9 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Corn with Garlic at Home

Corn is a skin disease which is caused by thickening in the skin. The thickening can get bigger and then cause pain as well as the core. The main cause of corn is because the person does not maintain their self and environment hygiene because it makes the virus spreads quickly and then causes corn.

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There are several steps to get rid of corn, by using traditional or medical one. Steps to get rid of corn traditionally is by using garlic. Garlic is very useful to treat corn and also for other skin allergies. Here are steps to get rid of corn with garlic.

5 Symptoms of Corn

Here are five symptoms of corn that you need to know.

1. The skin is scaly and dry

The scaly and dry skin with high tendency of oily is the first symptoms of corn.

2. Bumps

The bump is not causing pain at first, but by the time, the bump gets bigger, harder, and you will feel the pain.

3. Thickening skin

The skin will be thickening. But, if you scrape the skin using razor, it can cause irritation and the corn may appear quickly.

4. Itchy

For some people, this thickening may cause itchy and if you scratch it, it can cause minor infection or minor bleeding. This condition can cause corn and may get bigger. Read also: ways to get rid of itchy bug bites fast.

5. Changing skin color

This thickening and the bumps will change its color and it becomes darker than the color around it.

9 Steps to Get Rid of Corn with Garlic

Here are the proven and effective ways to get rid of corn with garlic:

1. Prepare several cloves of garlic

The first step to get rid of corn with garlic is you have to prepare several cloves of garlic. The number of garlic used depends on the severity of corn. It usually needs one to three cloves of garlic. Nevertheless, you can not eat garlic directly because of dangers of eating raw garlic you need to consider.

2. Peel the garlic

After preparing the garlic, the second step to get rid of corn with garlic is you have to peel the garlic before you mash it until smooth. The most important thing that you need to remember is that you must not excessively use garlic because it can worsen the skin around the corn. 

3. Mash the garlic

The third step to get rid of corn with garlic is you have to mash the garlic until smooth so it can ease the cure using garlic to the corn. You may also read: Dangers of Eating Raw Garlic You

4. Put it to the corn

After you mash the garlic until smooth, you have to put the mash garlic to the corn. Make sure that you only put the garlic to the area of the corn because if you put it too to the area around the corn, you will feel burning sensation in your skin. That’s why putting more attention when you are using garlic to treat your corn is required.

5. Bandage the corn

After you put the garlic to the corn, the fifth step to get rid of corn with garlic is to bandage it. By bandaging it, it can help the skin to absorb the compounds of the garlic so the treatment will be effectively healing. 

6. Leave it for few moments

After you bandage the corn, you have to leave it for few moments, you can leave it for a day. For instance, if you do the treatment in the evening or night before sleeping, you can open the bandage in the next morning. If you are doing it right and your skin is responsive to this traditional treatment, the corn will become black spot. It is caused by burning sensation when you put the garlic on the area and then it can overcome the virus.

7. Put off the bandage

After you bandage the corn and leave it a night, the seventh step to get rid of corn with garlic is you can put it off. You can re-do this treatment until the corn gets better.

8. Change the bandage

By changing the bandage everyday, it can speed up the healing time of corn by using garlic. Not only the bandage, but also the garlic that being used to cure the corn because the fresh garlic can speed up the healing time. And by changing the bandage, you prevent the spreading of virus or other bacteries from the bandage.

9. Do it again until the corn is healed

Everyone has different response about using garlic to treat the corn. Therefore, to speed up the corn and overcome the corn, you can do it routinely. By doing so, you can get best result and the corn will be healed without conducting minor surgery.

6 Signs When Your Corn Gets Better

After applying the ways to get rid of corn with garlic, now is your remedy:

1. The pain gets better when touched

As we already know that the corn will cause pain when touched. The first signs if your corn gets better is that the pain gets reduced unlike the first time the corn appeared.

2. Blistering skin

Other than ache reduced, the skin will blister after you take the herbal method by using garlic. So, if you take the steps above and your skin gets blister, do not panic because it is sign of the corn will be healed soon. Read also: ways to overcome burning sensation on fingers.

3. The skin color turns black

After blistering, the skin will turn black or darker and it is sign of the corn gets better and healed soon. 

4. The corn turns black and stiff

Other than turning black, the corn will be stiff too.

5. The core appears

The core will appear. But when you are about to take the core, do it properly. Asking the expert will be better!

6. The corn seems fragile

If the corn has turned fragile, it indicates that you will be healed soon.

So, those are about the ways to get rid of corn with garlic and six signs when your corn gets better. If those natural treatments do not work, please call your doctor for further medical treatment. Hopefully, you will get better!

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