5 Bad Side Effects of Mahogany Seeds for Health You Need to Know

According to nutritionist, consuming excessive mahogany seeds will give bad side effects for our health. Mahogany seeds are well-known as an herbal medicine rich in benefit of maintaining and improving bodily health in adults or productive age people.

Chemical Content:

Mahogany seeds contain two types of chemicals that are known to be able to nourish internal organ tissues of the human body:

  1. Active Flavonoids

Mahogany seeds contain flavonoids which miraculously heal by actively maintaining smooth blood circulation throughout the body. Reducing cholesterol buildup and destroying the deposition of saturated fat in the blood, able to relieve bleeding in open wounds which often times causing inflammation and has the ability to inhibit bad free radical resulted from polluted environment polluting the body.

  1. Active Saponins

Mahogany seeds contain active saponin which is powerful in preventing increasing level of sugar, maintaining the stability of liver function, able to block the process of blood crystallization, and quickly increase one’s immunity when they are sick or in post-surgery period. You may also find out about Side Effects of Soursop Leaves

Utilization of mahogany seeds

Mahogany seeds can be consumed in a variety of ways:

  • It can be mashed and added with boiled water. Stir until it’s smooth and let it cool. Filter the mixture to separate the water, and then drink it once a day. Consume regularly and do not exceed 150 mg per day.
  • Can be eaten immediately after peeling the skin, because it tastes bitter. After eating it, you should neutralize the bitterness by drinking water mixed with honey and lemon juice. Consume only one seed per day.
  • We can also consume mahogany seeds in its supplement form, such as the instant powder, capsules, or essential oils that have been packed neatly and ready to consume as needed according to the instructions written on the back side of the packaging. You may also find out about Side Effects of Breadfruit Leaves for Health

Bad Side effects of Mahogany seeds

Keep in mind that mahogany seeds also give bad side effects that can interfere with your daily activities

  1. Increased cholesterol

Side effect of mahogany seeds that are consumed carelessly or excessively can make the amount of cholesterol deposition in the gallbladder easily increasing, and facilitate the formation of gallstones which if left unchecked, it will enlarge rapidly. You may also find out about Side Effects of Ginseng 

  1. Decreasing of blood pressure

Another side effect of consuming too much mahogany seeds per day could interfere with one’s blood pressure. It will decrease one’s blood pressure. Mahogany seeds are more suitable for people with acute high blood pressure. 

  1. Kidney problems

The high level of saponins and flavonoids in kidney tissue could potentially disturb kidney functions, making it loses its ability to control body fluids normally. People who rarely drink proper amount of water and consume too much caffeinated drinks are susceptible to this side effect of mahogany seeds. You may also find out about Side Effects of Mahogany Fruit for Health

  1. Heartburn

Consuming packed mahogany seeds in the form of instant powder or capsules should be adjusted to the instruction written on the package and not exceeding 150 mg per day to avoid heartburn. Excessive saponin and flavonoid in the solar plexus potentially give side effect of nerve suppression around the solar plexus, resulting pain and uncomfortable feeling to the sufferer.

  1. Damaged blood vessels

The high level of saponins and flavonoids in the blood vessels that are not distributed evenly throughout the body due to body’s lack of fluid will damage the blood vessel. Thus will also causing the body to lose balance and causing obstruction of oxygenated blood flow. You may also find out about Bay Leaf Side Effects for Health 

Can we consume mahogany seeds every day?

  • Consuming mahogany seeds every day is actually safe and is not prohibited to maintain health. However it is best to consult it first with a doctor or a nutritionist. After all, the consumption of mahogany seeds must be adjusted to the type of disease that one’s suffered or currently experiencing to avoid other form of health complaints.
  • Consumption of instant powder and supplement capsules of mahogany seeds is allowed daily, but is not permitted for someone who has low blood pressure or low sugar levels because it can cause unconsciousness or fainting. For someone who has low blood pressure, you can try alternative medication such as wolfberry.
  • Toddlers and children are not recommended to consume mahogany seeds, especially daily because it can cause poisoning. Poisoning occurs due to high levels of saponins and flavonoids which are capable of injuring the stomach and accelerating damage to the blood vessels. Consult immediately with you pediatrician and nutritionist for more information and understanding of both the benefits and side effects of mahogany seeds for children under the age of 7.

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