13 Causes of Sinusitis Often Recurred

Sinusitis that often relates is certainly very troublesome for sufferers. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the treatment carried out, including surgery, completely eliminates the sinusitis. That is why the only way to avoid the triggers of sinusitis is to relapse, for example by avoiding foods that make allergies relapse. The problem is often we accidentally do things that apparently cause a sinus infection to occur again. The following 13 factors that cause sinusitis that you suffer from often relapse:

  1. Swim

Swimming seems to be one of the causes of your sinusitis to recur. Pool water containing chlorine can enter the nose. The entry of chlorine into the nose can disrupt the lining of the sinuses and nose, causing sinusitis to recur. Not only that, bacteria, viruses, or fungi can also enter the nasal passages through pond water. The entry of bacteria, viruses, and fungi causes inflammation or infection.

Changing the pressure in the water while diving also causes changes in the sinus cavity because it is trying to adjust to the pressure in the water. Chlorine and chemicals in water cause irritation to the nose and make the mucus thicken and make the sinus full. Full sinus causes infection because cilia that are responsible for filtering out impurities cannot clear viruses or bacteria that enter the nose.

  1. Cigarettes

Smoking seems to cause your sinusitis to recur. Why is that? Because the substances contained in the contents of cigarettes can damage the respiratory tract. To make it worse, cigarettes do not only cause active smokers to relapse, but also passive smokers who happen to be exposed to cigarette smoke.

  1. Air Pollution

Not much different from cigarettes, air pollution in the environment around you is also one of the triggers for recurrence of sinusitis. Unhealthy air pollution which has been polluted by smoke from various vehicles and factories can disrupt the passage of the respiratory tract. This then causes inflammation in the sinus tract.

  1. Flu

When you are suffering from flu, sinus inflammation occurs again even if only in a short time. The inflammation of the sinuses caused by flu makes the nose clogged and causes blockages in the sinus tract or rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose). Blockage of the sinus tract becomes the place where the virus multiplies, so a sinus infection returns.

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  1. Virus/Bacterial Infections

Sinusitis is an infection of the sinuses caused by a viral or bacterial infection. The virus that usually causes flu can cause infection in the sinuses. The actual flu does not completely cause infection in the sinuses, but the flu provides a place for the virus to grow and multiply inside the sinus cavity. Apparently, when you have the flu, you often hold your nose, both to get rid of mucus in your nose or clean your nose. Our hands carry the virus into the nose and make the virus multiply inside it because the sinus cavity is in a moist condition.

Meanwhile, the bacteria do not fully cause sinusitis to recur. The case is also rare where a person suffers from sinusitis because it is caused by bacteria because in our body there are already bacteria. However, bacteria that are already in the body are not dangerous. It is the bacteria that mix with the virus that causes sinus infections.

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  1. Allergy

Your sinusitis reappears may be caused by allergies. Your relapsing allergy, whether triggered by food, dust, or pollen, makes your sinuses inflamed again. This triggers sinusitis to recur. That is why avoid things that can trigger you to experience allergies.

  1. Teeth That Have an Infection

Teeth apparently can cause your sinusitis to recur. Why is that? If you do not take good care of your teeth, then your teeth will suffer damage that might lead to infection in the teeth. The infection then spreads to the nerve tissue of the teeth and reaches the maxillary sinusitis channel which is located near the cheekbones and close to the oral cavity. The cavity in the maxillary sinusitis then becomes inflamed and brings back sinusitis.

  1. Weak Immune System

You may have taken various medications to get rid of sinusitis. But your sinusitis continues to recur. It could be because your immune system is weak. As a result, your immune system cannot fight infection. This kind of case is actually rare, but if you do experience it, it is better to immediately do a further examination of the doctor.

  1. Air Change

Pay attention to the air around you. Is it dry or moist? Because air is one of the factors that cause sinusitis to recur. The good air for people with sinusitis is moist air. If the air is too dry, it will cause mucus to be held in the nose and block the sinus tract so that inflammation returns.

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  1. Chemical Irritation

You who have sinusitis need to be aware of perfumes and other household appliances that contain fragrances from chemicals. Just like cigarette smoke, these chemicals also make cilia, whose job is to filter out the impurities that enter the nose to become malfunctioning. Cilia that do not function properly make the sinus tract easily invaded by the virus. These viruses will cause infection again in your sinus lining.

  1. Stopped Treatment

For those of you who have just had sinusitis surgery, of course, you are recommended to continue post-operative treatment to avoid recurrence of sinusitis. However, many people think that sinusitis has disappeared after surgery and finally stops doing treatment. This then causes sinusitis to recur.

  1. Seldom Washing Hands

Washing our hands can be considered trivial because it is easy to do. But do we always wash our hands before and after doing something? Your sinusitis seems to recur because you are seldom to wash your hands. Viruses or germs then enter and spread to other parts of the body through dirty hands. When you hold your nose with dirty hands, the virus will enter the nose and can cause inflammation of the sinuses.

  1. Stress

The cause of your sinusitis relapse may be due to you being stressed, either because of illness or work pressure. The stress you suffer seems to weaken your immune system or vice versa, making your immune system hyperactive. Weak and hyperactive immune systems result in defenses that are weak against pathogens (parasites that can cause disease in their hosts) and infections.

Not only that, stress decreases your breathing rate, especially for women. Low respiratory rate can cause the sinus tract to experience congestion. Mucus in the sinus tract also blocks the airflow and makes the virus multiply in it causing inflammation. Inflammation of the sinuses makes your sinusitis recur.

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