How to Clean Up Blood-Filled Pimples – Causes

Pimples or acne on the face is surely annoying. Of all kind of pimples, the worst is blood-filled pimples. It contains blood that can break at any time.

If that happens when you are hanging out with friends, it will definitely make you feel ashamed and embarrassed. So you have to find a way how to clean up blood-filled pimples.

The Causes

Before stepping into how to deal with blood-filled pimples, let’s see briefly the causes of it. Some are as follows.

1. Using a cosmetic product carelessly

In order to look beautiful and charming, women will do whatever it takes. For example, use a cosmetic with questionable ingredients to get fairer skin tone. Cosmetics can trigger or aggravate pimples. It is because the application of cosmetics on the face, or makeup, has the potential to clog the skin pores.

In addition, some ingredients in cosmetics contain chemicals that can irritate the skin. Pimples can also be a sign of an allergic reaction to certain ingredients in cosmetics.

2. Squeezing pimples

Most people think that the quickest way to get rid of pimples is to squeeze it. But the truth is it will only make it worse. It will trigger the presence of blood in the pimple. Instead, try to ways on  how to eliminate pimples with garlic.

3. Oily face

Excess oil production in the face not only causes blood-filled pimples, but makes it worse as well.

4. Hormonal imbalance

One of the most common causes of pimple is imbalance in the body, especially hormonal imbalance. It is well known that androgen hormone is associated with sebaceous glands that produce oil. Too much androgen will stimulate the sebaceous glands in excess so it produces too much oil. The oil inevitably will cover the pores of the skin resulting pimples or acne breakout. Hormone imbalance normally occurs in women who are pregnant or menstruating.

5. Genetic

If someone says pimples is a curse, he/she has a point. Research shows that pimples is genetic. This means if the parents have pimples-prone-skin, chances are their children will be prone to pimples as well

How to Prevent It
What if your blood-filled pimples bleed at an unexpected time? Most likely you will be confused and lose your confidence. Below are the simple steps to prevent the breakout and the burst of blood-filled pimples.

1. Avoid oily food

One type of food that should be avoided when you get pimples is oily food. Fried food is one of the foods that contain a lot of oil. The intake of oily food will automatically increase the level of oil in your face. And the oily face will put your blood-filled pimples at risk of bleeding or even festering.

2. Clean your face regularly

Oily face tends to have pimples. One way to prevent pimples on oily face is to keep the face clean all the time. Pimples may come from the accumulation of dirt on the face that clogs the skin pores and eventually make the skin inflamed. A clean face has been proved in preventing pimples.

3. Get used to clean your face

Cleaning the face before going to bed is really important. Use milk cleanser to remove the dirt. Washing the face will lift all dirt that clog the skin pores. Pick a facial soap based on your skin condition. Use warm water because there are lots of benefits of washing face with warm water.

4. Do not touch your pimples

Never touch your pimples with bare hand. The hand contains many invisible bacteria and impurities. All of these can contaminate your pimples and make it worse and more inflamed. As a result, the pimples will have blood or festers.

5. Use hygienic cosmetic tolls

If your face is prone to breakouts, keep the cosmetic tools clean. For example, keep the sponge and brush away of dust and dirt because they will be in direct contact with your skin.

6. Compress your pimples with ice

To avoid your pimples is getting worse, compress your pimples with ice. The cold temperature of ice will freeze the bacteria inside the pimples and prevent it from developing more severely. Ice is effectively able to reduce inflammation of pimples as well. You can also try egg white for pimples treatment.

7. Apply apple vinegar

Blood-filled pimples are inhabited by many bacteria that can cause infection and inflammation. Applying apple vinegar to it will reduce the inflammation.

How to Clean Up Blood-Filled Pimples

When the time comes, the blood-filled pimples will erupts itself. But you can not guess the time for sure. Here’s a quick step how to clean up blood-filled pimples if it erupts.

1. Remove the blood completely

Gently press the area around the pimples to let the blood out. Do not squeeze it too hard. The press will let the whole dirty blood come out.

2. Wash your face immediately

If all the dirty blood has come out of your pimples, immediately wash your face with clean water. Do not use facial soap because it can cause irritation. Just use the flowing water.

3. Clean it with tissue

If you can not find water to wash your face, use a clean tissue. The blood will seep on the tissue quickly and bleeding can be stopped immediately.

4. Compress with ice or cold water

Ice is not only effective for treating pimples, but also as a first aid to stop bleeding. Ice and cold water will automatically stop the blood flow from your pimples.

5. Compress with astringent

Astringent is very good to shrink the skin pores, so it can help stop the bleeding of broken blood-filled pimples. Apply astringent to the pimples to stop the bleeding.

6. Press with potato slices

Potato naturally has the capability to stop bleeding. So it can be used to stop blood flowing from the broken blood-filled pimples.

That’s how to deal with blood-filled pimples safely as well as the first aid if the pimples erupts at any time. Blood-filled pimples is a sign that it is in a very severe stage. Never squeeze it under any circumstances. If you force blood-filled pimples to erupt, most likely in the end you will get pockmarked and perforated face.

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