Dangers of Dog Hair to Human Health

Raising an animal now is a hobby for human being, there are many kinds of pet such as rabbit, cat, chicken, dogs, and etc. Dogs are famous pets that people choose. Besides the main function of dog is commonly used to guard a house, dogs are cute and loyal pet too to their owner.

In raising animals, you need to pay attention in several things, especially dogs that often experience the hair loss. There are two type of hair loss, whether it is time to regenerate or it is loss due to a damage to the hair root itself. As for dogs, there are several factors that caused hair loss, including:

  1. Fleas – A fleas that grows in dog hair are very disrupting the hair regeneration. It becomes one of the causes of dead hair in dog . When fleas left inside the dog body, there is a high chance that a skin infection will occur. To find out, you need to look carefully at the dog’s hair. In addition, dog hair will smell musty and it’ll look like untreated. If you didn’t remove the fleas immediately, other bacteria will attack the dog’s skin and hair.
  2. Atopy – Atopy is one of itchy allergies that found in animals. It commonly occurs when animals conform a new environment. For object that are new to them it’ll caused an allergic to these animals. The reason is that the new environment air isn’t support for the dogs. To solve the problem, do a habituation to dog before actually moving it. If the atopy has attacked the animals already, then you need to check to the veterinarian regularly, performing a treatment to dog’s hair.
  3. Pytraumic Dermatis – This disease is caused by inflammation of the skin of an animal. Dogs usually have an oily skin and thick hair that will be easily affected by this disease.  Thick hair and oily skin will often feel itchy, and the animal will scratch it. Then the carded part will be wounded and inflamed.  To solve this, keep the dog clean so it doesn’t felt itchy constantly.
  4. Food Allergies – Allergies will cause an irritation. If an allergy appears, the dog’s skin will feel itchy, as explained above that when the dog more often scratches its skin, the faster the dog will experience it.
  5. Scabies and Ringworm – Scabies and Ringworm are similar. It occurs because dogs aren’t cared properly. For example, when grooming. If you keep the hygiene of the dog, then the dog’s hair will become beautiful.
  6. Nervous or Stress – Same with human, when being left with a person that he/she loved. He/she won’t look and caring for themselves if he/she in stress condition. So as with dogs, dogs will feel stress and nervous too when being left by the owner. After we already known what causes hair loss of the dog’s hair, it’ll help us to also understand how to deal and to prevent the dog’s hair from falling out. Read more about effects of stress in skin

After we find out about the factors that causing dog’s hair loss, we will discuss the dangers of dog hair to human health which also endanger and will cause a disease for human being:

  1. Effect on respiratory – Any animals hair is not good for human respiratory. If the dog’s hair enters the human respiratory system, it’ll interfere with the system’s work. As a result, humans will experience the out of breath in chest or asthma.
  2. Scabies and Ringworm – This disease occur due to a virus that remain in dog skin and it’s so contagious. Especially when we raised a dog and the playing intensity with the dogs are high, it’s a possible to get infected with scabies and ringworm from the skin of dog. It could be also from dog hair that loss from it skin. Read also about how to relieve itching from yeast infection at home.
  3. Breast Cancer – The danger of dog hair to human health, dogs can cause breast cancer if you’re infected with the dog virus. Dog viruses can be spread through falling hairs.
  4. Causing Infertility – There’s so many people believed about this effect, but basically the virus from a dog that spreading and causing infertility on humans. You need to know the risks of sleeping with dog and what are the dangers of sleeping with your dog.

How to treat dog hair

There’s so many ways to treat dog hair so it won’t fall out. Let me explain just 4 ways:

  1. Frequently comb your dog hair – Combing do hair means cleaning what’s attached to the dog’s hair itself, the more we comb the dog, the less dirt in the dog. But we shouldn’t com the dog too often, it’ll actually causes hair loss.
  2. Check with your doctor – Even if you’re not sick, there’s an important to always maintain your body and control yourself to the doctor, at least once a month. So it’ll prevent when there are disease that will attack the dog.
  3. Give a balanced diet – Same as humans, when getting a balanced diet, the human body will be healthy. Healthy means all organs on our body are also healthy. So as with dogs, if you give them a balanced diet, it’ll keep the dogs healthy.
  4. Bring dogs to professional grooming – Not only the hair that needs to be taken care of, but also the appearance of the dog needs attention.

We already discussed the danger of dog hair to human health, and we already knew what caused it and how to treat it. But what happens next, if the dog’s hair still falling and touch the owner. Will it causing problems too? Well, everyone will answer it differently.

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