10 Causes of Cough During Night Time – Ways to Treat

Have you ever had a cough while going to bed at night? Yet throughout the day while doing the activity, you are fine. It could be started with a sense of itching in the throat that eventually becomes a constant cough.

The coughs only occur at night and are certainly a nuisance for your sleep. Even the next morning your throat will feel sore. Here are some causes of cough during night time that need to be known and watch out for.

1. Sinusitis

Allergy is a factor that can cause the nose to be itchy, slimy, or clogged. In addition, allergies can also cause the possibility of long-term illness such as sinus infection. The infection makes the sinus clogged so that the mucus gets trapped and gets into the throat.

Sometimes this makes the throat feel very itchy and uncomfortable, thus triggering a cough. To treat the condition the patient needs to:

  • use an allergy medication
  • get a prescription for nasal sprays that can help relieve sinus.

Sinus infections, if not treated properly, can cause chronic sinus pain. This will certainly lead to feelings of discomfort that make sleeping at night more difficult. There are various ways on how to relieve chronic sinus pain. One of them, which is the easiest way, is taking hot shower.

2. Allergy

Allergies are the reaction of the immune system to something that is considered dangerous though actually harmless. While allergens are a factor that triggers an allergic reaction. It could be a particular thing or food. Coughing that occurs at night can be a sign that you have allergies. In general, cough caused by allergies can also be accompanied by shortness of breath. If that’s the case, you need to see a doctor immediately to get the most appropriate solution.

The most powerful way to prevent allergies is to avoid the substance of the trigger or allergen. Everyone has different sensitivity, therefore allergen is specific. So make sure you know the things that make you allergic and act disciplined to stay away from them.

3. Iron Deficiency

Iron is an important substance in the human body that serves as the transporter of oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and also the transporter of electrons when the formation of energy in the cell occurs. When the body has iron deficiency, it is likely to cause a cough at night.

Low levels of iron in the body coupled with irritation and swelling in the back of the throat can trigger a cough that would be more disturbing at night. So, start eating foods that contain high iron and if necessary take iron supplements as needed.

4. Sore Throat

Sore throat can strike at any time and without realizing it. The coughs that appear at night may be a symptom of sore throat. To prevent sore throat from getting worse, wake up immediately and drink water. You should also avoid oily and hot foods that can worsen the throat.

Sore throat often makes the sufferer stress. The voice becomes husky and appetite slowly disappears. No wonder those discomforts cause sleep disorders. Therefore the sufferer needs to discover ways how to get good sleep when stressed. One of them is listening to some soft music before going to bed.

5. Asthma

Coughs that occur at night, so disturb your sleep, may come from asthma that you may not be so aware of. Most people do assume that asthma is characterized by shortness of breath and wheezing, but that is not always the case.

Coughs can also be classified as symptoms of asthma because most people with asthma experience a dry cough. So get to the doctor and talk about your cough symptoms. Take an asthma test to find out exactly what causes the cough that occurs every night to disturb your sleep. To avoid asthma attacks, you should try to relax and not worry. Do not overdo things. It’s good for you to know various ways on how to treat anxiety with aromatherapy.

6. Inflammation of the Mucous Membranes

Inflammation of the mucous membrane can occur due to sinusitis that is not treated immediately or because of allergies. It is one of causes of cough during night time. It is really disturbing and should be taken seriously. Immediately consult a doctor to resolve it.

7. Breathing Dust

A sudden cough that occurs at night may be caused by inhaled dust. Dust can be anywhere. It could be on the sidelines of pillows, blankets and bolsters that accompany us to sleep. When the dust enters the respiratory tract to the throat, it will cause itching and trigger coughing.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the bedroom is the easiest way to prevent coughs caused by dust. Also pay attention to the air circulation in the house. Make sure the fresh air can flow in and the sunlight illuminates well so that the humidity of the room is well preserved.

8. Air Temperature

One of the causes of cough at night that is rarely realized is the air temperature around us. Temperatures that are cool and quite dry in the bedroom may affect breathing and result itching in the lungs. Then it will trigger a cough when we are asleep. Therefore, raising the room temperature can avoid the occurrence of this type of cough.

9. Acid Reflux

GERD or gastric acid rise is probably one of the things that cause coughing at night. Acid rising from the stomach is usually characterized by pain in the liver. But this digestive disorder can also affect the lungs that eventually cause coughing. This incident is something that should not be underestimated. Immediately see your doctor to get the right treatment.

10. Taking Certain Medications

Dry coughs experienced in the night can be a side effect of certain treatments. You better ask your doctor and consult about the medication you are taking. Make sure you understand the side effects and how to overcome them. If possible, ask for a replacement medicine that does not make you cough.

Furthermore, here i give you some information and ways to stop coughing at night. Check this video below.

Various causes of cough during night time have been reviewed. Which is more likely to happen to you? If you are concerned that the cough can be a sign of a particular disease, you should immediately see a doctor so that early treatment can be obtained

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