8 Dangerous Effects of Pinworms and How to Prevent Its Growth #Effective

Pinworms are parasites that if its measure 2 to 6 mm x 0.1 to 0.33 mm or 9 to 14 mm x 0.3 to 0.5 mm, it can infect human tissue, especially in human digestive system through its eggs. Pinworms are able to attack children and adults by their very fast transmission.

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Transmission of Pinworms

  • Pinworms can be spread directly through water which is dirty, for example in a bathroom tub that has been used by someone who affected by pinworms. If its sufferer scratches their anus and then immediately takes a dipper, the pinworms egg will move to dipper and the water.
  • Someone who experiencing pinworms in anus will get itch. This condition makes them wants to scratch it. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior opens a big opportunity for pinworms to spreaded through clothes, pants, bed sheets, towels, and other stuff. You may also like to read effective ways to get rid of itchy bug bites.
  • Floors are the easiest media for transmission of pinworms. Children who likes to plays on the floor can easily be affected by pinworms.
  • Food and beverage that have been touched by pinworms sufferer who does not clean their hand with antiseptic soap can transmit the worms egg to the food or beverage
  • A pinworms sufferer who wears clothes, towels, or blankets and shares it to others can make worms egg be easily infected anyone.

Infection that caused by pinworms in the digestive system can lead our body to experiences various problems, for example:

1. Insomnia

The large amount of pinworms can cause our stomach to feel nauseous and the pain will continue which later causes an itching on the anus area due to pinworms infection. This problem always occurs when someone wants to rest.

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2. Decreased Body Weight

Whoever suffers from pinworms will lose their appetite which later can affect to their body weight that slowly get decreased.

3. Inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes

Pinworms can also cause inflammaton of the fallopian tubes which makes the other bacteria to join and run towards the lymph vessels.

4. Damaging The Intestinal Wall, Heart Arteries, and Lungs

Pinworms that enters the small intestine and stomach will damage the intestinal wall which later it will spread towards the blood vessels, heart arteries, and tissue lung.

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5. Dizziness and Nausea

Worms egg that enter the digestive system will cause irritation and inflammation. The condition will get worse as the time goes by. You may also like to read ways to get rid of nausea side effects.

6. Child’s Body Growth is Hampered

Pinworms that affected the children will make their body growth be hampered. For example, their body will slow to grow high and the body will be easily tired.

7. Appendicitis

If pinworms irritates the intestines, it can cause those who experience this condition will suffer from pain in the right stomach.

8. Vaginal Inflammation

If a woman experiences the itch sensation on their anus which its area is near from vaginal, it can the pinworms to affect the vaginal as well.

How to Prevent Transmission of Pinworms

  • Get used to always wash your hands with soap after doing activities.
  • Regularly cut your nails to avoid the transmission of pinworms because long nails in an ideal area for pinworms to infect.
  • Wash and clean all children’s toys routinely.
  • Clean the bed everyday and wash it once a week to prevent the growth of worms eggs.
  • Add more garlic in your dish because it can kill the growth of worms eggs.
  • Clean the floor everyday.
  • Get used to eat melon once a week.
  • Regularly consume watermelon and papaya.

Pinworms Medicine Recommendation

In order to prevent the transmission of pinworms, you can consume worms drug based on doctor recommendation. There are:

  • Piperazin. This kind of pinworms medicine consist of Asearzan, Combicitrine and upixon.
  • Albendazol. This medicine able to overcome and cure the pinworms for a long term.
  • Pirantel Pamoal. This medicine capable to stop infection that occurs in the digestive tissue due to the attack of pinworms in adults.
  • Mebendazole. It consists of Gavox and Vemox which has an ability to cure pinworms infection in the intestine.

These are 8 dangerous effects of pinworms and how to prevent its growth. Stay healthy, Good People!

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