9 Parasites Causing Mouth Smell that Must Be Shunned

Bad breath is a latent problem that attacks all humans. Even so, eliminating bad breath is a smart activity to improve the quality of communication with other people who are free from feeling embarrassed and prevent the emergence of symptoms of oral cancer. Unfortunately, the act of preventing bad breath will not be successful if you don’t know the names of parasites that cause bad breath.

In the following article, we will explain the names of parasites that cause stinging bad breath. Please stay away from the symptoms caused by routinely keeping your mouth healthy every day.

Parasites Cause Mouth Odor

  1. Candida Albicans

Candida albicans is a parasitic type of fungus (protozoa) which, if lodged in the mouth, will cause bad breath. This condition arises when you have just put on a denture or because of the non-sterile tooth pulp.

To overcome this kind of bad breath, you can gargle using anti-bacterial and anti-fungal mouthwash products such as mouthwash products and so on.

  1. Trichinella

Trichinella is a parasitic species of worms that can make the mouth smell bad. This worm usually attacks teeth that have abscesses. In addition, between teeth full of canker sores remnants can be trichinella. Because leftover food is a protein that is highly preferred by worms that cause halitosis.

  1. Corynebacterium

Corynebacterium is a parasite that causes diphtheria. In addition, these parasites can also cause problems in the throat so that the throat gets hot. As a result, the minerals in the throat dry out spit, and sputum in the mouth also thickens. If you spit, it smells stinging. If this happens, make sure you are careful when talking to other people. Do not let them run away because they do not have the strong smell of your sharp mouth.

  1. Guinea Worms

Guinea Worms are parasites that are often found in cloudy water. Therefore, consume drinking water from bad breath remover drinks that are cooked first or choose clean water that will be used for cooking and bathing because if dirty water enters the mouth, this parasite also goes into it and stays in your mouth. Besides being able to cause chronic infections of the gums and tongue, these parasites also emit sulfur when the mouth is filled with acid, especially when you wake up. It is this combination that causes an extraordinary pungent odor that cannot be treated with the treatment of Sjogren’s syndrome.

  1. Protozoa

Protozoa are parasites of a type of fungus that can interfere with the digestive tract. In addition, these parasites always move to destroy compounds in the nearby organs. If the protozoan parasites invade the mouth, the danger of pulp degeneration, mouth abscesses until the inflammation of the gums and tonsils can occur. Even most of the infected organs will emit an extraordinary smell.

Further reading:

  1. Cymothoa Exigua

Exigua Cymothoa is a parasite that causes bad breath which is commonly found in fish. This parasite is one reason why when eating fish, the smell of fish in the mouth is difficult to lose. In addition, when you eat the fish smell in the mouth quickly bursts up to the smell of the other person.

If you want to get rid of bad breath due to the dangers of smoking for oral health and the fishy smell due to these parasites, drink fruit juice or rinse with aromatic mouthwash. In this way, your bad breath is a little fresher and more fragrant.

  1. Anisakis

Anisakis is a type of worm parasite that can appear in fast food. Moreover, international food, which is mostly half cooked.

Half-cooked thrush prevention foods cannot repel these parasites so that they stick to food. If you consume this kind of food not only stinging bad breath that appears but also other body disorders such as fever to difficult bowel movements.

  1. Ecoli Bacteria

Ecoli bacteria are parasites found in fruits and vegetables. This bacterium is dangerous but easy to clean with water. For this reason, if you want to eat or cook fruit and vegetables, wash it first. Because if it is not clean, this parasite will enter the mouth and make the mouth wound with a pungent odor.

  1. Propionic Bacterium Acnes

Parasites that cause bad breath and swollen oral cavity, the last are propionic bacterium acnes. This very small parasite is a parasite that can cause inflammation in the mouth. If the mouth is inflamed not also treated with an ointment for the blister’s lips, of course, the condition of the mouth is hot so that the saliva becomes dry and saliva thickens.

If inflammation breaks out, bad breath is definitely more stinging because it’s mixed with thick blood, pus, and saliva. So beware of these parasites.

Those are some of the parasites that cause bad breath and Sjogren’s syndrome that you should be aware of. Make sure your mouth is free of these bacteria and parasites. If not, your communication with neighbors and friends becomes problematic.

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