Surprising Ways on How To Eliminate Eye bags With Spoon

Eye bag is one of the problems that disturb the appearance of women. Due to the appearance of these eye bags, the appearance of the eyes becomes unsightly and unsightly.

The face will also get the impact, ie someone who has eye bags will always look tired and tired, dull face and look older. In short, disturbing the freshness of the face and beauty of women,

whereas women always love to look beautiful with brilliant eyes as a way to maintain the appearance of women. Read more about How To Overcome Oily Face Naturally

In order to overcome the emergence of eye bags effectively, of course, must be known with certainty what causes. Recognizing the cause of eye bags also aims to let you know how to prevent it from reappearing. Certainly not comfortable when nicknamed ‘the eyes panda’ because it can not eliminate dark circles under our eyes.

Causes of Eye Pouches

Eye bags are caused by fluid that accumulates around the eyes making the eyes look like marsupial and black. Some things that can cause the buildup of fluids and the cause of panda eye are:

  • Lack of Sleep – Lack of sleep hours can cause eye bags because the blood vessels under the eyes widen so that a dark color. Short sleep time causes less resting eyes. Lack of sleep will also cause the face to become pale so that the dark shadow under the eyes will be clearly visible. Benefits of cucumber for the eyes and face can help overcome the black-shaded eyes.
  • Genetic Factors – Dark circles in the eyes can appear due to genetic factors. People who have black skin and also Asian descendants are usually more susceptible to eye bags because of the higher content of melanin in their skin. Caring for the skin with the benefits of wearing bengkoang mask every day so that the more risky skin to black remain awake brightness.
  • Signs of Aging – With age, muscles and tissue structures around the eyes will begin to weaken so that the skin under the eyes will relax and the fat around them collect under the eyes. The condition of eye bags caused by aging is not temporary, but will continue to grow according to age. Many ways to prevent premature aging to overcome the effects of aging on facial skin.
  • Allergies – Eyelids can be caused by allergic rhinitis that is inflammation that occurs in the nose due to allergy symptoms, such as cold allergies, food allergies, cosmetic allergies, flower allergies, animal allergy allergies and others. Symptoms of allergy can be characterized by sneezing – sneezing and watery eyes. Inflammation in the nose will cause eye bags and black eye skin that comes from enlargement of small arteries under the eyes. The vessels suppress the thin skin in the eye area that makes the color look black. Read more about How to Prevent Aging Skin in 20s Naturally
  • Eye Scrub – Eye rubbing can also cause the under-eye area to become black and marsupial. The itchiness that causes us to rub eye often can come from one of the causes of skin allergies. Allergic reactions to the face can include itching of the eyes, and rubbing the eyes can damage small capillary vessels that will cause swelling and discoloration of the skin under the eyes. Can also activate melanocytes (cells that produce melanin), consequently pigment in darkening eye area.
  • Flu – The flu causes us to sneeze and there is a lot of mucus in the nose. Suffering from flu and having a stuffy nose can darken the area under the eyes, because the artery is in the eye area and leads to the nose widened.
  • Less Vitamin – On the performance of the adrenal glands, vitamin required for maximum performance. Lack of vitamin B, E, C and K can cause eye bags, because the gland’s performance becomes reduced so that the bottom of the eye becomes black. Diligent to eat fruits and use the benefits of melon for beauty so that the body is sufficient vitamin intake.

  • Dehydration – The importance of drinking water should be considered to avoid this sort of effect. Lack of fluid in the body will make the blood vessels under the eyes swell. Drinking water can also be a way of removing wrinkles in the eyes.
  • Smoking – Smoking habits will cause problems with beauty, one of the eye bags. Smoking will make blood vessels shrink or shrink so that blood circulation worsens, the flow of oxygen to the skin is reduced and causes the skin under the eyes look black.
  • Hormones – Hormonal changes during menstruation also trigger the occurrence of eye bags. When the menstrual period is usually the body will experience accumulation of fluid and blood vessels swell. Other conditions that also undergo hormonal changes are pregnancy and menopause. Read more about  Effects on Skin From Not Sleeping All Night Long
  • Drinking Alcohol – In addition to harmful to body health, alcohol can also damage skin and beauty conditions. Alcohol can damage the capillaries and blood vessels, so that the veins protrude on the skin. Alcohol also causes dry skin and the body is deficient in vitamin A which will make the skin condition deteriorate and easily visible black shadow under the eyes.
  • Illness – Eyelids may also appear black caused by symptoms of illness, such as a deficiency of blood or anemia and kidney disease. In anemia, the flow of oxygen in the blood is reduced to make the skin under the eyes look black.
  • Crying – Painful eyes when crying out are commonplace. Tearing out also influence because salt in tears will cause swelling of the lower eyelid that looks black.

