13 Dangerous Fruits for Diabetes Need To Be Aware

Diabetics should be more vigilant and always find out more about harmful fruits for diabetes.

Although the sugar in the fruit is natural, there are still certain fruits in which the sugar content is very high.

Therefore, it can be said that the following fruits will not be safe for diabetics.

  1. Papaya

Papaya is known to be included in the fruit class that contains high vitamin E. In fact, not only that, papaya is also believed to be able to overcome the problem of constipation or constipation naturally. Calories and carbohydrates in papaya are very high and apparently, there is also a blood sugar content of 59 mg / dL. With that fact, diabetics are not recommended to consume blood sugar does not increase.

  1. Banana

Being a fruit that is often incorporated into the daily menu of dieters, diabetics who even diet is not recommended to consume. There is a danger of eating too much banana too. Calories from bananas are indeed more dense because the sugar contained there are as much as 10.1 grams per three ounces of each fruit.

In addition, there is also a content of 15 grams of carbohydrates in banana juice per portion in one cup. That is what makes this fruit should not be eaten or even need to be very limited consumption. Excessive consumption can certainly only make blood sugar rise.

  1. Wine

At first glance, it seems quite impossible if the grapes are harmful to diabetics. Although we think the high content is water, in this fruit there are about 57 calories and sugar as much as 13.8 grams. For the content of carbohydrates alone, there are 15 grams in total in every 3 ounces.

Actually, the grapes do not need to be shunned at all because you can still eat them. Grapes also become one of the fruits that contain high calcium. So it could not hurt to get various minerals, vitamins and fibre from this fruit as long as the portions are not too excessive. Every time consuming, pay close attention to the portion limits.

  1. Watermelon

It is true that watermelon is a fruit with low calorie in it, following high fibre content. But this sweet fruit actually has a high glucose content, which is 72 mg / dL. 5 grams of carbohydrates is also present in a cup of watermelon juice that would be very dangerous if consumed too much.

Watermelon is indeed a fresh fruit that is included in healthy foods for people with gallstones. But unfortunately, this fruit is not for diabetics although rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. If we think that only the highest water content in the watermelon, then we are wrong. The sugar is not less much.

  1. Mango

If the mango is highly recommended for people with fever because it is a food for people with high fever, people with diabetes need to stay away from mango. This fruit actually threatens to make blood sugar increased 70 calories and 12.7 grams of sugar per 3 ounces. Whether it is consumed directly or juiced or as a food mixture, you should avoid it.

  1. Melon

Unexpectedly, apparently fresh and full of water-filled melon also contains lots of sugar. Indeed fresh fruit always has fibre and vitamins and is great for dieting. Included in the list of fruits that contain vitamin C, unfortunately, this fruit needs strict limits for consumption by diabetics.

  1. Apricot

Contains carbohydrates as much as 8 grams in every half cup of apricot juice, this certainly becomes one of the reasons why this fruit is not for diabetes. Glucose content in this fruit was classified as very high with levels 57 mg / dL. Consumption that is not strictly limited by diabetics will only aggravate the condition of diabetes.

  1. Pineapple

Besides not recommended for people with acid problems stomach, the pineapple was also not good when consumed in excess by diabetics. This fruit can have a dangerous effect if consumption is not limited properly. Carbohydrates in it there are even more than 20 grams apart from its super high glucose levels.

  1. Strawberries

There is another fresh fruit that can make blood sugar levels soar quickly. Strawberries can even be included in the list of harmful fruits for diabetics. This is because not only the glucose content is high in the strawberries. Successful Sukrosa is also included in the measure so it is worth to be dropped from the daily menu list.

  1. Sawo

Sapodilla can also be very dangerous for the diabetic body because of its super high sugar content. Almost equivalent to bananas, sapodilla fruit also needs to be tightly constrained if you like it. This more limited presentation aims to not increase blood sugar drastically.

  1. Avocado

Indeed avocado if eaten just like it will not be as sweet as watermelon, banana and other fruits above. Many later thought that the sugar levels in the avocado were not too high. In fact the same with other fruits that are on top. Avocado would be dangerous if the presentation is not limited, then from now consider the portion if you want to survive the rise in blood sugar.

  1. Apples

Fruit that is believed to be able to maintain our health is also becoming dangerous if we eat too much in one day. If someone who does not have diabetes may eat 2-3 more apples a day, diabetics should not be. The correct portion is just one fruit a day in which it is equivalent to one serving.

  1. Durian

It seems very clear that durian is the fruit that triggers many serious diseases, including high blood. Effect besides the danger of eating durian fruit is very necessary to watch out for. Mature durians are the most unlawful to be consumed by those with diabetes. Not just because of the high sugar content, but the alcohol content in it is also very large.

That’s a list of harmful fruits for diabetes that should start from now more attention to portions. If you had diabetes before you could eat the fruits freely, make sure that now the portion is limited more stringently. When fruiting these fruits, occasionally consume it will not be a problem as long as excessive portion can be avoided. Or, consult a doctor will be the right portion of eating these delicious fruits.


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