15 Drastic Effects on Skin From Not Sleeping All Night Long

When we are getting older, skin problems will be our biggest fear, and nothing could stop that, it is just natural and everyone will face that.

Maybe we couldn’t stop that, but we can slow down the ageing process and prevent it to appear early.

Lack of sleep, or even not sleeping could happen maybe because we highschooler need to get our homework done till late night, worker need more time to finish their jobs, yeah sometimes all of us just way too busy with our jobs, schools or even smartphone.

Some people tend to forget that we need enough sleep to get our body fits and fresh again. They don’t realize that by doing this, they’te facing a serious skin problems that they wouldn’t actually want to have.

This article will gives you effects of not sleeping on skin that will help you realizing the need of getting restful sleep.

Effects on Skin

Lack of sleep is not only dangerous for our body but it will also make our skin ageing process appear faster, breakouts appear more often, and much more skin problems. So here are some side effects on skin by lack of sleep:

  1. Dark circle

Lack of sleep could cause puffy and dark circle under our eyes. It could happen because when we didn’t sleep enough time, bloods vessels under our eyes will get bigger and that’s what caused dark circle. But remember, too much sleep could also cause dark circles under our eyes, because when we lay down, fluids in our body flows to our face, which will make our under eyes bags more puffy and sag. Consider trying the most effective ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes

2.Wrinkles and Dropping

Sleep less than 7 to 8 hours, could make a disaster to our skin. Didn’t mean to overreact, but yes, it is a disaster to our skin. ‘Beauty sleep’ is important to repair and prepare your skin for the next day. It is important because it will regenerates all the dead cells all over our body, so there won’t be any fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and such.

3. Breakouts

When we sleep too late, it could cause stress which we don’t even realizing it. Stress will cause sebum production increase. When our skin contain too much of sebum, definitely it will results in acnes and breakouts. Some of us already have acnes, so don’t make it worse by sleeping too late.

Take the right amounts of sleep and your skin will get better day by day. Try also home remedies such as how to eliminate acne with garlic to cure your skin.

4. Dull Skin

Sleep really important to get rids of any dead cells on our body. When we don’t enough sleep time, those dead cells won’t replace by the new cells, which will make our skin look not great, less youthful, and of course our face will look dull and not glowing.

5. Skin Aging

Sleeping is similar with charging, when we did not charge our self by sleeping, our skin will be low in battery means low nourishments, low moisture, and will run out of battery really soon.

When our skin run out of battery, that’s what we call as skin aging. Our skin will sag, not tight, less moisture, and of course worst of all we will look 10 years older than we really are right now.

6. Dry Skin

Most of us would like to have a skin as soft as baby’s butt skin. Well moist, elastic and flawless skin is almost every girl’s skin goals. But when start to be careless and ignorant with our skin by didn’t get enough sleep, our skin will cracks, less moist, and of course dry.

Dry skin will looks dull and not fresh, and when we apply makeup on a dry face it will cause lots of patchiness and cracks if it is not well moisturized before. Not just your face, your foot skin might also need you to find out how to overcome dry foot skin.

7. Face lines

Sleeping in bad position and bad quality itself can do harm to your skin, so it’s obvious enough that lack of sleep will make it even worse. Not getting enough sleep plus sleeping poorly, will together be a great combination of moisture breaker. Your skin will lack of moisture, and soon you’ll see that annoying lines making your skin looks old.

8. Stressed skin

One of the effects of not sleeping is increasing the release of your stress hormone. This will not only affect your emotions throughout the day, but also your skin. Stressed skin won’t look great, of course. Stressed skin usually invites other skin problems to occur, such as oily skin that combines with the acne-like spot on your skin. It will be hard for your skin to look flawless and glowing when it’s lacking of sleep, so you’d better get your beauty sleep right.

Other Effects (9-15)

  • Sensitive skin : When you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will started to protest in its own way. It will become more sensitive and prone to acne, scarring, etc.
  • Itchy skin : It’s easier for dry and sensitive skin to become itchy. It might be triggered by texture irritation, allergies, or simply because of the dryness level of your skin.
  • Sagging skin : Lack of moisture will cause sagging skin which is more possibly occur when you’re lacking of sleep. Read also :25 Natural Ways to Prevent Sagging Skin
  • Poor complexion : It’s not just your undereye that will be in dangers, but your whole face might look darker and less glowing when you’re not getting enough sleep.
  • Eye bags : Eye bags might occur genetically in some people, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s likely to happen as well.
  • Skin redness : We all might have ever see that redness or even veins that become more visible after staying up all night.
  • Unhealthy-looking : With all of those effects you’ve read above, your skin will end up looking tired, unhealthy, and definitely far from yourthful, glowing and fresh-looking skin .

Tips to Get Enough Sleep

  1. Change your habit

If you’re used to sleep at 1am and wake up at 9 am, then it might be really hard for you to sleep at 10 pm, right? Try to change your habit in order to get a better biological hours. You can do this by waking up early in the morninf after sleeping late, so that the following day, you’ll get sleepier faster.

  1. Aromatic

Sleeping in a peaceful conditions will help you fall asleep faster and sleeping well. Try buying some aromatic candle that you like the most and lit it up in your bedroom for an easing aroma.

  1. Turn your lights off

If you’re not a big fan of sleeping in the dark, then you probably should light up few sleeping lamp to lighten the room a bit. But, make sure there isn’t too much light in the room, so that you can sleep better and faster.

  1. Listen to good, calming music

If possible, try to use tape or iPod to play music while you’re sleeping. Create a playlist of calming lullabies to help ypu relax and sleep faster. You should avoid using your phone, because it might harm the phone after being turned on all day long.

You might want to read : How To Get A Good Night Sleep and Wake Up Refreshed in The Morning

Talking about skin health is all about our responsibility and duty. We’re the one who are supposed to care the most about our skin. Of course, we shouldn’t just ‘care’ without feeling the need of doing anything here. We should increase our effort, by fixing our bad habits first, before any other remedial acts. One of the bad habits that you should eliminate not just for your skin’s sake but also your whole body’s health is sleeping.

Check it one more time, have you got enough sleep? Or do you still waste your time watching dramas and movies until 4 am then waking up 2 hours later? Stop doing that for your own good. Make sure you get enough of beauty sleep that will give you tons of benefit rather than not getting enough sleep, for there are effects of not sleeping on skin that you wouldn’t like to have.

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