If you want to know what causes your black eye bag, how easy it is. Gently press the skin under the eyes while stretched, hold it for about 30 seconds. If the color does not change, it could be caused by allergies or due to UV exposure, darker colors indicate the cause is genetics or aging, whereas if the color changes and when the hand is released the black color is not completely lost, then the cause may be a combination of excess pigment and blood vessel problems.

How To Use Spoon To Eliminate Eye Pouch

Many ways to remove the eye bags that interfere, but none as unique as using a spoon. Spoon can remove eye bags, really? Yes, no mistake, spoons can indeed be a way of eliminating sagging eye bags and how to remove eye bags in 3 days is powerful. This is the idea of removing eye bags with a spoon that can be a recipe!

1. The principle

First of all, the principle that works here is to use cold temperatures to the skin as a way to remove eye bags. To perform this trick we need a material that can be a good temperature conductor, and the material is metal or metal. Spoon made of aluminum metal that can deliver the temperature well.

2. Cold Temperature

Cold temperatures can compress blood vessels that swell to shrink to their original size and promote improved blood circulation. Because it can reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Read more about Dangers of Using Too Much Mouthwash

3. Equipment

For how to remove eye bags with a cold spoon, can hide the signs of fatigue on the face. And that needs to be prepared only two aluminum spoons.

4. Put In Freezer

Previously, put two spoonfuls in the refrigerator freezer, allowing for a few minutes to absorb the cold temperature. If necessary let it take a while until it reaches the desired cold temperature. Once cool and ready to wear into the eye, take a spoon from the refrigerator.

5. How to Use Cold Spoon

Stand in front of the mirror, attach the convex spoon to the lower eyelid. Leave it for a while. Then start doing a circular motion using the spoon until it feels the cold spoon begins to disappear. Cold temperatures will relieve swelling under the eyes and eliminate black shadows.

6. Without Freezers, Use Ice Water, and Ice Stones

If for some reason you can not or can not use a freezer, there is another way to cool the spoon. Namely by soaking it in a bowl filled with ice water and ice cubes. The spoon temperature will also be the same cold if put into the freezer. How to remove eye bags with ice cubes has also been known to work. There is also the benefit of ice cubes for eyebrows.

How To Overcome The Other Eye Pouch

The duration or length of sleep of an adult in a day is seven to eight hours a day, and that is the required night’s sleep time. If every day you get used to sleeping less than that amount then the eye bags will return. Try to sleep enough as a way to remove eye bags.

1. Elevate the Head While Sleeping

The natural way to remove panda eyes is to use a pillow that is a bit high when sleeping so that the fluid that is around the skin of the eyes will not accumulate while we sleep. A slightly high head position means a high eye position, too, not allowing the fluid to accumulate.

2. Use Eye Cream

Due to the age factor or not, we should be accustomed to using a cream to remove eye bags to condition the skin under our eyes are maintained. Eye creams will help maintain skin elasticity in the area thus preventing dark circles that make the face look old. Read more about How to Overcome Wet Armpits

3. Healthy Foods and Drinks

Avoid carbonated beverages, artificial sweeteners or high caffeine, because it can interfere with water absorption in the body that can lead to dehydration. Try the benefits of soy milk for skin to improve skin condition. Also the benefits of edamame for beauty.

4. Use Concealer

To cover the pockets of eyes that have not disappeared completely when will wear makeup, you can use concealer. Concealer is a stain masking cream that is sold in many cosmetics stores. Apply lightly to the lower eyelid. Choose a concealer that approaches skin color. For other facial parts, can use a bb cream instead of foundation.

5. Sports

If you want a healthy skin, then be diligent exercise. The benefits of exercise for beauty is to make blood circulation smoothly, the body becomes fresh and healthy so it does not look tired quickly and reduce the risk of having panda eyes.

6. Supplements

Eat natural supplements that contain iron like B6 and B12 to meet the vitamin deficiency in the body so that the skin condition improves and blood circulation becomes smooth.

Although not an eye bag, there is one more reason why the eyes look black, which is the use of eyeliner. Wearing eyeliner that is not made from waterproof should be careful because it can make it faded unnoticed and make the bottom of the eye to black. Read more about Benefits of Coconut Water For Hair

You can learn how to use eyeliner to not fade so as not to make black eyes. Also always practice how to treat the face to stay fresh and how to thicken eyelashes to support the appearance of your eyes.

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