10 Easy And Effective Ways to Prevent Swollen Gums

Swollen gums, everyone is familiar with this one disease. It is because almost everyone has experience this at least once in their lifetime. However, no one wants this disease to happen to them. Because swollen gums is one of the diseases whose effects are very harmful.

Swollen gums can make you feel an excruciating pain and the pain will be even greater if the gum is contaminated with virus or other bad bacteria. This disease can be more severe and even gradually will be difficult to heal.

Such conditions will automatically make you lost focus, unable to do your daily activities as usual, demotivated to do anything in general, and even can disrupt your mood.

For that there are several ways to treat swollen gums and to prevent you from having one. The following paragraphs explain some ways to prevent swollen gums from getting worse that you must know.

  1. Use Salt

Using salt to treat some diseases is not a new fact. One of the benefit of salt is it can prevent swollen gums and lessen the pain. It is because the said grain is believed to have an important content in maintaining and avoiding swollen gums. You can mix this salt into mineral water then use the water to gargle.

Because the sodium content in salt is believed to be effective for killing bad bacteria that cause swollen gums. Salt is also known as natural antiseptic. That being said, it is very safe to use salt as natural treatment for swollen gums.

However, make sure to not overdo it, because there is a danger of excessive salt intake, which will certainly adversely affect your health instead. Read more about  Ways to Heal Faster After Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Use Lemons

In addition to salt, another familiar way to cure swollen gums is to use lemons. The acid contained in the lemon is able to balance the levels of Ph in the mouth. In addition, Lemon is able to eradicate the bacteria that cause cavities. To use lemon as natural medicine for swollen gums is very easy; you simply squeeze two or three lemons into the mineral water.

Then stir it well. After that, you can use the lemon water as a mouthwash. Read more about  Natural Ways to Lighten Skin with Lemon #1 Works

  1. Use Averrhoa Bilimbi

The third way you can do to prevent the appearance of swelling in the gums is to use Averrhoa bilimbi. The fruit is still ‘related to star fruit. This green and small fruit is known as one of the most nutritious and useful ingredients to treat swollen gums.

The sour taste in the fruit means that it contains high amount of acid which is great for preventing bacteria that cause swollen gums. To use this fruit, you simply need to mashed it, and then apply the mashed Averrhoa bilimbi on the swollen gums.

  1. Use Red Onion

The next natural way you can do to treat swollen gums is to use red onion. Red Onion contains antiseptic that can kill the germs and bacteria that cause swollen gums. You only need to simply mash the red onion,  about one or more shallots, then mix with a teaspoon of salt and put it on the swollen gums.

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  1. Use Using Garlic

In addition to onions, garlic is also believed has the power to treat swollen gum. Garlic has similar good substances that are able to kill germs that cause swollen gums. The way to use Garlic as natural remedy for swollen gums is also identical with red

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  1. Use Cloves

The next natural and important way you need to know in preventing swollen gums is by using Cloves. This one spice plant has good contents which is great to treat swelling gums. As mentioned before, this method is a natural way, hence it is safe to do, because the side effect is minimum and even close to zero. The way you can do by utilizing cloves is to mash it smoothly, then paste on the gums that experience swelling.

  1. Use Ginger

The next natural way that you safely do in preventing swollen gums is Ginger. It is known that Ginger has many benefits in curing diseases. Because there is antibacterial content in the ginger, so it is suitable in preventing swollen gums.

In order to use Ginger for treating swollen gums, you only need to grate the ginger, then squeeze and take the water. The water from grated-ginger is the useful part for swollen gums, you can apply it on the gums.

  1. Use Jatropha Curcas

In addition to cloves, ginger, and other ingredients, the next powerful way that can help you in preventing swollen gums is to use the Jatropha curcas. In the village, this part of plant is very easy to get. Since Jatropha curcas is one of the fence plants, which a lot of people plant them around the house.

This Jatropha curcas contains antiseptic, antibiotic and antibacterial that are very powerful in preventing swollen gums. To use this plant, you simply have to disconnect some of the branches, collect the sap into a container, and then apply the sap on the swollen gums.

  1. Use Coconut Water

Coconut water can also be used as one of the ways to prevent swelling of gums. Because coconut water has good content that is able to kill germs that cause swollen gums. There is enough to use this coconut water as a mouthwash after you finish brushing your teeth.

  1. Use Tamarind

The next thing that is not less important natural remedy for treating swollen gums that you must know is by utilizing tamarind. Tamarind is also included in the list of natural ingredients that are beneficial in preventing swollen gums. It is because tamarind can be used as a natural antiseptic.

In addition, the vitamin C that can be found in the Tamarind is also good for the body. To use Tamarind as natural medicine for swollen gums is, you need to take the seed and then apply it on the swollen gums.

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