Dangers of Coconut Milk for Gastritis Patients – Things to Consider!

Gastritis is a type of digestive disorder that occurs in the gastric. It occurs when the gastric acid levels is increasing. There are so many common causes which increased gastric acid. The increasing gastric acid levels can be caused by various things, such as infection with germs or uncontrolled food intake. Maintaining food must be considered so that the gastric acid can be controlled.

The Dangers of Coconut Milk for Gastritis Sufferers

One type of food that should be avoided by gastritis sufferers are food that contain coconut milk. There are many dangers of coconut milk for our body health especially gastritis sufferes. Often it contains high levels of fat and it should be avoided by gastritis sufferers. Foods that contain coconut milk will increase the risk of relapsing or worse gastritis disease. Sometimes, sufferers of ulcer disease who consume coconut milk will feel nauseous then want to vomit.

Coconut milk will weaken the lower oesophagus valve (GERD). As a result, gastric acid will rise to the oesophagus. Increased gastric acid into the oesophagus will cause heartburn and some cases out of breath. So it is not surprising if someone who consumes coconut milk and feels nauseous or wants to vomit can be a person suffering gastritis.

Consuming foods containing coconut milk will increase gastric acid production which dangerous for gastritis, Therefore, gastritis sufferers should avoid the type of food that contain coconut milk. Increased gastric acid can be bad for digestion, one of the result is disturbances in the stomach wall in a period and it may be more difficult or get worse.

Food for Gastritis Sufferers

People with digestive disorders such as gastritis must be careful in choosing food intake, the danger is not only on the coconut milk but there are a few other types of food. They should chose proper food to keep maintain the stomach condition so that not causing gastritis to get worst. The types of food that should be consumed and which should be avoided by gastritis are below.

  1. Sources of Soft Carbohydrates

In order to complete your daily energy needs, you can consume foods that are soft carbohydrate sources such as chicken porridge, boiled potatoes, bread, or pudding. Soft carbohydrate intakes are important for chronic gastritis sufferer to keep the stomach away from injury.

  1. Vegetables

Choose vegetables that less fibres. The best vegetables for gastritis sufferers are broccoli. Broccoli contains sulphur which is useful to protect the lining of the stomach wall from injury. Another vegetables that contain sulphur are red onions and garlic.

  1. Fruits

Not all types of fruit can be consumed by gastritis patients. Various types of fruit that contain too much fibre and gaseous should be avoided. Choose fruits that are rich in potassium, such as papaya and bananas. Potassium is useful as a counterweight to the pH or degree of acidity in the stomach.

Those are the types of foods that are recommended for those of you who suffer from gastritis. In addition, you can also consume Aloe Vera. Besides safe to consume, Aloe Vera is also believed to cure gastritis. Aloe Vera contains Saponin which is useful as antiseptics which can accelerate wound healing in the stomach wall. Moreover, the content of anthraquinone compounds in Aloe Vera is useful to relieve pain in the stomach.  

Food Abstinence for Gastritis Sufferers

The following are some foods that should be avoided by gastritis sufferers: These are dangerous food for your stomach and you need to be careful.

  1. Fried Food

Previously it was already explained that foods which contain a lot of fat should be avoided by gastritis sufferers. Fried foods are rich in fat which can trigger stomach acid production

  1. Processed Milk with High Fat

Milk has so many benefits, especially when you drink it before you sleep. However, some types of dairy products that are contain high fats such as butter should not be consumed by gastritis sufferers. The reason is not in milk, but in the very high fat of the dairy products.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is identical to the type of food that is sweet and healthy. However, did you know that chocolate contains high caffeine? Caffeine in chocolate will increase stomach acid levels so chocolate should be avoided by gastritis sufferers.

  1. Some Fermented Products

Some types of fermented foods such as tape and oncom should not be consumed by gastritis sufferers. However, some types of fermented foods such as tempeh and yogurt are allowed, even recommended because they are healthy. 

  1. Gas Contained Fruit

Not all types of fruit can be consumed by gastritis sufferers. Some types of fruit that have too high fibre and gas should not be consumed such as pineapple, jackfruit, rambutan, and durian. The gas in these fruits will increase acid levels in the stomach. In addition, fibre levels that are too high can also cause digestive disorders.

  1. Soft Drink

Consuming soft drinks can increasing acid levels in the stomach. You should avoid this type of beverage. In addition, consuming soft drinks will also make the stomach feel bloated and uncomfortable.

  1. Coffee and Tea

Coffee has negative on empty stomach and certainly should not be consumed if you don’t want your gastritis to get worse. The caffeine in the coffee will increase acid levels in the stomach and potentially cause injury to the stomach wall. Other types of drinks that you should avoid are tea. Tea turns out to have caffeine even though it’s not as high as coffee.

These are the recommendations regarding some types of foods that should be consumed and avoided by gastritis sufferers. Selective in choosing the type of food intake will be very important to prevent relapse and also speed up the healing process.

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