23 Ways to Get Rid of Period Cramps at School Without Medicine

Getting cramp while on your period may be normal. Period cramps occur because of contractions in the uterus, which is a muscle. If the contraction occurs too strongly during the menstrual cycle, it can press against nearby blood vessels. This condition briefly cuts off the supply of oxygen to the uterus, causing the pain and cramping.

Young girls who only got their first period may still not get used to dealing with period cramps. But, you don’t have to worry anymore. Don’t let the pain stop you from having a good day at school. Instead of taking medicines, that’s actually not really good for your health, you can try these methods to get rid of period cramps even when you’re at school.

How to Get Rid of Period Cramps at School Without Medicine?

These are how to get rid of period cramps at school without medicine that you won’t regret knowing. Say goodbye to period cramps.

1. Drink more water

The low oxygen supply to the uterus can cause dehydration. To replace the lost fluid, it’s important to drink more water. Drinking more water also helps ease bloating, one reason that makes the pain worse. If you usually get bloated when you’re on your period, water can help with that. This way, you have one less thing making you feel craptastic.

2. Drink fruit-infused water

To stay hydrated, you need to replace the lost fluid. Instead of just plain water, you may need fruit-infused water that contains vitamin c, calcium, magnesium, and fiber. Fruit-infused water helps relieve gas and bloating that can worsen your period cramps.

3. Apply heat

How to get rid of period cramps at school without medicine? Heat will increase blood flow to the area. It helps relax the contracting muscles that are causing the pain. You can use heating pads or a bottle of hot water. There are some natural ways to get rid of period cramps at school without medicine.

4. Eat anti-inflammatory foods

The important thing to consider on how to get rid of period cramps is your diet. Increasing the anti-inflammatory foods is good for relieving the menstrual cramp. Anti-inflammatory foods including cherries, blueberries, squash, tomatoes, and bell peppers are some of the good choices for you. These foods contain compounds that can heal inflammation.

5. Eat omega-3 fatty acid

Increasing omega-3 fatty acid intake is also a good way to get rid of period cramps at school without medicine. Coldwater fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Choose this kind of food for your meal to help the pain go away.

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6. Eat more calcium-reach beans

Another healthy source to help fight the period cramps is calcium-reach beans. Red beans, white beans, and winged beans are some choices for your diet. Beans are high in fiber, protein, and micro-nutrients. Fiber can help maintain your hormone level during the period. Beans also boast lots of iron, zinc, folate, magnesium, and potassium.

7. Perform acupressure

The next way to get rid of period cramps at school without medicine is by performing acupressure. Acupressure can help decrease a girl’s period cramps by pressing your hand’s trigger points to stimulate them.

8. Massage your abdomen

Since the cramps happen because of the muscle contraction, making the muscle relax is what you should do to get rid of the pain. Give your abdomen some massages to reduce the tension. Massage encourages blood flow and soothes the muscle.

9. Sip ginger tea

Ginger works really wonder for soothing period cramps and calming the stomach. Ginger helps lower the pain caused by prostaglandins, so it will make your period cramps much more bearable. It’s very simple and relaxing to take some sips of ginger tea that you may find it instant sachet or order it in your school cafeteria. 

10. Sip chamomile tea

According to some studies, drinking chamomile tea will increase glycine in your body that can decrease muscle spams, letting your body relax. If you’re experiencing irregular periods, chamomile may also help it by stimulating blood flow in the pelvis and uterus. There are some natural ways to get rid of period cramps at school without medicine fast and proven.

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11. Cinnamon tea

Ways to get rid of period cramps at school without medicine. Cinnamon has anti-spasmodic properties that can help reduce period cramps and pain. It also works great as an anti-inflammatory which is able to offer pain relief for your period cramps. Just put cinnamon into a cup of boiled water, and you’ll get a cup of cinnamon tea.

12. Get some dark chocolate

This one is something you may be craving for. Dark chocolates not only satisfy your cravings, it also helps relax your muscles, and keeps you high in spirits. Rather than other types of chocolates, that have high fat and dairy content, dark chocolate is a healthier choice.

13. Avoid salty food

High-sodium foods can increase already existing bloating and discomfort. So, girls, try to stay away from foods like chips, french fries, and other foods that contain lots of salt, if you want to get rid the period cramps. These kind of foods are everywhere in your school cafeteria, but if it only makes you suffocate, why bother eating them?

14. Avoid sugary food

To get rid of period cramps, try to not to eat food that has too much sugar. Sugar is inflammatory and has a tendency to worsen the cramps. By consuming more of the sweetener, you’re letting blood sugar levels rise and drop drastically. So, if you’re craving for something sweet, try eating some natural sugars such as figs or dates. Those keep your blood sugar levels more stable.

15. Avoid fatty meat

Many heavy types of meat are high in saturated fats. This fat is what can worsen period cramps because of its arachidonic acid. This acid produces prostaglandins that can cause uterine contractions and cramping. Eating a meal that contains highly saturated fat during the first few days of the period can lead to bloating, breast tenderness and breakouts.

16. Walk around

Not intending to skip a class, but you need to make times to walk around. Take a walk to the toilet, cafeteria, or anywhere to allow your blood to constantly flow and release pressure within the blood vessels. This will reduce cramps in your abdomen.

17. Avoid dairy

Some dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter are those that you should eat sparingly if you are trying to get rid of your period cramps. These products also contain arachidonic acids which can induce cramps.

18. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine can make the pain worse. It constricts blood vessels and raises tension levels. When you’re on your period and you’re craving for coffee, you’d better not satisfy it.

19. Take a deep breath and drink mineral. 

Tips to Prevent Menstruation Cramps

These healthy tips may be useful for you to stay away from period cramps.

  • Practice yoga
  • Do regular exercise
  • Eat vegan foods
  • Drink mineral

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Do and Don’ts during Menstruation Cramps

  • Don’t drink soda or alcoholic drinks
  • Don’t get panic
  • Avoid to take medicine for relieve cramps
  • Use aromatherapy
  • Slowly massage your stomach
  • Drink water

Those are How to Get Rid of Period Cramps at School Without Medicine that you need to know. Don’t let the pain mess your day.

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