11 Causes of Smelly Drooling and 9 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

The factor causing smelly drooling is disruption in the oral cavity that causing salivary gland so it causes smelly drooling. Basically, in the oral cavity, there is salivary gland which is useful to control mouth’s acid level so that the freshness of the breath maintained.

Causes of Smelly Drooling

Nevertheless, it becomes smelly drooling when someone is doing activity or habit which causes lack of fluid in the mouth.

1. Oral hygiene

When the teeth and oral cavity are not cleaned well after you enjoy the dishes or before you go to sleep, then in the morning when you wake up, it causes smelly drooling. This condition occurs because of bacterial inside the mouth and tongue and caused by accumulation of foods waste which have decayed. Read also: how to treat shingles in your mouth.

2. Dentures and dental braces

There are many causes of smelly drooling. Using dentures or using dental braces which is not routinely cleaned everyday can ease the spreading of bacterial from food waste caught between the teeth and also it can be caused by fibers from beverages or nicotine from cigarette smoke which previously attached in the dentures.

3. Sprue

Sprue is a mouth disease which is often experienced by people from young ages to old ages. Sprue is often caused when the body is lack of Vitamin C. The diseases caused by lacking Vitamin C are often marked by the appearance of the symptoms, such as the appearance of small vesicles or small wound around the tongue and gum which can cause bad breath and become the factors of smelly drooling.

4. The gum injury

The appearance of gum injury occurs when the person uses inappropriate toothbrush, eats hard and sharp foods, or not use toothpick properly. These factors can cause gum injury as well as irritation and when it leads to bleeding, it can cause smelly drooling and if the bacterial enter the wound, it also can cause smelly drooling. Read also: ways to prevent swollen gums.

5. Oral dehydration

Lacking enough consumption of mineral water does not only cause body dehydration but also oral cavity which can lead to oral dehydration. Dry mouth is potentially entered by bacteria and it can trigger the wall of oral cavity. Tongue and gum easily get wounded because the uses of saliva is to maintain the acid level in the mouth and protect oral cavity, including the wall of oral cavity from bacterial attack and free radicals.

6. Drugs

Consuming certain drugs, such for insomnia, hypertension, or painkillers, which are taken without prescriptions and for a long term use can harm the saliva gland so that the production of saliva decreased. As a result, it causes bad breath and smelly drooling. 

7. Smoking

Smoking excessively which is not balanced by drinking enough mineral water can cause nicotine attached to the wall of the oral cavity, tongue, and the outer part of the teeth. The accumulated nicotine there can cause smelly drooling and bad breath for long time.

8. Alcohol

Alcohol is not only causing disruptions to blood flow and brain health. Alcohol can cause substances within the alcohol attached to the oral cavity and cause invisible plaque in the oral cavity including tongue part. This condition can cause bad breath and also can be the factors of smelly drooling in several days or even years if the person drinks alcohol too often. 

9. Foods

Be careful of eating food with strong smell inside and contained compounds which can trigger bad breath and lower the performance of saliva gland which then causing the decreasing of the production of saliva and cause smelly drooling. Those foods are garlic, etc. Read also: How to use white vinegar for underarm odor.

10. Disruption in the digestive system

The disruption in the digestive system, such as stomach, which appears as a result of stomach bacterial and inflammation, or the attack of bacterial in the intestines, or the growing of cancer cell inside the digestive organs can increase acid reflux which then triggers the increasing of acid reflux back to the esophagus which then causes smelly drooling.

11. Bacterial imbalance

Imbalance of the high amount of bad bacteria over the good ones inside the stomach can increase the stomach acid and then causes acid reflux increase back to the esophagus which then cause smelly drooling.

9 Best Solutions to Get Rid of Smelly Drooling

If you feel those causes of smelly drooling, here are 9 tips to avoid smelly drooling and bad breath that you can do.

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and followed by gargling with mouthwash containing antibacterial compounds.
  2. Cleansing the surface of your tongue routinely for at least three times a week by using tongue cleanser.
  3. Reducing the frequency of smoking or even quit smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, and not consuming any drug without doctor’s prescriptions.
  4. Choosing your foods wisely which contains ingredients which can trigger bad breath in certain situation. If it is consumed everyday and becomes habit, then the oral cavity can produce bad breath. If it is not balanced with the teeth or oral cavity cleansing (routinely), then it can cause smelly drooling.
  5. Eat foods that can increase the fragrance of oral cavity so it won’t cause smelly drooling, such as basil leaves which can be your side dish when eating.
  6. Drink enough mineral water so you won’t have dehydration and you stay away from disruption of oral cavity, including dry mouth, which can cause smelly drooling and bad breath.
  7. Gargling with the boiled water of betel leaves for at least twice in a week to maintain the healthy breath and also to avoid the spreading of bacterial in your mouth tissue as well as the factors of smelly drooling.
  8. Eat fresh fruit, such as watermelon, apple, orange, etc because they have natural compounds to protect your mouth from smelly drooling.
  9. To maintain long term oral cavity health and to avoid it from bad breath and smelly drooling, it would be better to check up to the medical experts.

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