12 Side Effects of Playing Gadget while Lying Down

Playing your gadget has become a habit for most of people these days. Are you one of those people? The problem is, a lot of people playing with their gadget while lying down.

That kind of positions is not a good posture when you are using your phone or any other gadget for hours.

Here are some of the side effects that may impact our health, if you use your gadget while lying down:

  1. Eye Strain

Our eye is one of vital organs. Maintaining the healthiness of our eyes is a very important thing to do. Playing with gadgets while lying on your back will not be good for our eyes. If you keep doing that, don’t be surprised when you feel dizzy, pain in or around the eyes, blurred vision, or you have dry eyes.

  1. Cataract

The habit of playing with your phone while lying back is unhealthy, especially for our eyes. There are some researchers whom have a notion that using gadget while relaxing on your bed is not only making your eyes tired, but it will also increase the risk of cataract, although this theory is still in research.

  1. Insomnia

A lot of people playing with their phone while on their back at night before they go to sleep. Night time is the time to rest and relax after we do our daily activities during the day. We tend to use our phone while lying back because we want to relax as much as we want to see what’s happening through our social media. But the thing is, this activity will potentially make us have a hard time to sleep or even worse, it will make us cannot sleep at all because our eyes have been ‘active’ for too long.

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  1. Get Tired Easily

Believe it or not, the lying back position is believed to be the most comfortable posture when using the mobile phone. Thus, people keep doing it for hours. In fact, this kind of activities has bad effect on our body, which will make us feel tired faster than we should. Feeling exhausted easily is one of the impacts from not having enough time to sleep.

  1. Bad Quality Time of Sleep

Because of the bad quality time of sleep or insomnia, the amount of time that we use for sleeping is very lacking. Automatically, we don’t get enough resting time that we need. The ideal amount of time we should use to sleep is 8 to 9 hours per day. So, make sure to give your eyes and body rest time to maintain your health.

  1. Eye Cancer

Playing with your gadgets while relaxing on your back is indeed comfortable and a lot of people do that on daily basis. But unfortunately, by doing that habit continuously, it will higher the risk of having eye cancer. The symptom of eye cancer is usually started by a change of color on the white surface of the eyes.

If you play with your phone or any other gadget while lying on your back too often, especially on a room where the lights is too dim, the symptom of eye cancer can arise. If your eyes get redden or you feel pain in the eye and if it didn’t get better after getting some drug-store treatment, you better see your doctor immediately.

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  1. Exposed to Radiation

Playing with mobile phone while lying down on the bed is something a lot of people do to get rid of their boredom and to seek some entertainments, but doing it for too long and too often will have make a good impact for our health. Our body parts, especially our eyes, can be exposed to radiation which comes from our gadgets. Therefore, use your phone moderately, leave your gadget for a while and do other things that do not involve your gadget.

  1. Stress

Playing with gadget will not cause extreme stress. But whether you realize it or not, mobile phone or gadget that always stay close from where we are, especially if you use it while on your back, will create some kind of posttraumatic-stress feeling. Stress in this case means that you feel anxious and alert after you put down your gadget.

The restless and uneasy feeling occur because you are afraid you will miss a call, text message, or any other notification from your phone. If this condition continues, it automatically will make our body and mind cannot get resting time that they really need.

  1. Blindness

It is said that playing gadgets in lying back position will potentially higher the risk of Transient Smartphone Blindness, as published in New England Journal of Medicine. Playing or checking your phone too often while on your back will surely have impacts on your eyes.

Transient Smartphone Blindness is a syndrome which can make us unable to see for certain amount of time because there is a disruption on the eye, that make it incapable to capture the light normally and that is the reason of myopia. If that habit continues, the risk of permanent blindness will get higher.

  1. Restless

People who like to use their phone while lying on bed are usually unaware that they feel restless or anxious. This kind of feeling is cause by blue light radiation. It is also related to the delay of body cells’ regeneration. Also read Ways How to Relieve Tension in Your Body

  1. Brain Working Slowly

There is a possibility that our brain would work slower than normal if we use our gadget while we are on bed as daily routine. This also could be taken as an extension of the impact from insomnia which has been mentioned previously. A lot of people tend to force their brain to work all day long even when it is time to rest, our brain function can be affected which will result in loss focus and concentration.

  1. Dry Eyes

Another bad effect of playing gadgets while lying down on daily basis is dry eyes. Having dry eyes is one of the most common things that happen to those who spend their day starring at their laptop screen or any other gadget. Usually, dry eyes can be treated by using eye drop but make sure to use it moderately. Applying eye drop excessively will not be good for your eyes.

In order to not get affected by the side effect of playing gadget while lying on your back, you need to change your habit. It is better to use your phone while sitting down, do keep in mind to use your gadget moderately, and relax your body and eyes when you feel tired after using gadget for too long.

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