treat your stomach after vomiting.

  • Effects on The Gastrointestinal System

When you eat spicy food, your gastrointestinal system will start to feel heat from the spicy taste. This can cause burning sensation in your stomach which is absolutely dangerous.

If you get stomach pain after eating spicy food, try to drink a glass of milk. Milk will overcome it.

  • Effects of Burning on the Skin

Holding chilli or other spicy ingredients before consume it can cause your hand to feel Hunan hand syndrome. This Hunan Hand Syndrome can be identify by pain, redness, and swelling in the area of the skin that is infected by spicy food.

The solution to avoid this Hunan Hand Syndrome is by wearing gloves while processing spicy food such as chilli. If the syndrome occur, go wash your hands with methamphetamine and warm water.

  • Painful Effects on The Eyes.

Your eyes will be sore if you touch them after holding spicy food but forget to wash your hands afterwards. It will make your eyes become swollen. You can try to wipe your eyes with a towel that has been covered for this kind of problem.

  • Causes Numb Tongue

The numb on your tongue will possibly happen if you consuming spich food in high amount. This condition is going to take 3 days if your have not familiar with spicy taste yet. You may also read ways to get rid of numb hands.

  • Causes Heartburn

If this problem happens, you can overcome it by eating food that are absorbent and sensitive like bread.

  • Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is one of the diseases that causes damage in the esophagus. This disease can lead stomach to the stomach wall pain which is absolutely caused by spicy food.

  • Insomnia

Spicy food can also cause insomnia. You are not allowed to eat spicy food at night to avoid insomnia to occur. You may also read how to overcome insomnia during pregnancy.

Tips on Consuming Spicy Food

  1. Don’t consume it as a snack but as a main food.
  2. Don’t consume spicy food at night.
  3. Gastric Acid that occurs because of spicy food can be neutralized by milk.
  4. Avoid spicy food if you have ulcer disease. You may also read ways to cure ulcer in stomach
  5. Don’t consume food that way too spicy.

The danger of spicy foods in general will affect the digestive system, especially the stomach. We recommend you to consume spicy food in normal amount to avoid various kind of health problem.

These are dangers of spicy food for pregnant women alongside the prevention. We hope that you can be more consider with your health. Stay Healthy!

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