Watch Out about The Dangers of Eating Undercooked Tilapia Fish!

Seafood is one of the nutritious food that you need to consume, though it is not suggested to consume it in a great amount. Fish is one of the best seafood that is rich in calcium and iron. Fish can be eaten both in raw and cooked condition. Everybody knows that eating undercooked or raw fish might be risky of getting infected by some bacteria brought by the fish. So, most people prefer eating cooked fish to raw.

Tilapia fish is good source of niacin, phosphorus, selenium, iron and vitamin B12. It is also rich in protein and cholesterol while low in sodium. It can also provide omega-3 fatty acids which are highly beneficial to the brain.

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About Tilapia fish

Tilapia is a tropical fish and its famous for its inexpensive price. Besides, it is neutral in flavor and known as the most sustainable fish. Tilapia fish is an omnivore as it is eating bugs, plankton and even plants.

Tilapia fish is originated from Africa and farmed firstly possibly by the ancient Egyptian. Now, tilapia fish can be easily found in Latin America, China and Indonesia as they are farmed there.

Most Chinese or Asian restaurants will show you this tilapia fish swimming in their aquarium. Tilapia fish is commonly sold as skinless fillet in the market, but others will sell it alive.

One thing strange about this fish is tilapia fish is almost tasteless. Though it is rich in protein, but it is not as flavorful as tuna or anchovy. Some people said that tilapia fish does not taste like fish!

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Why is it dangerous to consume undercooked tilapia fish?

Every food that you consume might be dangerous if it is not processed well, so does tilapia fish. Farm-raised tilapia fish is considered not good to be consumed, especially when it is raw or undercooked. Here are the reasons why undercooked farm-raised tilapia is not suggested to be consumed:

  1. causing inflammation
  2. rich in parasites
  3. containing toxin
  4. low level of nutrients

Risks and dangers of eating undercooked tilapia fish

Undercooked food always have their own risk. So, it suggested to avoid this kind of food if you do not want to get any health risk. Here are the risks and dangers of eating undercooked tilapia fish.

1. Parasites

Tapeworm is one of the parasites you might get while consuming undercooked tilapia fish. Tapeworms might lead you to have anemia, pain and low energy. You will never know whether your fish is free of parasites, won’t you? So, instead of eating it in an undercooked condition, you had better cook the fish to kill the parasites. 

2. Causing inflammation

Most studies show that eating tilapia is worse than eating bacon. Tilapia fish is considered having high level of inflammation. Serving of tilapia fish is containing more fatty acid than bacon. The higher level of fatty acid in tilapia fish might lead to cancer, heart disease and other chronic health problems.

Recent studies also show that the inflammatory potential found in tilapia is much greater than that you find in hamburger or bacon.

3. Feces fed fish

There was a study from US Department that show farm-raised tilapia fish are fed by feces of poultry. This feces fed fish is commonly coming from China and consumed in the US.

4. Alzheimer’s and cancer

Tilapia fish is believed carrying up to 10 times the amount of carcinogens. It happens because the food they use to feed the fish is feces, pesticide and industrial chemicals. As a result, tilapia fish might contain high level of arachidonic acid, which lead the consumers to Alzheimer’s and cancer.

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5. Accelerated the growth using antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to feed most tilapia together with malachite green and methyl testosterone hormones. It is done to maintain the population and accelerate the growth of the fish. For your information, malachite green is already banned for food since 1983 as it is a suspected carcinogen.

Farm-raised tilapia fish are put in a space that is very crowded. This condition makes them become prone to diseases. That is why farmer put some antibiotics so the fish will be able to fight off the disease and will be stronger as well. Chinese tilapia are also given pesticides for killing sea lice.

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6. Rich in dioxin

There are some dangers of eating undercooked tilapia fish. Dioxin is a substance related to cancer progression and development. Most researchers have found this substance in tilapia fish because of the food the farmers use to feed them.

7. Virus

Undercooked fish can give you exposure to viruses. Norovirus is one of the viruses attacking people consuming undercooked fish. This virus is also contagious and dangerous as it can be spread from one person to another person. Once you are infected by this virus, you might have diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever, headache and stomach pain.

What to eat instead of tilapia fish?

Fish is actually a good source of nutrients for our health, but when it comes to pollutant and other chemical substances for feeding the fish, it is not good for our health anymore. Most studies and research show that wild-caught fish is lot better than the farm-raised one. Regarding to the food the farmers give to the fish, it is rich in substances that might lead to cancer and other chronic diseases.

So, what should you eat instead of tilapia fish? Go consuming salmon, but make sure the wild-caught one. It has proven more health benefits as it is rich in healthy fats that help you to stimulate your brain, joints, muscles and skin.

Besides, salmon is also rich in astaxanthin that is more powerful as antioxidant. It is very beneficial for absorbing free radicals.

So, when you are eating fish in a restaurant, please check whether the fish is wild-caught or farm-raised.

Tilapia fish is not really recommended to be consumed due to its health risks. However, if you still want to consume fish, you may consume other fish just like what I mentioned before. Consuming undercooked fish is also full of risk, so instead of raw or undercooked fish, you had better cook it. By cooking your fish to the proper temperature, you will have one step preventing negative risks for your health. Thus, be careful with the dangers of eating undercooked tilapia fish.

So, start thinking about your health now. Eating unhealthy food might be very tempting and delicious, but you will regret it later if you are not aware of the risks of eating those food. Always be aware and thoughtful before eating!

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